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All about Cancer Women

Cancer woman - 22 June - 23 July

I would like to introduce the Cancerian woman with 5 C’s : Crazy, creative, calculative, compassionate and confused. The Cancer woman displays signs of sudden mood swings. She can be happy as a lark one minute and down in the dumps the next… and each mood would be as genuine as the next governed largely by impulsive crazy or in an extreme case depressing thoughts. The Cancer girl nevertheless has soulful laughter and a good sense of humour. But her sensitivity is the hallmark of her personality traits…

There is a crab-like trait in her too. Innately shy and reserved, a Cancer woman would rarely make the first move… in love, business or any walk of life.  She needs an understanding partner to draw her out and help her emote well.

Even the most career oriented woman has her heart at home. A complete ‘home’ person, cooking and keeping her house in order constitute her favourite activities. She is a warm and affectionate person and likes to pamper her loved ones. You can trust her to bundle you off to bed with a hot chocolate on a cold night.

Extremely careful with her money, the Cancer girl likes nothing more than a fat bank balance and a protective man in her life. She has a thing for security, be it emotional or financial, which is a kind of obsession with her.

How can you identify a Cancer woman in a crowd?

This may sound funny but I have observed a good number of Cancer women to have an almond shaped face. Some of them deep pocket and small eyes. They are usually extroverts by nature. A Cancer woman is warm and friendly and in a crowd she is likely to be the most popular person on the scene.

Most women I have met or observed are extremely particular about their dressing. And coordinating their clothes with accessories like hand bags, belts and shoes is a must for Cancer women.

What are the general traits of her personality?

There are two types of Cancer women: 30% aggressive and 70% passive. The aggressive kind is extremely competitive and loud. She always wants to be on top of everything and can also be overly demanding and ambitious. Completely unpredictable by nature, some are found pursuing careers in the televison or film industry.

Cancer women are extremely blunt and forthright although none of them want to intentionally hurt others but their sharp tongues often end up hurting people’s feelings. The aggressive kind of Cancer women is usually an achiever and will relentlessly pursue what she sets her mind at. She is not shy to use her femininity to her advantage as and when situation demands.

The 70% passive kind of Cancer woman too is unpredictable and very moody. She is essentially a romantic at heart and could go to any end to get what she wants as far as romance is concerned. She is very emotional and sentimental as well as hyper sensitive, being with her can be a tight rope walk.

Is there more to her personality?

The ‘more’ in her personality is actually the ‘less’. What I mean is she has less of the unsightly traits that are prominent in women of other signs. For instance she isn’t bossy or outspoken or fickle or proud. She is your simple girl-next-door that has a thing for sentiments. A homely affectionate person, she yearns for emotional security. Once she gets that in her partner, she would stand by him at all times.

A Cancer woman can be very practical and is usually very graceful in getting her demands fulfilled. She can be patient yet watchful if it is something that she desires/fancies, in a situation of delay, she might let go of it. But if her heart is set on something she will make sure she gets it.

Cancer women can get hyper in any emotional situation, whether difficult or otherwise. They can scream, shout, hit and throw to get their emotions out. Mostly a Cancer woman will go on and on about it in her head, but it is all very subjective and depends on the gravity of the situation.

How is a Cancer woman when in love?

Love can bring the best out of this woman. The amazing feel and sense of pride of true love gets reflected on her face and you would instantly know how deeply she cherishes it. Although in her usual way, she would be reserved about her feelings, yet the frequent happy moods that she finds herself in would be instant giveaways.

While in love, she would literally lay her heart out for her lover. Nothing about her is shallow or casual hence she would not only take her love affair very seriously, but also walk the extra mile to make it happening.

A Cancer woman is quite romantic in the conventional sense of the term and once you get used to her hyper sensitivity, your love journey with her would be a pleasant one. She will shower you with gifts and praises, cook your favourite food and take care of you very much like your mother. Her love is for keeps and she will never give you a chance to get suspicious or jealous. Her actions, gestures and words will all proclaim her love for you… and mean it too.

While dating her, you should…

…be chivalrous. The Cancer girl is romantic, albeit in a very traditional sense. She would expect her date to be gentlemanly and courteous, if not the actual knight in shining armour.

Like I had mentioned before, you should be careful with your words while dating her as she is hyper sensitive. Her emotional quotient is also rather high, so it is advisable to plunge into a relationship with her only if you are thinking of long term bonding. A short fling or a passing affair is a term unknown to the true Cancerian unless she is looking for it to get over a break up or just looking for fun... A few dates down, you will have to either go ahead or back off. The Cancer girl can get emotionally involved pretty quickly and pulling off after a few dates might be a difficult thing to do.

