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All About Pisces Women

Pisces woman - February 19 - March 20




Ever met a woman who looks at you with eyes that are searching your very soul? Or if she looks away she’s glancing around the room looking for Mr. Perfect? She could well be a Pisces woman. Always on a look out for something, Piscean females constantly have a ‘I’m looking for someone or something’ gaze in their deep pocket eyes. 

The Zodiac has been assigned the sign of fishes. There is a ‘possibility’  that there is something fishy about one out of three piscies woman.

How to spot a Piscean woman?    


The first impression a Piscean girl makes on an onlooker is that she is made of glass. Ever seen those delicately designed crystal figures at display windows throwing a spectrum of light? That’s how a Piscean will appear on first look. She will seem as fragile and brittle as crystal… not to mention as exclusive and expensive.

In a social setting it is not difficult to spot her. If you are fairly observant, you will notice a Piscean woman to be totally feminine… she will laugh gracefully at the loudest of wisecracks, she will hold her drink with delicacy and eat with the propriety of British royalty.

And if you still can’t make up your mind if the girl next to you is a Piscean or not, just wait till you are invited to take your seats at the dinner table. If she is waiting for you to pull up her chair, be rest assured she is a Piscean. The true lady will always expect men around her to behave in the most gentlemanly way possible.

How does she score on the following points?


Appearance: Here’s one woman who knows how to dress, nay, dares to dress as she likes. Both kinds of Piscean women are always well dressed in an utmost feminine manner. Some have a prominent jaw line, while some have a fuller face (can be because of her obsession for chocolates and pastries).

A Piscean female is as comfortable in flowing dresses as in skimpy outfits and has no qualms even about a little cleavage display or bare back styled tops. In her private space, she is more likely to be in the flimsiest of lingerie.

Ambition: A good number of Piscean women are overly ambitious. This tendency may arise from their love for materialistic pleasures or creating their mark. Their determination to achieve their ambition is not just steady but downright tenacious. A determined Piscean woman will work relentlessly towards her goal; she is not one to shy off from hard work. But her resolve can make her take alternative paths too… like marrying a rich man.

One way she takes to achieve this is meeting the right people at the right time. She has no misgivings about ‘using’ people to forward her cause. It’s not that all of them are like that!

What are the general traits of her personality?


The materialistic kind of Piscean woman is aggressive albeit gracefully. She is caring and loving although a little sly. She is extremely impulsive, but her impulsiveness is governed by self made standards. And she upholds these criteria with utmost tenacity. She is so focused on attaining her goals that she is likely to risk or entirely give up a relationship if someone more powerful/richer/charming comes along. To put it differently, she understands her materialistic desires and knows how to get her priorities right. She’s not the one to back a loser, no matter how much love is lost in the process.

The other kind of Piscean females is looking for compatibility rather than material comfort. They are not above material desires, but their ultimate aim is to be with someone whom they can call a soul mate. This kind is more emotional and submissive.

There’s something Barbie-like about her… endearing, naughty yet elegant. She can carry off even a regular outfit like a pair of blue jeans and white tees with finesse. Given her passion for dressing up, she can be a big tease too. And this holds true of both kinds of Piscean women.

What does a Piscean woman share with her male counterpart?


Quite a few things… namely compassion, high emotional quotient and spirituality. Like a Pisces male, the female too feels deep compassion for others and hence is a good listener.

If you are in trouble you can trust your Piscean friend to support you and help you look for solutions.

Since she is emotionally charged, she draws a lot of energy from her emotions. Like her counterpart she has oceans of energy within her and all she needs to do in dive within to rejuvenate herself. Hence the essential ‘my time’ is close to her heart.

How is a Piscean woman in love?


Having said everything about her desires for materialistic fulfillment, I would like to add that a Piscean woman is actually a romantic at heart. She wants a man who can love and cherish her and most importantly protect her. This is true of the emotional kind of Pisceans, who are generally afraid of being hurt by others.

