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All About Aries Man his complete personality

Aries man  March 21-April 19



King James I once said…I can make a lord, but only God can make a gentleman. Well thankfully, God did His bit in blessing us with the quintessential gentleman in the Aries man! Charming, attractive, dominating, energetic, humorous and above all chivalrous, the Arian male is the amalgamation of all things good.

A man of action, he makes his presence felt just by his very existence! At a party you can spot him behind the bar mixing drinks or at a night club he will be the one bullying the DJ to play his favourite tracks. But wherever he is you can surely see his aura spreading radiantly across the room and people around naturally gravitating towards his charming persona.

Aries men are usually aggressive and energetic and are constantly in the whirlpool of activity. While the aggressive kinds have majority stake under this zodiac sign, there are also the passive types who are usually quiet, observant and speak only when spoken to. 80% of them would be classified as aggressive and 20% as passive. Within the 80% there are certain types who have a dark side to them. While they may have some core characteristics like being compassionate at times but are mostly self centered.  I have encountered such type of Aries men and for the record, most of the above and what is written ahead does not hold true for them.

How to identify an Aries man?


Aries men are usually bursting at seams with unbounded energy. This energy stems from their ever-flowing ideas and creativity. So you are most likely to spot an Aries man in animated conversation with someone or interacting with a group of people. And the point of differentiation between him and the others would be his sparkling demeanour. 

A typical Arian will make himself comfortable in any given surrounding. When in his true element, he can discuss even rocket science with easy grace. But when he is out of sorts, he is likely to recoil into a shell.

An Aries man is quick to take you under his wing, if he takes a fancy to you. And you will find yourself on a joyride with a dynamo. He is the one with quick actions and with a quicker mental process to match. Even the passive Aries men are good conversationalists so it is easy to be around them at a social event.

What are his general personality traits?


The personality of an Arian can be defined in a word – passion. He is passionate about everything in life… from his first job to his golden jubilee wedding anniversary. You will never see him lagging behind or being lax about anything.

However he is rather low on patience. He cannot stand procrastination or half baked jobs. So if you have to keep up with him, you better sprint. An Aries man is bold, confident and dead sure of himself (and that includes his irresistible persona, his attractive face and his way with words).

But perhaps the most distinguishing characteristic of an Aries male is his dominating nature. Even the small percentage of passive Arians is not completely bereft of this trait. For him dominance is a term that comprises absolute control, total mastery and often dictatorial attitude. There is something ‘Herr Hitler-like’ about his mindset, which coupled with cynicism, can lead to a rather overpowering personality.

What are the finer traits of his personality?


Very often with the Aries man it’s a case of your own weapons being turned on you. Cynicism in his nature that propels him ahead often turns him into a self analytical critic. Moreover, it does not allow him to tolerate criticism from others. Cynical and short tempered, an Aries man is usually found to have less self control. To combat his cynicism, he takes to meditation, spirituality and philosophy. Full of insights, he is an interesting conversationalist.


Arians are thinkers, dreamers and achievers. Their approach to life is realistic and practical. They are more emotional than sentimental but their realism helps in balancing their nature.

How is he when in love?


An Aries man will never tire of experiencing love. If he fails the first time, he will gather the remains of his broken heart and begin again.

His love is full of passion, mounting to frenzy. He will wheel you round and round in the roller coaster of his emotions until you are puffing with excitement. No half-baked love this! He will court you in style and woo you till you are dizzy with his attentions. He will never hide his love or emotions. It will be a jolly ride all the way.

But of course there would be bumps and potholes aplenty. An Aries man, especially the aggressive kind, will be as much a control freak when in love as he is when not in love. He would want to know everything about you. Don’t bother (or should I say dare) to flirt while you are dating an Arian. He will smolder like lava at the minutest signs of betrayal. And don’t get fooled by the passive Arian who appears to be ‘super cool’ every time your mobile phone buzzes with text messages from your male friends. Passive or aggressive notwithstanding… remember he is an Arian first.

You can expect the same from him too. He is usually committed to a relationship as long as he is actually in love. His attention to you will largely depend on your ‘interest holding potential’… the longer you sustain his interest, the stronger you bond will be.

How is he in various relationship roles?


