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All About Capricorn Man you wanted to know

Capricorn Man - December 22 - January 19

Remember the most popular guy in school? How he used to woo your best friend, who happened to be the most attractive girl in class? Let me tell you something… that girl got tired of him soon as he spoke only about himself.  But it was no loss for him as he was seeking out the next pretty face the very next day. A Capricorn guy through and through!

A typical Capricorn male will be charming and ebullient yet he would be intense to the core and often somber. And then there’s this incorrigible habit of covering up all his feelings. He will continuously make and break your impression of him. Now go figure out this man!

How to identify a Capricorn man in a crowd?
Loud, flamboyant, centre of attraction and oodles of charm… that’s the briefest description you can get of a Capricorn man. This is how you can identify him too. He travels in flashy cars, stands surrounded by people (usually women) and is the chief talker of the group. While his words will be directed at one, his eyes will be making out with another woman.

Although a womanizer, he is a light hearted one and a gentleman at that. He will captivate both men and women with his suaveness and charm rather than force. If you observe closely, you will find him talking mostly about himself… with topics ranging from his latest car to his last girlfriend.

What are his general personality traits?
The most noticeable thing about a Capricorn man according to me is his attention seeking nature. No matter where he is… with a small group of friends or at a party, he likes to be noticed. He makes sure when he arrives at a social event then ‘he has arrived’.

There is also much of a brag in a Capricorn male. He likes to talk explicitly about his achievements and successes. Don’t mistake this for low self esteem. This man has confidence by the ton but bragging is his way of playing the power game.

But whatever he talks and how much ever he may brag… a Capricorn man is a crowd puller. He has the quality to attract admirers and listeners by the horde. He is great at entertainment but all the fun comes at a cost. If you want to enjoy his company, you should be prepared to bear his mood swings. When friendly, he will be one of the ‘most charming’ beings and the funniest of men. But when in a black mood, he can kill with his sarcasm and slay with his anger.

What are the finer attributes of a Capricorn man’s personality?

A Capricorn man although captivating and fun to be with can turn into a turtle and pull up the hardest of shells to shun the world. It isn’t easy to get up and close with this guy. He likes being sociable, will behave in a gentlemanly way and will also show a degree of chivalry, but when it comes to looking into his eyes right up to his heart, he reserves this privilege for a select few.

He lives in a cocoon to which very few people have access. This makes him a man of the world, who’s true worth only a handful understand. And I find this to be his most peculiar trait. Lest I am blamed for being contradictory, let me explain. A Capricorn guy is funny, charming and good at conversation. He likes to talk and connect with people. At the same time he isn’t someone whom you can describe as a people’s person. There is a thin yet rather strong veil between him and those around him… a veil which he wants to keep for his true self to remain hidden.

What does he want from life?

Hmmm… it would be incorrect to say everything. This man has desires that go beyond everything. The word ‘enough’ does not exist in his lexicon. Be it success, material comforts, love or happiness… he wants more of it all. His ambition drives him from one milestone to the next. He ‘must’ have the best of everything life has to offer and he will stop at nothing to achieve it.

How is he when in love?

A Capricorn guy is a romantic. There, now I have gone and trapped myself by making such a statement. It’s true he is a romantic but his definition of ‘romantic’ is slightly different from the rest of us. And that’s why I said I have trapped myself… because now I will have to delve into what makes him a romantic, albeit a different one.

You will hardly ever notice a Capricorn man in love. Not because he can’t be in love, but because he won’t show it. He will not shout from rooftops or pour his story into eager ears. On the contrary he will be very subtle and even shy in displaying his love. By the time he is mature enough to know what true love is, he has mastered the art of controlling his emotions. This makes him conceal his feelings and act unperturbed. But actually inside he is steaming with untold fantasies and bursting with energy.

While dating him you should…

…never forget his definition of romance. It saves trouble in the long run. He will take you to the best restaurants, buy you gifts, whisper sweet nothings and be very funny and amiable. But it is likely that this behaviour won’t continue beyond the courting period. I am not implying here that this guy is a fake. He’s not! He means every word and every gesture but he is too practical to continue this kind of behaviour once in a steady relationship.