She likes love to grow upon her… her idea of romance is a gradual progress of things. Make sure your courtship period is as per her standards or she will turn on her heel and disappear. Another reason for this is her innate shyness about love.

When you whisper sweet nothings into her ears, while wooing her for love, make sure you mean every word you say. Merely quoting Shakespeare ain’t going to help! A Piscean woman has the ability to see through deceit and fake charms.


What are the keyfeatures of her personality?

The materialistic kind of Piscean woman is aggressive albeit gracefully. She is caring and loving although a little sly. She is extremely impulsive, but her impulsiveness is governed by self-made standards. And she upholds these criteria with utmost tenacity. She is so focused on attaining her goals that she is likely to risk or entirely give up a relationship if someone more powerful, richer or charming comes along. To put it differently, she understands her materialistic desires and knows how to get her priorities right. She’s not one to back a loser, no matter how much love is lost in the process.

The other kind of Piscean female is looking for compatibility rather than material comfort. She is not above material desires,but her ultimate aim is to be with someone whom she can call a soul mate. This kind is more emotional and submissive.

There’s something Barbie-like about her…endearing, naughty yet elegant. She can carry off even a regular outfit like a pair of blue jeans and white tees with finesse. Given her passion for dressing up, she can be a big tease too. And this holds true of both kinds of Piscean women.

Compatibility quotient:

Here’s a brief summary of the compatibility ratio between Pisces women and men of the other zodiac signs. Given the two kinds of Pisces women (as well as two kinds of men under the other signs), these observations are subjective. While there might be exceptions, the below mentioned compatibility quotient is by and large applicable to all.

Pisces woman and…

Aries man: 7/10. With Aries men and Pisces women it’s rather hard to say which way the relationship will go. It all depends on the Arian’s capacity to be subtle and give her space and the Piscean’s ability to cope with his dominance. On the romance and passion front they may score a nine on 10 as they are a perfect match. On general compatibility they can either be a good match or a disaster because of their egos.

Taurus man: 9/10. This combination can hit the bull’s eye. The Piscean vulnerability and volatility will be balanced by the Taurean practicality and steadfastness. The Taurus man can be quite a charmer and a romantic and that can keep them glued forever.

Gemini man: 4/10. Both of them would need to be madly in love and eager to adjust in order to make this relationship work. The Gemini’s penchant for change will keep the Piscean on edge, while his emotional fickleness can play havoc on her sensibility.

Cancer man: 9/10. A romantic alliance, the Cancer man will be able to fulfill the Piscean’s need for ever lasting love. He has the capacity to shower her with care, attention and understanding, while the Piscean can be her true romantic self with a Cancer male. All in all, great chemistry!

Leo man: 8/10. The Piscean is the necessary feminine presence in the lion’s life. She would give him a good home and he will be allowed to rule it as he pleases. If he’s able to keep his anger and unruly tongue in check, this duo can go places.

Virgo man: 6/10. The barely-emotional and self-centered Virgo man is a complete mismatch for the sensitive Piscean. She will never be able to accept and cope up with his neglectful attitude and any relationship between these two is likely to result in a disaster unless the Virgo male is more grounded in terms of relationship management and also happens to be a romantic.

Libra man: 6/10. This may seem a great combination to begin with, but once the romance wears out the relationship will prove to be very demanding. Both of them would need to look beyond their selves to make their love long lasting.

Scorpio man: 9/10. Bring it on! A Scorpio man can strike an instant bond with a Piscean girl. Both are capable of meeting each other on the same emotional level. Of course the Scorpion will have to keep his possessiveness in check. Apart from that everything will be hunky dory in this relationship.

Sagittarius man: 5/10: Not easy, not comfortable, not possible! This is how either of them would react if the relationship is stretched too long. Although they may hit off on the first date, the chasm between dreamland (Pisces) and reality (Sagittarius) is too gaping to be ignored. But the, practical, easy-going and submissive Pisces woman might score higher (8/10).