Undoubtedly his responsible nature makes him an excellent son, although his streak of doing things his way can make him a parental nightmare as well. Extreme possessiveness and his love for romance makes him a good boyfriend/husband. But be well aware of his obsession with love and make no mistakes. He finds it difficult to forgive errors in love and his emotions are not to be trifled with.

As much as he can be a doting husband and father, he can be equally crude and rude if driven by his moods. He wants his children to be well-behaved and disciplined at all times. He can be like a child with a child, wrestle with kids or cuddle them. But at the same time he is a tough father to deal with you rub him the wrong way or don’t live by his rules.

At a party, you will often spot an Aries man talking to everybody. His ability to converse intelligently and to take initiative in breaking the ice makes him do this naturally. Since he is capable of sharing his emotions because he trusts people easily, he has many friends. But this is not before you have passed his qualifying rounds of trust. As a friend he is totally dependable. You can trust him with your secrets as he is very secretive and expects the same of you.


Is there more to hispersona?


Very often with the Aries man it’s a case of your own weapons being turned on you. Cynicism in his nature that propels him ahead often turns him into a self analytical critic. Moreover, it does not allow him to tolerate criticism from others. Cynical and short tempered, an Aries man is usually found to have less self control. To combat his cynicism, he takes to meditation, spirituality and philosophy. Full of insight, he is an interesting conversationalist.


Arians are thinkers, dreamers and achievers. Their approach to life is realistic and practical. They are more emotional than sentimental but their realism helps in balancing their nature.

Being an achiever, an Arian sets goals and targets for himself, which need not necessarily be monetary in nature. But true to his core temperament he will do things his way or no way. Frank Sinatra’s song My Way sums up what I am trying to say.

Compatibility quotient:


Compatibility between two individuals depends on various factors and not just on their likes and dislikes. I have often found that persons of similar behavioural traits don’t quite hit it off in the long run. For a long standing relationship, a balance between aggressive and passive traits of a personality is necessary. And more so in case of Aries men!


Aries man and…

Aries woman: 3.5/10. An Aries woman is too similar to her male counterpart to make a relationship successful. Even the most passive of Aries men and women are dominating and overpowering. In such a case, who would dominate whom?

Taurus woman: 4/10. A Taurus woman will not be able to handle the Arian ego effectively. She is too practical to allow his impulsiveness and he is too fond of his freedom, to like her ‘sticking together’ ideas.

Gemini woman: 10/10. Gemini-Aries can paint the town red… with passion, love, fire or actual paint. With challenges and adventure at every step and each ready for it, this relationship can be loads of fun and full of conversation.

Cancer woman: 6/10. A balanced relationship can be had with much hard work at both ends. The Arian will need to keep his bluntness in check, while the Cancer girl will have to curb her ‘mothering’ feeling. Both will have to bring their emotions on a mutual comfort level for a relationship to work.

Leo woman: 6/10. Great chemistry and a happy match, with full on emotions thrown in! But a word of caution here… too much of similarity can bring the relationship to a dead end.

Virgo woman: 4/10. Not a very happy venture! The Arian will find it difficult to take orders from the ‘preaching’ Virgo woman. Their personalities are too contrasting to result in a healthy relationship.

Libra woman: 7/10. If there’s something called love at first sight, this can be it. Each will be taken in by the other’s intelligence but for things to go a long way, both will have to use patience and understanding.

Scorpio woman: 9/10. He has all the passion and masculinity that she’s looking for and she has all the mystery and femininity that he’s looking for. So far a perfect match! Only both may have to add a dash of respect for each other to sustain the relationship.

Sagittarius woman: 6/10: The Sagittarian woman will share a good deal of her love for adventure and travel and her sense of humour with the Arian. He in turn will impress her with his creativity and intelligence. This relationship can be for keeps if both are able to keep their bluntness in check.

Capricorn woman: 9/10: With the right amount of submissiveness, the Capricorn female can find a perfect match in an Arian. She may find it difficult to handle his egoism and dominating nature, but she has patience enough to be steady with him.

Aquarius woman: 7/10: The Aquarian girl has the right amount of independence and femininity to floor the Arian. She will be sporting enough to take in his angry outbursts and he will be caring enough to infuse their relationship with passion. But too much of dominance which an Aquarian woman displays from time to time could play spoils sport.