It is for you to understand how things change as a relationship progresses and accept the transformation. He won’t actually give you any cause to complain as he will be a good companion to you, with his feet firmly rooted. Remember, his constant reality checks!

You will have to believe in him and his dreams if you wish to have a long term relationship with him.

How is he on thefollowing aspects?

Appearance: I have observed six out of every ten Capricorn men to have an oval face. They are usually very formally dressed in jackets and suits…replete with hats. They are the ones who can walk down a beach in a suit and still look extremely charming and never out of place.

Ambition: The Capricorn man is overambitious. He sets unachievable targets and goals for himself. Being extremely persuasive, he uses his charm to great advantage. The aggressive kind of Capricorn men are also very competitive so much so that they will stoop to any level to attain success. His personal ego makes him see a battle in every situation, one that he has to win at any cost.

Ego/Self-respect: The Capricorn male has tremendous ego, something that surpasses his already high level of self-respect, but you may or may not be able to spot it. If he is doing something, he will make it clear ‘he is doing it for you’, while actually he would be doing it for himself. He often uses his girlfriend or wife or family members as an excuse to get what he wants. As he has a rather big ego he cannot handle criticism well. When criticised he is likely to fight and argue to prove his point or simply give excuses to cover up for his mistakes.

Compatibility quotient
Compatibility is a much used term in behavioural study. A Capricorn male is undoubtedly popular for his flamboyant style and persona. But does that make him compatible in a long term relationship? Find out for yourself.
Capricorn man and…
Aries woman: 8/10. A workable combination but both will have to work a lot to make it a happy one. Expect lots of sparks. The Capricorn guy needs to be more expressive to meet up the vivacity of the Aries woman, or at least be able to put up with it. And she will have to make do with his usual reserved way of life.

Taurus woman: 8/10. An excellent match for both! The Taurus girl knows how to trust and love a man, while the Capricorn guy knows how to make a woman feel secure and comfortable. She also has the ability to make him relax in her company with her good humour.

Gemini woman: 5/10. Both will have to walk a long way to be on the same plane. It is impossible to rein-in the free spirit of a Gemini and the Capricorn guy will find this disconcerting.

Cancer woman: 7/10. Once the Capricorn guy is able to match the Cancer girl’s emotional quotient to some extent, this relationship can work out to be simply perfect. He needs to be more expressive of his feelings and more understanding of hers.

Leo woman: 8/10. A Leo woman has qualities that the Capricorn guy hates; for instance excessive socialising. While he is way too predictable to suit her fancy, I have given them an eight…he will love her for her determination and she will appreciate his dependability.

Virgo woman: 9/10. A great match for both! These two are quite compatible as they understand each other implicitly. Each can act as an anchor and a source of support for the other.

Libra woman: 5/10. Again a midway deal! While both love the nicer things in life, the level of extravagance in a Libra girl can be a little too much for the Capricorn guy to digest. Moreover, she is likely to get bored of his sombre nature sooner than later. But with compromises, this can be a workable relationship.

Scorpio woman: 9/10. The Scorpio girl is the Capricorn guy’s real dream girl. She has the right amount of vivacity to make him comfortable and she can win him over easily with her devotion and loyalty. He in turn will give her a strong shoulder to lean on.

Sagittarius woman: 4/10: Trouble is likely to brew between the two, after the courtship period. The essential differences in their personalities will make them take offence at the drop of a hat. Overall, a difficult relationship!

Capricorn woman: 7/10: This relationship can go a long way. Both are intense and dependable by nature, with the right amount of humour. But he will have to rein his hovering eye, while she will have to be a little less possessive. The only thing that can make this relationship work is effective communication.

Aquarius woman: 4/10: Both would require putting in extra efforts to make this alliance work. A Capricorn man may find the Aquarian free spirit and feminism a bit too much to take to.

Pisces woman: 9/10: Whoa! Now we’re talking! This is a woman the Capricorn guy will love since she will never try to dominate him. She can be completely feminine and dependant on him and he is capable of taking care of her fragile self (a role she enjoys playing even if that’s not her true self in some cases.) This relationship would be ideal.