Capricorn man: 9/10: Almost felt like giving a 10 here! This is a perfect recipe for a long lasting relationship. He is the man for her…strong, capable and caring, while she is thewoman for him—one who lets him dominate. If he keeps his flirtatiousness under control, this relationship is for keeps.

Aquarius man: 5/10: Here again is a case of opposites. Although opposites attract, they seldom stick together for long. His thinking mind will find her an emotional muddle and her femininity will be crushed under his grossly liberal thinking.

Pisces man: 9/10: Since both the Pisces man and woman have so much in common, they make for a great match. Of course the catch here is that they will have to combat their weaknesses to make their relationship a success.

Famous Pisces women celebrities/personalities:


Drew Barrymore

Sharon Stone

Elizabeth Taylor

Cindy Crawford 


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Sun sign

All About Taurus Women

All About Taurus Sun Sign

Taurus woman: 20 April – 21 May




The expression ‘a sound head over her shoulders’ was coined for the Taurean female spirit. A woman who knows how to balance her emotions, a woman who is a woman in every sense – without being a sissy and a woman who knows exactly what she wants in life… that’s a typical Taurus woman for you.


Known for her stubborn yet affectionate nature, the true Taurean will find her way into your heart via two routes… either gliding sensuously into love or tickling your palette with her culinary skills. Either ways she will head for your heart!


There are two types of Taurus woman and both are poles apart. About 60% are aggressive with a strong streak of feminism in them. They like being dominant and belong to the liberated women’s group. The balance 40% of them are true earth sign females… more submissive and easy to be with. But don’t think they lack aggression. The passive kinds too have the vein of aggression in them, albeit a not so strong one.



How can you identify a Taurus woman in a crowd?


The aggressive type of Taurus woman is not too difficult to spot in a crowd. With her nose high up in the air, she is awfully opinionated. She also displays certain masculine qualities like dominance and power play in a conversation or discussion. Trying to control things around her is the core characteristic of this woman.


On the contrary, the passive kind of Taurus females is a sight for sore eyes. She is warm, friendly and forever smiling. Neither an introvert nor an extrovert, she is a curious mix of both. She is also not likely to mingle in a crowd very easily, but you will find her approachable and friendly. Once she is comfortable with you, you will see her as a warm individual and a treat to be with.



What to expect from her on the following points:


Appearance: Taurus women have a very distinct combination of sharp yet blunt features. They have sharp expressive eyes. I have funny observation: I have noticed a small percentage of Taurus women to have a well shaped nose, but generally they have blunt noses. For a Taurus woman the highlight of her face is undoubtedly her lips, usually observed and found are just perfect.


True to her earth sign, her taste in clothes too is earthy. She prefers clothes that are comfortable, generally in pastel shades and in soft fabrics like cottons, linen and denims. Since most Taurus women are creative and artistic, this is reflected in their dressing and you will find them wearing embroidered fabrics like batik and sometimes even whacky designs.


Ambition: Both kinds of Taurus women are highly ambitious. To them growth and climbing up the ladder, both monetarily and socially, is very important. They always aspire for top positions and work diligently towards their set targets.


You will get a better idea of her ambitiousness when I tell you how strongly it is backed by her stubborn will and her persistent need to be economically secure. It is almost impossible to get her to do what she doesn’t want to do or stop her from doing what she has set out to do. She will stubbornly persevere in her efforts till she attains her targets. And in the process it is important for her to make money, which to her signifies purchasing power, stability and security.



What are the general traits of her personality?

One of the highlights of a Taurus woman’s personality and perhaps a misguiding factor as well is her relaxed demeanour. She appears to be outwardly calm and composed, but inside she is bubbling with restless emotions. She is much like a frozen river… icy cool on top and gurgling with action inside. The ice breaks very often and emotional outbursts are not uncommon.


