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7 Simple Ways To Help The Earth

1. Reducing consumption is the ultimate investment in a more beautiful future. The simplest actions, such as turning off unnecessary lamps, or not purchasing products with excessive packaging, can make a profound impact.

2. Recycling is a gift to the earth, but the process isn't always clear. If your area doesn't support a community recycling program, lobby for one. Local markets may offer bottle and can recycling, particularly in states that offer incentives in the form of deposit returns. Every effort, even when small, is valuable.

3. Sustain nature. Planting a tree, a shrub, or vegetable garden, or simply nurturing a potted plant results in the blessing of pure oxygen. The National Wildlife Federation encourages people to conserve in their own backyards by creating a natural backyard habitat that is home to wild animals as well as plants. You can even have your own garden certified as a backyard habitat.

4. The average amount of waste created by one person in one day can be measured in pounds. Organic waste such as landscaping clippings, fruit and vegetable rinds, and egg shells can be used to create a compost pile of natural fertilizer. If your neighborhood contains multiple gardens, you may be able to institute a composting program.

5. Don't be drawn in by the siren song of throwaway consumerism. Disposable products not only clutter landfills, but also end up on streets, in waterways, and on beaches. Reusable items are more durable than their disposable counterparts, and often more elegant. Compare a lovely fountain pen versus a ballpoint pen.

6. Develop your own ritual of thanking the earth. Perhaps every full moon or with the change of seasons do something special to honor her.

7. The earth is our lifeblood and there are many gestures of respect that we, in gratitude, can offer. Spread the word. Take the time to not only appreciate the multifaceted wonders of nature, but also to tell others that, with awareness and effort, those wonders will be waiting for the eager eyes of generations to come.

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