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Sun sign

All About Aquarius Women

Aquarius woman – 20 January – 19 February
Pop goes the bottle cork and out springs bubbly, silvery streams of champagne. That’s pretty much how an Aquarius woman makes her entry into a room. Full of life and bursting with energy, she infuses everyone around with her electric presence.

She is peppy and full of laughter. And one thing you can’t help but notice is her incessant chatter. How this woman loves to talk! There’s never a dull moment when she’s around as she is constantly hopping from one topic to another… giving her opinions and passing judgments.

Aquarius women are by far the most forward looking tribe. They have a modern mindset and believe in living life with a meaningful purpose. The Aquarian girl has the ability to dream big and realize those dreams as well. Its game, set and match for this lady all the way!

How can you identify an Aquarius woman in a crowd?
An Aquarian woman is quite easy to spot. She is extremely chirpy and full of life. You will usually find her talking at the speed of lightening. She is capable of fitting more words in one breath than any other woman. She is always buzzing with energy and you are likely to see her involved in animated conversations and debates… speaking her mind, proving her point. Feminist to the core, she is a true original!

What are her general personality traits?

I have found Aquarian women to be very unpredictable. They follow their own train of thoughts and seem preoccupied most of the time. These thoughts are responsible for their volatile nature as they mentally jump from one idea to the next in split seconds.

An Aquarian female has her own set of rules, which she holds sacred. Not that she won’t allow you to have your own too, but any infringement on her way of living will not be taken in a good spirit. Her feminism and need for independence makes her crave for space more than any other woman. Give her ample of space to be herself and expect the same from her.

She is highly opinionated and will hold her own no matter what. So if you are trying to impose your ideas upon her, think again. She is not the one to change her views under compulsion.

An Aquarian female is a woman full of purpose. You will see her championing social causes and lending support to the less privileged. But whatever she does is done with complete conviction and sincerity.

Most forward looking woman of all zodiac signs, an Aquarian expects the very best from future. She is optimistic and idealistic to a great extent and is very capable of dealing with social matters in the most graceful manner.

What to expect from her on the following points:
Appearance wise Aquarius women fall into two categories. The first category is of those who sport a tom boyish look, from clothes to hairdos. This amounts to about 30-40% of them. While the rest are very dressy, detailed and extremely fashion conscious… a true emblem of femininity. Their dressing style is non-conventional and non-conformist in every sense. Their daring attitude is evident in the way they dress up and carry themselves.

An Aquarian female is ambitious in two distinct ways: she is an achiever at heart and also craves for independence. So when she sets upon scaling the ambition ladder it is to reach the top position as well as to attain complete freedom.

What does she want from life?

She is definitely not the one to go for mediocre living. She has keen interest in clothes, perfumes and all things nice. These comforts are necessary to make her life complete and comes out of her feminine stance. Since most of Aquarian women are feminists, they are less dependent on family/spouse and are capable of attaining the life they desire all by themselves.

What are the finer traits of her personality?
The gift of gab that she possesses in abundance is actually her weak point. She uses her blabber power to cover up for lack of confidence or knowledge. She will spin instant yarns and talk nonsense with immense confidence to gloss over her ignorance.

Her need for independence also makes her self-centered. Her attitude takes an inward turn when it comes to proving her point or getting her way. I have often found Aquarian women making compromises or sacrifices to suit their ambitions and not bother about those around her.

Another highlight of my observations about Aquarian women is their intuitiveness. Here is a woman who is constantly delving about the future and what it holds for her. This persistent attention to what is likely to happen sharpens her intuition and you will find her coming up with many inspirational ideas.

How is an Aquarian woman in love?
An Aquarian woman can be extremely emotional and sensitive. She is almost childish in her behaviour and can be unforgiving on silly issues. But flowers, chocolates, gifts and lot of flattery can undo everything at a speed you never imagined.

Although she is emotional, she is a novice at expressing her emotions. If your love interest is an Aquarian woman, you may have to teach her to emote and show her love. Don’t take her lack of expression as stiff necked pride. It’s not that at all. She simply finds it difficult to put her heart out and express her love in words. She is the kind of person who will easily dismiss romantic ideas like holding hands and gazing into each other’s eyes as silly. But at the same time she will walk the extra mile just to be with you… for instance cut short her meeting to keep her date with you. This is the kind of faith she has in love.