With a Taurus female, caution is her middle name. Be it the aggressive or the passive kind, she makes every move and every decision with great caution. With such a detailed thought process, she is likely to arrive at absolutely correct decisions or come by them rather late. Sometimes her cautiousness makes her almost inactive.


Because of her cautious nature, she is reluctant to accept change. This quality she shares with her male counterpart. Change of any kind, especially brought about by others, is a big no-no for a Taurus woman. So conservative is her attitude that she will never break away from the old order and will prefer to toe the traditional line.


I may have made them sound all intense and serious. But, Taurus women have a unique sense of humour too. They are generally funny people and love to have a good laugh.



What are the finer traits of her personality?


One of the finest traits that I have noticed in Taurean females is their capacity to be feminine without being sissy. Deep inside she is as solid as a rock… at least emotionally. She is emotionally quite sound and any attempt to convince you otherwise is mere eyewash.


She is also quite independent. I don’t mean it in a manly sense but she likes to take things in control and manages tasks related to herself with efficiency.


The one sense a Taurean girl has in abundance is common sense. She sees everything with a practical standpoint. You won’t catch her wasting anything, be it money or emotion, without a reason. Because of this trait in her, she always gets to the crux of the matter and doesn’t believe in philosophical, intellectual or verbal meanderings. However, this does not imply that she is not smart. Her intelligence is directed towards making the most of this practical world.


How is a Taurus woman when in love?



The Taurean love is not just love… it’s a complete package. She will be a lover, wife, friend and guide to you. she will be wife-like even though you are not married, which means she will take care of you and your needs as a wife would. She would also be a guide to you as she will always give you wise practical tips on how to get along with life.


Like I had mentioned earlier, the Taurean is possessive by nature. It is advisable not to make her jealous or suspicious. Since she trusts easily, she finds it difficult to handle breach of trust. Another reason to avoid provoking her is her destructive anger. Very often she is not able to control her anger and it rages on like a storm, destroying everything in vicinity.


When in love perhaps the most outstanding of her traits would be her sensuality. The Taurus girl will tread the path of love rather slowly. She will size you up completely before going ahead. But once things get underway, romance will be in the air forever… it would be akin to her aura.


While dating her, you should…


…get her an expensive (but practical) gift, buy her flowers and take her to a fine dine restaurant. The gift will assure her of your love, flowers would delight her and good food will do the trick for you.


The Taurean female is a woman of taste…and I mean it literally. She likes good cuisine and the right mix of spices and flavours can make her go home with her head full of thoughts of you.If you can pull up a faire extraordinaire, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to invite her to your place for a quiet dinner. And when it is her turn to return the compliment, you can be rest assured it would be a meal you won’t forget for along time, as the lady in question also happens to be an excellent cook.


Remember, a Taurean is very selective about whom she dates. So if she has agreed to meet you it is after careful consideration…and whether a second date would follow depends largely on how you excel at the first one. First impressions mean a lot to her. Although she has patience, she won’t necessarily exercise this virtue in case of dating.But once she commits herself it would be for keeps.


Compatibility quotient


While the typical Taurean isn’t exactly sweet tempered, she is a complete woman in every other way. What’s more…she is in a way aware of her shortcomings and knows how to keep them in check. In spite of being strong willed, she needs a man who can take care of her. In such a scenario who would be the most compatible man for her? Let’s find out!


Taurus woman and…


Aries man: 5/10. His passion can get things started but it won’t necessarily stand the test of time. She is way too practical to suit his impulsiveness. With a woman with such an independent streak, the Aries man might feel tied down and think his freedom under threat.


Taurus man: 8/10. This combination can hit the bull’s-eye…no pun intended. The Taurus man’s stability can impress his female counterpart, whereas her penchant for good housekeeping can keep his comfort levels high. But both will have to learn to keep their obstinacy under check.