Take her to a restaurant with excellent food and beautiful ambience. Nothing will evoke the romantic in her as music, milieu and cuisine. Draw her out of her shell and let her talk. Once she is in the comfort zone with you, she will fill your heart with warmth and the room with her tinkling laughter. She can talk eloquently when she chooses too, so give her space and time to open up and you will be spending your date with the most wonderful companion.

How is she on the following aspects?

Appearance: Women of this zodiac sign usually have an oval (almond shape) face, with a pleasant smile adorning it. They are naturally drawn into keeping themselves well groomed

They are usually obsessed with their appearance and would indulge in splurging on clothes, shoes and other accessories to get that‘perfect’ look.   
Ambition: Most Cancer women are ambitious. They yearn to be independent but are yet not shy to be dependent. By which I mean she could be comfortable being a home maker given the right kind of respect and sense of independence and control at home. In short, she has to be in charge of everything.

Ego/Self-respect: Quick to react to people and situations, the Cancer woman scores high on ego and self-respect. Though she won’t pick a fight with anyone unless pushed beyond endurance, once riled up, her ego won’t allow her to give in easily. Her typical Cancerian trait of opining with her practical bent of mind doesn’t always go down well with people around her. Yet, she would defend her stand tooth and nail, taking it as an attack on her ego and self-respect.

Although most Cancer women will not accept it, they do have a big ego. A Cancer woman is unable to take any form of criticism and would take shelter under being hypersensitive and would rarely accept she is wrong, even if she is. Since she is vulnerable to criticism and it can blow her lid off…it’s better to avoid it.

Compatibility quotient

Dealing with sensitivity and putting-up with nagging or coming back from work to a warm, glowing home and a dining table full of wonderful aroma…which one’s for you? I know everyone would jump at the latter, but dear reader you will get both sides of the bargain when you date or marry a Cancerian girl. Find out who amongst the zodiac is best suited to the emotionally charged Cancerian.

Cancer woman and…

Aries man: 6/10. This relationship can work well if both are able to keep certain personality traits under check. The Aries man will not like being constantly pampered or treated like a child, while the Cancer woman is not capable of standing the blunt and straightforward words of the Arien.

Taurus man: 9/10. This combination can hit the bull’s eye. He has the ability to love and care for her and most importantly give her the security she craves for. On the other hand, she is the perfect mate for him as she can cook well and keep a good house for him…things that are important to the Taurean as well.

Gemini man: 9/10. The Gemini with his usual panache can do wonders to this relationship. He has the vivacity to attract and draw the reclusive Cancer out of her shell, while she has the feminine charm to impress his manly heart. The Cancerian however will have to keep her hypersensitivity under check.

Cancer man: 8/10. The success of this relationship will largely depend on the emotional security that both the crabs have. If one of them is able to take stock of the emotional balance, this bonding can go a long way. Moreover, both will have to keep their mood swings under control.

Leo man: 9/10. This relationship is a perfect blend of loyalty and love. Since the Cancerian will remain committed towards the Leo, he would be more than happy in her company. Moreover she would let him be in charge and load him with motherly care and attention, something the Leo guy won’t be able to resist.

Virgo man: 9/10. Another relationship that can stand the test of time! Both are equally romantic as well as dependable and sincere. Although the Virgo lacks interest on the home front, the Cancerian has enough culinary talent to make him stay back with her at home.

Libra man: 6/10. This combination can swing either way. If both show understanding of each other’s basic needs, this relationship can work out better. The Libran will have to go slow on his intellectual trips while the Cancerian will have to learn to be less emotionally dependant.

Scorpio man: 8/10. She is romantic and he is passionate. He is masculine and she is feminine. And both are almost faithful and sincere. This relationship has the potential of going a long way.

Sagittarius man: 4/10: The Sagittarian outspokenness may not go down too well with the Cancerian sensitivity. After the initial attraction, things might get a bit difficult as he will dislike being tied down and she will object to his flirtatious ways.

Capricorn man: 7/10: A difficult yet not impossible combination! The Cancerian for once will have to make the first move and draw the Capricorn out of his reserve. The Capricorn on the other hand will have to adjust to the excessive emotional demands of the Cancerian.

Aquarius man: 5/10: This is a case of opposites and although opposites attract they are not necessarily compatible. She would interpret his freedom as negligence while he would think her emotional bonding as excessive neediness. It can be a clash between emotion and intellect.