Pisces woman: 7/10: This combination can go either way. With the nagging Piscean woman and sarcastic Aries man, it can be a boat on the rocks. Or with the emotionally dependent Piscean and the masculine Arian, it can be a match made in heaven.

Aries menCelebrities/Personalities:

Jackie Chan

Eddie Murphy

Marlon Brando

Rohit Roy

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Sun sign

All About Pisces Man

Pisces man - February 19-March 20

Pisces Man
Pisces Personality
The Pisces man is the last sign in the zodiac and considered to be an 'old soul.' Pisces men are torn between the spiritual realm and the real world of materialism. Pisces men may never seem entirely at ease as a result of these pulling forces.

This zodiac has been assigned the sign of fish. But there is nothing ‘fishy’ about the Pisces man. Outgoing and easily approachable, he has all that it takes to be a gentleman. The only characteristic he has akin to a fish is that he loves to swim in deep waters. Mystery, isolation and sympathy are dear to him and you will find a good listener in your Piscean friend.

When you meet a Pisces male recall the Piscean symbol—two fishes. The fishes are moving in opposite directions much like the Piscean mind. This does not mean confusion…it is simply indicative of the depths to which he can go with his mysticism or the heights he can achieve with his dreams. There’s nothing more realistic than dreams for a Piscean male. All in all, he’s a wonderful companion. So if you are friends with a Piscean, the only thing I can tell you is ‘Happy fishing’!

How can you identify a Pisces man in a crowd?

That’s a tricky one! Unless you are a part of the conversation involving a Piscean it is difficult to spot them in a crowd. Piscean men don’t possess overt qualities that set them apart from the milieu and if you are not keen in your observation, you are likely to miss identifying them.

When amongst people, a Pisces man can be identified with the limited hints that he drops, namely, over-friendliness and opinionated conduct. Certain emotional reactions or comments, unsolicited advice and eagerness to comment or help are other giveaways. But all these signs are quite subtle as he is not aggressive in any of these traits. He is undoubtedly an extrovert but without being vociferous. One remarkable quality that sets him apart would be his keenness to help, with advice or action, anyone and everyone around. While this doesn’t make him a bad person, it can make him come across as interfering.

What are the key features of his personality?

“I dream, therefore I am.” Piscean men are a personification of Strindberg’s (A Swedish playwright and writer) thoughts. Driven by ambition, the Piscean man believes in dreaming big. He is also adventurous and impulsive by nature, which only adds to his ambitiousness. Piscean men with the achiever spirit know how to welcome an opportunity when it comes knocking. They know how to make the most of everything. With ambition also comes the desire to draw out the best from life, including materialistic pleasures. For the Piscean man, getting the much coveted home theatre system or a fancy sports car or four wheel drive is also a part of success in life.

What is his approach towards life?

In two words, his mantra is ambition and adventure. For a Piscean man ambition takes precedence over all else. His ambition makes him aspire for all things good, including material pleasures. His nature is an odd mix of contradictions. Although you will find him generally satisfied with life, he will never be content with what he has achieved. For him each day comes with new challenges and aspirations. But it would be unfair to call him arduously ambitious. Although he likes to climb the ladder of success, he is never deceitful or mean in his intentions. He would rather give up his ambition than hurt anyone deliberately. And remember the dreamer that he is! His dreams are founded on idealistic goals; that’s why his ambitions are based on certain pre-defined ethics. And he is never aggressive about it either.

Is there more to his persona?

A Pisces male is artistic, creative and spiritual. He is highly intuitive and comes with a rather honed sixth sense. If you have an eye for detail you will see him enveloped in a spiritual aura. His intuitiveness makes it possible for him to see through people and it’s not easy to fool him.

But he is also an emotional being and loves a sob story now and then. So he is easily entrapped by tales of sorrow. Usually he is ever ready to help people, by deed or money. Because of these qualities he is often misused. This can cause him much hurt. Given his sensitive nature, things like accusations, dishonesty, disloyalty and lack of faith don’t go down well with him.