Gemini man: 4/10. The compatibility quotient between these two is rather low. The Gemini male is adventurous and impatient, not to mention reckless at times. A Taurean will find these aspects too much to adjust with, while he may take her staid nature as kind of boring.


Cancer man: 9/10. There will be no dearth of warmth and romance in this relationship. The Taurean would know how to deal with his mood swings with patience, while the Cancer man would know how to appreciate her womanly qualities.


Leo man: 7/10. With a little bit of hard work, this relationship can turn out pretty well. The Taurean will have to learn to handle the Leo ego with grace and he would need to be more appreciative of her love.


Virgo man: 8/10. Security is the key word in this relationship. She will be able to draw out the romantic in him, while he will undoubtedly appreciate her pragmatism. Both will be able to satisfy each others’ demands for commitment and devotion.


Libra man: 7/10. Again, a lot of hard work would be needed to make this relationship tick, not to mention lot of compromises. The Taurean will have to be less clingy and needy of a commitment. The Libran guy on the other hand should learn to give her the security she yearns for.


Scorpio man: 6/10. This one would be a really tough one to pull off! The Scorpio man’s secretiveness won’t go down well with the Taurean, making the mercury of her suspicious soar. Both might also get too headstrong for each other to handle.


Sagittarius man: 6/10: If the law ‘opposites attract’ can sustain over a long term, this combination is likely to survive. She would be floored by his adventurous spirit and he will like the idea of returning to a warm home after a hard day’s work. But to really make this work, she will have to tone down her need for security, while he will have to be more ‘home bound’.


Capricorn man: 9.5/10: The Capricorn man is the best match for the Taurus girl. With her loyalty, the Capricorn guy will learn to let his guard down and be more expressive of his feelings. She would also know how to bring his humourous side to the fore. She will always have a strong shoulder to lean on and never feel bored in his company.


Aquarius man: 7/10: If both are ready to learn, they can teach each other a few good lessons in life. She can be an anchor to his wild nature and he can show her how a few laughs can brighten life. These two can together strike a balance between the intense and lighter sides of life.


Pisces man: 9/10: The Piscean’s dreams will get staunch support from the practical Taurean. The Taurus girl is loyal and the Piscean will appreciate this quality in her. She will also show him how to realise his dreams in a practical manner. The Piscean will impress her with his spiritual leaning and intellectual mind. 


Taurus women celebrities/personalities:


Audrey Hepburn

Janet Jackson

Uma Thurman

Cate Blanchet

Madhuri Dixit    

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Sun sign

All About Gemini Women

Gemini woman – 22 May – 21 June

The Gemini woman is beautiful. Don’t misconstrue this as a biased opinion. It is more than an opinion… it’s an observation. Even if she is not beautiful in the conventional sort of way there is an inner beauty in her, which gets reflected on her face as you get to know her better.

And her face… or faces! Is she really two faced? I don’t think so. This woman has a multi-faceted personality and knows the art of adapting herself to any given situation. If this trait can be labeled as ‘two-faced’, then so be it!

A woman of intellect and boundless charm, the Gemini always leaves a trail of peppiness and fun behind her. Given her penchant for multi-tasking, she is usually found to be over-committed… running from pillar to post to achieve her targets.

Having a Gemini female as a friend or a girlfriend is an added advantage as with her around life is full of stimulating conversation and tinkling laughter.

How can you identify a Gemini woman?

If you ever come across a woman who has a store of intelligent questions about the most diversified subjects and at the same time is an amazing listener… you can be sure she is a Gemini. At any social event, you will find her moving from one group of friends to another with unmatched grace and a warm innocent smile on her face.

While most attributes discussed in this chapter will apply to all kinds of Gemini women, there are two categories amongst them and some behavioural differences obviously exist between the two. I would divide Gemini women into 70% passive and 30% aggressive.

What are the finer traits of her personality?