Pisces man: 9.5/10: This combination is near perfect. His imaginative mind is a true match to her feminine heart. He will shower her with love, affection and care and give her the support and security she needs. The Cancerian can make her world revolve around the Piscean—believe in his dreams, be supportive and make him feel ‘he’s the only one’.

Famous Cancer women celebrities/personalities:

Princess Diana
Pamela Anderson
Meryl Streep
Priyanka Chopra

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Sun sign

All About Leo Women

All About Leo Woman

Leo personality
Leo woman - July 24 - August 23
This article will show you the detailed personality of a Leo Woman

What’s the most striking characteristic of a lioness? She’s a born hunter. Graceful, athletic and stunning to look at, the lioness has a beauty of a different genre. There is a stark difference between the majesty of a lion and that of a lioness. The lion loves to laze while his counterpart is always on the alert… sharp golden eyes glittering in the dark, on the lookout for a prey.

Now liken this description with a Leo woman.  A Leo woman is charming, graceful and very often good looking. And the hunter spirit? Although outwardly composed, the innate aggression lurks very near the surface. The Leo woman can match the ferociousness of any lioness with her passion.

An odd mix of pride and friendliness, loyalty and coyness and passion and compassion, the Leo girl is the one craving for spotlight. Known to making ‘bang-on’ appearances, the lioness in a human garb is hard to miss.

All About Leo Women
How to identify a Leo woman in a crowd?

With Leo women, the aggressive and passive categories are in 80 to 20 ratio. But both types are extremely assertive and love having their way with things. While dealing with someone they would give in or be submissive only if they are deeply in love with that person or have great respect for him.

It is not difficult to spot a Leo woman in a crowd. Apart from her facial features a Leo woman will possess unmatched style and panache. You are also likely to see her talking endlessly, mostly about herself. While in a group of people, she will be the principal talker and the conversation will usually revolve around herself.

All About Leo Women
What are the general traits of her personality?

A Leo woman is materialistic hence she will not be satisfied with ordinary living. She will of course make do if situation demands but her eyes will be set on a glitzy lifestyle.

While describing her behaviour in a crowd, I have mentioned that  a Leo woman likes to talk and is also an attention seeker. But I would like to add here that a Leo woman is not a senseless talker and definitely not a chatterbox. In spite of being outspoken and straightforward (read blunt), unless A Leo woman is very comfortable with people around her, a Leo girl can be quite reserved.

I have observed that A Leo woman reserve arises from firstly her ego and secondly her need to be at ease and in command of the situation and people at hand. Her ego often stops her from breaking the ice, while  a Leo woman can also be reticent to open up until she has reached a stage of compatibility with people around her.

Don’t let  a Leo woman initial reticence fool you. This lady is anything but shy.  a Leo womanis only sizing up the situation and waiting to get into the comfort zone to open up.

I think I have harped enough about a Leo female’s desire for materialistic pleasures. Let me add here that to her every material comfort comes with a grandeur tag. Remember the lioness! Everything that she does… from clothes to home décor is done on a majestic scale. If you ask me she scores a ten on ten for getting the grand effect and if her bank balance permits her opulence would know no bounds.
All About Leo Women
What is her approach towards life?

Here is one lady who is emotional and sentimental and ergo sensitive too… and given all this knows the shortcomings of her nature. Dreamy and idealistic, Leo girls are not very realistic. Being emotional they are not very practical either. But they sure know how to lead and have an innate talent of forging ahead and making way for others to follow.
All About Leo Women

All About Leo Women
How to effectively deal with a Leo woman?

What  a Leo woman looks for in her man is a ‘gentleman’. A Leo woman lays great stress on social etiquettes, graceful manners and a caring attitude. Naturally she wants her man to have all these attributes. Further, she also wants someone who is aggressive enough to dominate her… although not overtly. To effectively deal with a Leo woman, one needs to have a good idea of social decorum, an outspoken and honest nature and the right dose of flattery. Flattery, my dear friends, is the key to this lady’s heart!

One of the most distinguishing characteristic that Leo women possess and one which helps others to tackle her sensibly is a certain amount of humility that she has in her. Due to this she is able to understand and accept healthy criticism. This is also because she is able to distinguish between a well-wisher and a casual friend.

All About Leo Women
What are the key features of her personality?

A Leo woman is materialistic hence she will not be satisfied with ordinary living. She will of course make do if the situation demands but her eyes will be set on a glitzy lifestyle.