Since he is emotional and sensitive he is also easily hurt. Therefore it is necessary to give him space. He uses his personal space and time to revitalise his energies and you will usually find him replete with enthusiasm and zeal for life once he is out of hibernation. He is also secretive, which is another reason for his want of space.

How is he when in love?

If you are being pursued by a Pisces man, you will see the persuasive side of his nature in its full glory. The more you play hard to get, the more he will enjoy pursuing you. He will be all glib and slick in expressing his love and will say all the things a woman likes to hear.

But women who are in love with Pisces men should realise that their man has a goal oriented mindset. And whatever his romantic dreams may be, his ambitions will always be his topmost priority. I sometimes wonder whether ambition is the right word to use for a Piscean and I am using it here for want of a better one. Actually this guy is an idealist and his dreams are his goals. He fights and works to achieve his dreams. But how well he excels depends on how realistic his dreams are. If your partner is a Piscean, it will be up to you to back him in his plans. You need to be alert and clever enough to know if your man is actually stepping towards his aim or merely walking in a trance.

Pisces men are committed to their relationships, but men being men, some Pisceans are no different. They are quite capable of promiscuity although they will not be able to handle it if they’re at the receiving end.

While dating him you should…

…be prepared to talk to a mask. For that’s what a Pisces man is. He is a face with a mask…a smiling mask for sad moods, a pensive mask for playful moods and a nonchalant mask for intense moods. He is a funny mix of opposites. He will feel something and pretend to experience something else all the time. Don’t think this to be confusion or lack of self awareness. It is in fact his way of playing hide and seek with his emotions. He will never show his true emotions to anyone and will constantly endeavour to hide them…even if it means acting out the exact opposite of how he feels on the inside.

Rather complicated isn’t it? But once you know why he does that it would be simple to start the dating game. A Piscean knows his sensitivity is his weakest bone and he completely avoids divulging his state of mind in order to shield himself from emotional harm. In the initial stages of dating him, you would need to get past his reserve to gauge what he is really like.
What does he look for in a partner?

Love is a lifetime commitment for a Piscean male. He thus seeks a partner who mirrors his ideals and complements his idealistic, romantic disposition, thus eliminating chances of conflict of temperament in the future.

With his dreams providing direction to his life, the Pisces man looks for a woman who not only understands and respects his aspirations in life, but also contributes towards his achieving them by being his emotional anchor.

To the Piscean lover, romance isn’t all about physical pleasures. It’s more about finding a soul mate for himself. His love transcends all levels of humanly pleasure and rests on building a special bond with his partner. He would thus, consciously and unconsciously, be attracted to women who are able to touch his soul and connect with him on a higher level.  

Pisces man and…

Aries woman: 7/10. The Aries woman is too self-absorbed to understand the needs of a Pisces man. Such a relationship can work out only if the Aries female shows patience, understanding and gentleness. But this could work wonders in case of a Passive Aries woman and a Pisces man.

Taurus woman: 6/10. With a Taurean, the relationship will be harmonious as both are easy-going and dependable.

Gemini woman: 5/10. This combination might result in clashes as there is likely to be a battle between the Gemini’s pragmatism and the Piscean wistfulness.

Cancer woman: 9.5/10. A relationship between a Piscean guy and a Cancer girl is likely to work out, given their emotional, sensitive and sympathetic nature, with a soft corner for filial ties.

Leo woman: 4/10. This is a case of opposites attract and both will need to make many adjustments to make this relationship work.

Virgo woman: 6/10. Again opposite forces are at work, but there are no conflicts involved.

Libra woman: 4/10. Although they share a lot in common, the essential nature of both the signs is quite paradoxical.

Scorpio woman: 8/10. Here there is a right balance between similarities and dissimilarities and therefore the compatibility amongst these two signs is strong.

Sagittarius woman: 4/10: The fundamental features of these two signs are quite different with Sagittarians being very straightforward and Pisceans being subtle, making it a difficult relationship that will need lots of efforts.

Capricorn woman: 7/10: There is a certain level of harmony between these signs as both are emotional, intuitive and introspective.

Aquarius woman: 4/10: The passive Piscean can never match the ardour of the exuberant Aquarian. Moreover, Aquarians are more practical than emotional, something that just doesn’t gel with the Piscean nature.