An Aquarian female is straightforward and doesn’t believe in mincing words. So if she walks up to you and says it’s over… then it is ‘over’. When in love she means every word she says… and this remains true of her even when she falls out of love too.

How does an Aquarius woman score on the following aspects?

Usually Aquarian women get over their initial cynicism as they mature. With age they tend to grow more level headed and look at things from a clearer perspective. Although there still would be moments of fits and tantrums, they are usually about things she must have or do and is not able to have or do.

Extremely suspicious, an Aquarian woman is quite insecure at heart. She will question and cross question you till her curiosity and suspicion abates, but that is no indication that she has entirely let go of her doubts. Naturally the next step from suspicion is jealousy. Here again her insecurity clouds her perception.However, I have come across a beautiful exception here. In case of Aquarian women who are good looking and confident about themselves, they are not bothered about these petty emotions.

Dishonesty/Infidelity: Dishonesty will not take her completely by surprise. Sometimes she almost senses it round the corner. However with infidelity it’s a different ball game altogether. She takes this subject very seriously, given her strong feminist leanings. But very conveniently she reserves the right to be occasionally naughty for herself. However, I would like to clarify one thing…an Aquarian girl will never be purposefully indiscreet, nor will she indulge in acts of infidelity without strong reasons. And even if she lands up in a compromising situation like an extramarital affair, it won’t last long. Majority of Aquarian women are highly principled and will not try anything that might bring them social disgrace.

Compatibility quotient

Compatibility with an Aquarian girl is more than just matching her zing factor. To be her partner, you have to understand her need for independence and her deep rooted stand on feminism. However complicated she may appear, the mathematics of her life is quite simple…the man who wins her heart takes her home. Let’s find out what is the compatibility quotient she shares with males of different signs in the zodiac.

Aquarius woman and…

Aries man: 7/10. For once the Aries man will have to let go of his position as the ‘manager’ of things. The Aquarius girl will know exactly how to deal with the fiery Arian. She would know how to manage his anger and ego, while he would be delighted to infuse passion in this relationship. Her independent streak is likely to floor him completely.

Taurus man: 6/10. This relationship is likely to start off well but soon after a ‘war of wills’ will be unavoidable. Add to that the disharmony between the conservative Taurean’s view and the radical Aquarian’s beliefs, and there will be constant discontent.

Gemini man: 9/10. An instant hit! The adventurous Gemini is a true match for the sociable Aquarian. Both value each other as friends and their relationship will grow from strength to strength…thanks to their love for freedom and good conversation.

Cancer man: 4/10. Long term compatibility has slim chances of existing in this relationship. The Aquarian woman lacks the depth and heart-warming love that a Cancer man craves for.

Leo man: 5/10. A difficult yet not impossible match. Both will have to make sincere efforts to make this relationship work. In short, the Leo man will have to think a little less about himself and more about her, while the Aquarian woman will have to think a little less about the world and more about him.

Virgo man: 6/10. Once they know how to balance their outlook towards life, they can hit it off quite well. Since they have very little in common, they have to prepare a meeting ground for themselves. However, they do match up with each other on the ambition front.

Libra man: 9.5/10. A brilliant match! Their relationship will make a great start with good amounts of love and friendship. He is intellectual enough to appeal to her and she is spontaneous enough to suit him. This relationship is likely to be comfortable for both.

Scorpio man: 6/10. The Aquarian girl will find it difficult to take his bossy attitude and the Scorpio man will not find it easy to accept her outgoing ways. He is way too possessive for her comfort and this relationship is definitely not going to be an easy one for either of them.

Sagittarius man: 9/10. An excellent pair. The Sagittarian man and Aquarian woman share an unmatched understanding of each other. He is creative and she is intelligent and both are good at conversing.

Capricorn man: 4/10 This match will demand too many compromises on both ends. If he tries to dominate her too much, there may be a tug-of-war between them over authority and freedom.

Aquarius man: 8/10: Great chemistry! Since both share a lot in common, it is a match that can be an instant hit. But both will have to learn to curb their frivolous nature. Their independent outlook will help them forge a comfortable relationship.