While describing her behaviour in a crowd, I have mentioned that she likes to talk and is also an attention seeker. But I would like to add here that she is not a senseless talker and definitely not a chin wagger. In spite of being outspoken and straightforward (read blunt), unless  a Leo woman is very comfortable with people around her, a Leo girl can be quite reserved.

I have observed that her reserve arises from firstly her egoand secondly her need to be at ease and in command of the situation and peopleat hand. Her ego often stops her from breaking the ice, while she can also bereticent to open up until she has reached a stage of compatibility with peoplearound her.

All About Leo Women
While courting her you need to…

Match her standards for starters! She expects gentlemanly behaviour from you so don’t think she will be impressed with your cowboy acts and rugged looks alone.

A Leo woman will come across as polished, stately and gracious and she is all that without doubt. But that doesn’t mean she lacks depth. Her stateliness is not skin deep, it penetrates her mind and thought process as well. She is an intelligent woman and needs a man who understands her.

 A Leo woman is always high on passion and energy (another typical fire sign trait) therefore she needs a ‘cool’ person to balance her. More than dominating she wants her partner who knows how to restrain her.

All About Leo Women
Compatibility quotient:

How to be compatible with a Leo woman? Be the ringmaster or play into her hands? You got to have the passion to match her fervour and the mental stability to be her anchor. While a relationship with her might start off on a ‘fun’ note, it would take a lot more to make it last in the long term. Let’s see how compatible the Leo girl is with men on the zodiac.

Leo woman and…

Aries man: 6/10. These two can set the house on fire! Both are passionate, fiery and adventurous. While their mutual interests can strike the right cord, too much of similarity can be a hindrance, also since both have an unruly tongue and can be extremly stubborn creating stalemate situations quite often. If she finds a passive Aries man she can dominate or if the passive Leo woman finds the aggressive Aries man, things could work out well. I strongly feel in the long run for fire signs opposites attract and stick.

Taurus man: 7/10. This combination can work wonders only if both are able to tweak their personality traits a bit. He will have to be more understanding of her extrovert nature and she will have to be patient with his dominating attitude. But more often than not Leo women are seen drawn towards taurus men for their charm.

Gemini man: 8/10. The Gemini is knowledgeable and good at conversation, which the Leo girl will love while she is beautiful, intelligent and witty… something that he would appreciate. Once he learns to concentrate all his attention on her, rather than other women, this can be a great relationship.

Cancer man: 8/10. The Leo girl can give the Cancerian love, care and loyalty but she would need to understand his hyper-sensitive nature and control her tongue accordingly. As long as the Cancer man knows how to give her the space she needs, this can be a rocking relationship.

Leo man: 6/10. This combination can go either ways. Both will have to understand that there is only one spotlight and at a time it can be turned on only one of them. If one of them learns to take the backseat, this relationship between the lions can work well.

Virgo man: 4/10. What might kick-start well, may not last in the long run. The Virgo man doesn’t have the answer to the Leo girl’s constant need for attention. Moreover, she is not submissive enough to suit his needs.

Libra man: 8/10. Again a wonderful match! There will be romance, dance and much more in this relationship. The Leo girl will appreciate the Libran creativity and consistency, while in return the Libran would shower her with attention and care. As an add on, both are expressive about their emotions… something that would keep both quite satisfied.

Scorpio man: 5/10. Here the passions can go astray. This relationship would require anger management on a large scale. Moreover, she can get frivolous at times and he can leave her dissatisfied with his constrained love. Bossiness and impatience in both can also lead to strife. But the right amount of adjustments could make this work really well.

Sagittarius man: 7/10: Fun loving, cheerful and adventurous is the best way to describe this relationship. The Sagittarian however will have to learn to curb his flirtatiousness otherwise the lioness can get hurt. Romance and chemistry between these two is likely to last in the long run.

Capricorn man: 6/10: If they learn to make their disparity work for them, this can be a good combination. He should get used to her socializing and outgoing nature and she should get along with is sedentary lifestyle. But on the bright side, he would appreciate her determination and will power, while she would love his dependability.

Aquarius man: 6/10: With a few tactful moves this relationship can be made to work wonderfully. The Leo girl will have to make the Aquarian feel committed yet not tied down. On the other hand, he should give her ample of warmth and care. With more understanding this combination can go places and there will never be a dull moment in this relationship.

Pisces man: 7/10: This relationship can work on the basis of ‘opposites attract’. He is bound to his self and lives in his own world, while she is a worldly person and loves to socialize. With true love and diligence, they can make this relationship work and they definitely have romance and passion to help them.
All About Leo Women

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