When people who have considerable knowledge of zodiac signs encounter Gemini women, they usually have a comment or two to make on their dual personality or the famous (or infamous) Janus-faced characteristic. Through my personal observations and interaction with Gemini friends and workmates, I would give 80% of Gemini women a clean chit on this label.

Yes, what I am saying is that 80% of Gemini women are not two faced… it is just a myth!

What does she look for in her life partner?

The first thing any Gemini woman will look for in a man is intelligence. She cannot abide stupidity or silliness of any kind. Secondly, she will look deeper for humility but with the right amount of pride. She is quite capable of getting involved with ‘her type of men’, who are artistic, creative, thinkers, philosophers and writers.

I have discerned that Gemini women eventually settle with passive men. Since you already know by now that she is full of variety and excellent at multi-tasking, it’s also important to know that she is very passionate and can get crazy and kinky (again depending on her mood and age). While she is capable of doing all this, she does expect her man to be equally passionate, full of variety and surprises to keep her passion going.

Are there more attributes to her persona?
Oh yes! She has many facets to her personality. You will find a Gemini woman restless and cranky only if she has unfinished business, otherwise she is quite composed. You may also find her confused and indecisive at times, but mostly she is quite clear about what she wants.

A Gemini woman is more sensitive than sentimental, unless it concerns her immediate family or a loved one. But under certain odd situations you will find her being attached to small things like a gift from an old friend.

She is a woman full of feminine charms. Although Gemini women portray a strong exterior, they are all femininity inside. They would always show that they don’t break down easily and usually they don’t. But they are not bereft of feminine weaknesses. Also as and when situation demands they can use their femininity to their advantage.

What is her attitude towards commitment in a relationship?
A Gemini woman is typically an independent thinker and has a mind of her own. Once again being curious by nature and having got answers to most questions early in life, she is quite aware of what she wants from an early age… sometimes as early as 16 or 17. so if you are planning on dating or wooing a Gemini girl, you have a daunting task ahead.

But here’s help. I know the secret to a Gemini woman’s heart and I’m letting it out right here… to win the irresistible heart of a Gemini female let your guard down and be absolutely unpretentious. She hates pretense of any kind and is smart enough to see through any games you try to play with her. So just be yourself and show your love and she will be ready to be wooed. But also remember she is a woman, albeit an intelligent one. And just like any other woman would like her man to be a man… not a spineless junkie.

How is a Gemini woman at work/career?

I have observed 6 out of every 10 Gemini women to be part of the media industry be it TV or print. Her need to be in this industry very likely comes from her inherent curiosity to know things. Being in professions like news reporting, content writing and research and development, satiates her quest for knowledge and allows her to constantly be in a creative environ.

It would be needless to add here that her ability to prioritize her work and multi task makes her a very competitive worker. She is also not shy of hard work and will put in as much effort as is required to achieve her goals.

How is she on the following aspects?

Appearance: Don’t let her dressing style fool you. A Gemini woman is driven by her mood swings and will dress up accordingly. One amusing observation I have made is that she is one of the three women who love to use men’s cologne if given a choice…the other two being Scorpio and Capricorn. And believe me this is the only touch of masculinity you will find in her!

They love keeping pace with new trends in fashion and accessories. They also love gadgets.

Ambition: Extremely ambitious, this lady is raring to go. But what actually drives a Gemini woman is the search for inner satisfaction rather than money. That doesn’t mean money is not important as she aspires for the best things in life, but to her satisfaction in what she is doing is of utmost important.

A Gemini woman is exceedingly committed towards her work but is likely to get saturated if she remains in an industry or profession for too long. Since she pursues satisfaction, she can move on to another terrain to get the kind of growth she wants. Her need to innovate and be creative can drive her to either affiliated industry or to a totally contrasting field of work.

Her greatest strength lies in the 100 per cent effort she puts in to adapt herself to her new work profile, developing a sense of comfort or discomfort in the very early stages.