Pisces man: 4/10: They have too many opposite traits to reach a common ground. He is too emotionally dependent, while she desires absolute freedom. He seeks a warm and understanding partner, while she is too involved with her social activities to be with him 24x7.

Famous Aquarian women:
Jennifer Aniston
Preity Zinta

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Sun sign

All about Aries Women

Aries woman: March 21 April 19

A shooting star leaving a trail of blaze on the inky blue sky… liken this scene with an Aries woman and you will know what a true fire sign is. Just like her male counterpart, an Aries woman shows sparks of vigour and strength of character. Although aggression figures in largely in her attitude, there are Aries women who are more placid too. But both the kinds are like a shining star, unrivaled in its glory and complete in its own radiance.

Extremely conscious of her self, the Aries female is fearless, strong and egocentric. To her the world revolves around her. What she does or thinks is of utmost importance… while others are neglected or sidelined in the bargain.

She takes the term ‘extreme’ to her heart. She loves in extremes, she hates in extremes and generally lives life on the extreme. If she loves you, you will be the core of her existence, but if she dislikes you… nah! There’s no word like dislike for her… its simple hatred. That’s what I call living life in black and white!

How to identify an Aries woman in a crowd?
With a body language that bespeaks boldness, the Aries girl will talk with authority and look at you in the eye with unabashed confidence. Not one to mince words, it is easy to spot her in a social setup as she will be the one most vocal with her opinions. She will give you her undivided attention… but only so long as your conversation interests her. the minute she finds it boring, she will start looking around with impatience.

Another give away of the Aries female is her ‘do-it-myself’ stance. She will rush to get her own drink, pull up her own chair and carry her own bags without much ado. But that’s not saying that she won’t expect men around her to behave in a gentlemanly fashion. It’s just that she is too independent to seek assistance, especially from men.

How is her appearance?

An Aries woman has sharp arresting features and a strong jaw line. You will usually see her making a statement with her attire. She is fond of dressing well and likes people to notice her style, but no flashy clothes will do for her, her sense of style is very subtle yet effective. With making a statement I don’t mean she will always be dressed to kill, but whatever she wears will have a certain swagger to it.
What are her most striking characteristics?

With the sensational election of Barack Obama as the President of USA, America’s first ever woman president doesn’t seem an impossible dream. And I am sure there are a lot many female Arians aspiring to step into the White House. With a persistent urge to lead and be numero uno in everything, an Aries woman comes with a natural knack of leadership.

She is full of energy and vitality, which also makes her restless. She is constantly on a lookout for new enterprises to utilize her energy. With never a moment to spare she is on a whirlwind mission to complete tasks within the standards she has set for herself. Her aspirations are always high and she usually lands up expecting as much out of others as she does from her own self.

Is there more to her personality?

Of course there is! I have come across Aries women that are highly focused on all fronts. At work they outshine others with their ambitious and competitive spirit. In the role of a home maker, you will find them competent at just about anything, from cleaning herself or overseeing/supervising the cleaning the house to cooking and from doing the dishes to taking care of the family and pets. She likes to be in CONTROL!

She also wants and yearns to be independent. Financial dependency leads to frustration in an Aries woman. She likes to do things her own way, including money matters. Apart from earning money, she is also enamored by the fame attached to a work well done. Like in everything else, she is an early bird at earning a living as well. Don’t be surprised if you see her doing odd jobs to earn those extra bucks.

What’s on her flip side?

Lots! The very traits that set her apart when taken to the extreme can turn darker. For instance, her aggression often borders on crudeness while her ambition can make her seem heartless. Her low grace quotient, which is a by-product of her ‘throw it in your face’ attitude, can make her an eyesore in company.

Once she flips her lid, it’s difficult for her to stop. Her verbal barrages can drive people away, leaving her with her foot in her mouth. She also finds it hard to take criticism. Criticizing her is a sure shot way of sending that lid up the roof!

How is she when in love?

Before we go further on this front, let me clarify that Aries women are extremely practical. Although they love the very concept of love, their approach is overruled with practicality. After she has covered the grounds for education and career, her next priority is to find a compatible companion. And this search is likely to begin very early in life.