Pisces woman: 9/10: One couldn’t ask for a better match! The Pisces man and woman get along really well with each other, complementing each other’s sensitivity.

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Sun sign

All About Aquarious Man his likes and dislikes


Aquarius man 
 20 January -19February 


He’s inquisitive, he’s ambitious, he’s energetic. He is a man who likes to know what’s on your mind, but is not one to disclose what’s on his. Secretive to the core, the Aquarian male is a strange combination of sociability and reserve.

He has a lazy charm about him. Casual and laid-back, he takes life one day at a time. But his casual attitude stops when it comes to ambition. Goal oriented and focused, nothing will stop an Aquarian from realising his dreams.

And when it comes to dating Aquarian men, girls can be sure of having a ball. The water bearer will impress the babes’ with his capers and comic timing. Every time you meet an Aquarian guy, you are sure to have a good laugh. And the spectrum of emotions that he displays like flashes of lightening will keep you intrigued.

How to identify an Aquarian man in a crowd?

There are two distinct types of men under this zodiac sign. The Aquarian man falling under the first 40 per cent is cynical, opinionated and eccentric and shows strong traits of aggressiveness. He is loud and boisterous, and likes to strut his stuff- showing off what he bought, where he went and the like. Most of this kind are usually full of Me, Myself, I, and rarely see beyond themselves.

The Aquarian man who falls under the balance 60 per cent is the passive type and exactly the opposite. He knows the power of underplay. Never loud or brash, he will not brag about his material gains even if it is a Ferrari he bought the previous day.

What are the key features of his personality?

Most Aquarian men I have met are full of energy. They are propelled into activities by an inner force. And this is true not withstanding their casual attitude.

I have also observed that most Aquarian men are likeable people. They mingle in a crowd and make friends easily. In fact, an Aquarian man is most happy in company. He can connect with people of any age, gender or background easily. Also, Aquarians have the unique trait of chatting up women and end up showing more interest in them in a social gathering. His inherent secrecy will make these traits hard to spot the first time, but if you follow the pattern over a few times, it may become obvious.

Is there more to his persona?

Aquarian men, like their female counterparts, make great show of self-confidence. They like to go on a talking spree about things they know nothing about. They project the image of being ‘master of all trades’ while in reality they are neither masters nor jacks. They cover up lack of knowledge and confidence by excessively exercising their tongues.

Another thing they hate is being tied down. Pushing him to do what he is not ready to do yet is a sure way of losing him. He dislikes being controlled and would do as he pleases, whatever the repercussions. He will take up responsibilities only as and when they suit him. If duties are imposed on him, he will find a way to wriggle out of them or throw tantrums to show his disapproval. This trait makes him a difficult child too. No parent would know how to teach responsible behaviour to an Aquarian boy. So who can? Only life can be his teacher…and trust me he can’t have a better one!


How is he when in love?

Very, very slow and calculative…that is not to say he is manipulative, but he likes to make his moves stealthily and with caution. Don’t take this as shyness or quietness. This man is only analysing you before making his move.

As a lover, he is also full of surprises. He will woo you with the most unthinkable ideas and lure you into the most daring terrains. Be sure you fall in step with his ideas of honesty and commitment. Otherwise, his romance will take an instant U turn. Only if he is totally in love will he open up and lay bare his secrets. While in a relationship with him, you should have the tact to draw him out of his reserve and see the man he truly is…underneath his strong facade of friendliness.

Another quality he appreciates in his love interest is the ability to understand him and give him the warmth and care he requires. He looks for a friend in his partner, someone with whom he can share anything and everything. 


How is an Aquarius man on the following aspects?



An Aquarian man tends to have sunken eyes and rather blunt features. Most Aquarians have unconventional looks. In the case of dressing up, an Aquarian male can swing to two extremes.He will either dress up in the most fashionable do or go for a totally eccentric style of dressing. That’s because he dislikes being just another face in the crowd; he makes sure his clothes make a statement and his appearance is noticeable. Another pet peeve I have marked in Aquarian men is their affinity to colours. They are likely to wear their favourite, it could be a chequered shirt and blue jeans  or the most complimented colours much too often.