Compatibility quotient
Given her zest for life and quest for knowledge, dating a Gemini woman is fun. But is that enough to sustain a long-term relationship? It is quite a task to manage an over-committed Gemini and break through the myth of her ‘dual’ personality. Unless you are equipped with a good deal of common sense, getting along with the vivacious Gemini can be a hard bargain.

Gemini woman and…

Aries man: 10/10. Wow! And double wow! This relationship sizzles! The Gemini girl is the ideal match for an Arien guy. An Arien’s love for conversation is the answer to the Gemini curiosity, while the Gemini spirit is the answer to the Arien passion. Of course, the Aries man will have to balance his arrogance and ego around her and she will have to swallow her pride to put-up with his super blunt nature.

Taurus man: 8/10. With the right kind of adjustments, this combination can work out well. Once the Taurean learns to give the Gemini woman enough space, he will have a fun-loving and practical partner by his side and for life. In return, his steady nature would be a good anchor to her liveliness. He can be a dependable partner and can provide the emotional security she secretly yearns for.

Gemini man: 7/10. Since both share a love for good stimulating conversations, they might start-off on a pleasant note, but then they will have to make an effort to sustain the other’s curiosity. Once the course of conversation is run, they might grow weary of each other. This relationship requires more than ‘lip service’ to work in its favour.

Cancer man: 5/10. The free Gemini spirit might not be able to offer the Cancer man the love and security he needs, neither will she be able to give him undivided attention. His serious demeanour might put-off the vivacious Gemini mind. If this relationship is to work successfully, a lot of adjustments are required at both ends.

Leo man: 8/10. The sociable nature of both these individuals can be a key to the success of this relationship. With her around, their relation will never lack romance or passion and with him in charge, it will be full of good humour and generosity. The only hitch here being that they can end-up offending each other’s egos.

Virgo man: 8/10. With a bit of fine tuning, this relationship can go a long way. For starters, both have an understanding nature and an identical emotional quotient. The Virgo guy however will have to bridle his critical attitude, while the Gemini girl will have to keep her tactless tongue under control.

Libra man: 9/10. Another great combination! Both are sociable and party-lovers. There would be enough passion and romance in this relationship to keep the two going. The Libran wit and the Gemini liveliness would only add to the fervour. The only issue that could crop up is that they both love their independence and space.If they are in opposite zones and unable to connect, then it could mean trouble.

Scorpio man: 5/10. What might start off on a promising note is likely to meet with major roadblocks. The Scorpio man might get smitten by the Gemini passion and she by his persuasive charm, but in the long run he won’t be able to put up with her inconsistent nature. She will find it difficult to cope with his demanding and dominating nature, not to mention his possessive attitude.

Sagittarius man: 7/10: Both are on the same wavelength intellectually, but their emotions tend to be out of sync. Her flirtatiousness can make him feel insecure, while he is too undemonstrative to suit her taste. But if both are in love these differences can be overcome with some amount of hard work and this relationship could actually work.

Capricorn man: 5/10: This one can swing either way! If they both learn to appreciate each other’s good qualities, this relationship might work. Otherwise the Gemini’s modern outlook will not go down well with the conservative Capricorn man.

Aquarius man: 8/10: Since both share common traits like non-conformist behaviour, love for adventure and spontaneity, this relationship is likely to work in the long run. There would be understanding in both and each seeks change and variety in life.

Pisces man: 5/10: Not a very happening combination! The Gemini girl is way too pragmatic to suit the lifestyle of the dreamy Piscean. It is also a balancing act between her blunt tongue and his sensitive heart. This relationship calls for a lot of compromises.
Gemini women Celebrities/Personalities:

Angelina Jolie
Naomi Campbell
Nicole Kidman
Brooke Shields
Shilpa Shetty
Sonam kapoor

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Sun sign

Inspirational Motivational Quotes on Life Love