Being experimental and flirtatious, she goes through learning curves as she matures to understand what she wants and what she doesn’t. Unlike the other two fire signs, an Aries woman can cleverly hide her desires and wants of material things. While she can stand by her companion through hardships and struggles, she would make sure she is not out wasting her time with a loser.

Romance is the core of her belief system. So much so that she is fully satisfied with the idea of a complete romance rather than the actual romance itself.

When dating her youshould…

… get used to her dominant nature. That’s a pre-requisite! She won’t leave anything to you or chance. She will supervise everything and a date with her will be a complete foolproof deal. A few meetings down the lane and she is likely to pop in before a date to check what clothes you are planning to wear to meet her.

The Aries woman likes to take the lead in everything, dating being no exception. Don’t be surprised if she asks you out first. Although she has a dominating persona, she isn’t masculine or tomboyish. You will find her feminine in many subtle ways.

She loves the thrill and adventure, not to mention the risk,of dangerous stuff. Dare her to a task and you will see the best in her. Since she likes challenges, it isn’t a bad idea to invite her to a friendly game of go-carting. Although with her strong competitive streak, no game is ever going to be friendly.

Compatibility quotient:

They say one must fight fire with fire. I don’t know how true that is technically but amongst zodiac signs too much of fire can result in explosions. The fiery nature of the Aries girl needs a match that’s cool and down to earth and yet one that has traits to equal her passionate nature. Compatibility with an Aries female is much more than a play of fire and ice.

Aries woman and…

Aries man: 3.5/10. There’s too much of fire in between these two for a long term relationship to work out. With ego, dominating nature, temper and impatience in both, it is an unlikely match.

Taurus man: 6.5/10. This combination can work only if both are ready for compromises. She will have to curb her extrovertish nature and unruly tongue, while he will have to learn to give her space. Money can be a bone of contention between these too as the Taurean is extremely cautious with it, while the Arian is extravagant.

Gemini man: 9/10. Here’s a good one. Both are highly charged individuals. The Gemini man is intelligent enough to accept the free spirit of the Arian. She will be instantly floored with his charm and romantic nature.

Cancer man: 7/10. This relationship can work out in a long run if both are able to check their obstinacy. The Aries girl will have to understand his moodiness and sedentary nature while the Cancer guy will have to respect her spirited and outgoing nature.

Leo man: 8/10. Great chemistry here! The Leo man has as much confidence and masculinity as required to impress the Arian girl. She is capable of taking care of his emotional needs and weak ego, while he is capable of giving her the luxuries of life.

Virgo man: 7/10. This match can go a long way in spite of the inherent differences. The Aries woman should learn to get used to his cautious and organized nature and also to keep her adventurous streak under check.

Libra man: 7/10. Again a good match in spite of the differences. The Arian will have to exercise the last ounce of her patience to deal with the indecisiveness of the Libran man. But he is quite capable of taking care of her and his idea of romance is also likely to suit him to a tee.

Scorpio man: 6/10. The differences here are rather strong. The Scorpio man will not like her dominating nature while the Arian girl will not take his possessiveness too well. Although they will admire each other for some traits, it would take too much hard work from both ends to make this relationship last in the long run.

Sagittarius man: 9/10: A match well made! Both are attuned to each other’s personality traits. Both are impulsive and adventure-loving. He has a good humour to keep her interested and she has spontaneity to keep him impressed. The Arian may have to guard her tongue now and then, but apart from that they make a compatible pair.

Capricorn man: 7/10: Capricorn man and Aries woman are poles apart but oppoites do attact. She is vivacious while he could be somber; she is expressive while he is not sometimes. But patience and tolerance can do wonders to this relationship.

Aquarius man: 8/10: The Aquarius man is unconventional enough to suit the Arian taste. Her sharp and astute mind will prove to be a turn on for him. With little bit of understanding about each other’s temperament and need for space, they can hit it off superbly.

Pisces man: 7/10: Although both are emotional, their emotional needs are quite different. Her aggressiveness might hurt the sensitive Piscean nature. She will like his mystic mind and with her intelligence can help him find his way in this materialistic world.

Aries womenCelebrities/Personalities:

Sarah Jessica Parker
Mariah Carey
Jaya Bachchan
Rani Mukerjee

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Sun sign

Inspirational Motivational Quotes on Life Love