For the conventional Aquarian, the sky’s the limit. His ambition knows no bounds. He is over ambitious, to put it simply and doesn’t know where and when to stop. He is relentless in his drive to achieve and succeed.

The other kind is ambitious too but can be content with what he has. He can strike a balance between his work and personal life and will devote as much time at achieving things as he would for himself and his family.


I find Aquarian men most interesting on this aspect. They either demand respect or command it. One way or the other they think it’s their birthright. The passive kind may like to earn his respect; the conventional kind usually takes it for granted. However,both are terribly egoistic. Although the mellower Aquarian may show humility at times, his ego is not far from the surface.

While dating him you should…

…treat your date like a mystery novel. The more you intrigue him, the more he will be enticed. Nothing delights an Aquarian guy more than unravelling mysteries or unlocking deep secrets. He will probe into your innermost thoughts and desires making you feel like you are the one for him. But hold on… that’s just his nature. He would do that to any other person. Whether the relation between you two would reach the next level depends on how long you are able to sustain his interest.

Another word of advice…this man is not a conventional lover. So what should be expected of him? Reciting poems? No! Expensive gifts? No! Romantic escapades, maybe? No! The answer is a good time. He can be funny, entertaining, romantic and protective in his own unique way. He can make you smile, laugh, blush and say yes to all his ideas…that’s the power of his presence. You will be floored by the innovative ways he thinks of wooing you and the unconventional ideas he follows to prove his love.

Compatibility quotient

The easy going Aquarian is everybody’s friend. He stresses a lot on building networks and being friendly with everyone, but when it comes to compatibility, one has to probe deeper into his psyche. What exactly does it mean for Aquarian men and women from other signs? Let’s find out.

Aquarian man and…

Aries woman: 7/10. Between these two it is a wait and watch game. While each may admire the other’s positive attributes, there would be small differences to contend with. But with a little bit of patience, they can hit a home run.

Taurus woman: 6/10. This relationship is somewhere in the middle. He can give her a lesson or two on how to have some fun and she can mellow down his bizarre nature. If they go slow on their innate obstinacy (both have plenty of it), theirs’ can be a good combination.

Gemini woman: 8/10. Adventurous, spontaneous and non-conformist. Who am I talking about? Both. They share each other’s prominent traits and therefore this relationship is likely to bring the house down!

Cancer woman: 3/10. A risky affair! Both are placed on opposite poles. He is too friendly and easy going to fit into her intense and serious nature. And she is too emotionally dependent to meet his intellectual requirements.

Leo woman: 7/10. This relationship can be anything but boring. Filled with his unconventional behaviour and her powerful charm, their union can bring in a lot of crazy moments. But for a fruitful relationship, they would need to work hard on understanding each other.

Virgo woman: 6/10. Initial attraction and a lot of misunderstanding later—that’s the briefest description of a Virgo-Aquarian combination. Things can work out between the two if they quit trying to improve the other.

Libra woman: 9/10. A match well made! There is an evenness of attributes in this case—his adventurous spirit is balanced by her practicality and her intellectual mind is balanced by his impulsiveness.

Scorpio woman: 7.5/10. A little hard work is required here. Their emotional disparity will madden them and ‘might’ make it difficult for them to tolerate each other. A long term relationship may wear them thin and suck out all the charm from their stimulating conversations. If the Scorpio is or can be submissive and graceful throughout, this combo could really work well.

Sagittarius woman: 9.5/10: This one’s the icing on the cake! Filled with passion, romance and limited emotions, this relationship will work wonders for both. The independent spirit in both will only bring them closer.

Capricorn woman: 7/10: A sustainable relationship that’s more likely to succeed as friendship rather than a romantic affair. If these too are thrown in together over a long drawn affair, they are likely to get tired of each other.

Aquarius woman: 8/10: With his Aquarian counterpart, his relationship will be totally without ardor or depth. Since both live life on the surface, they will miss out on the deeper meaning of love and romance. Although their chemistry will be good, long term compatibility is a question mark.

Pisces woman: 5/10: Both are too dissimilar to walk a common path. His love for adventure and fun-filled lifestyle will not go well with her serious and spiritual bent of mind. He in turn will find her too clingy and emotionally needy.

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Sun sign

Inspirational Motivational Quotes on Life Love