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All About Aquarius Women

Aquarius woman – 20 January – 19 February
Pop goes the bottle cork and out springs bubbly, silvery streams of champagne. That’s pretty much how an Aquarius woman makes her entry into a room. Full of life and bursting with energy, she infuses everyone around with her electric presence.

She is peppy and full of laughter. And one thing you can’t help but notice is her incessant chatter. How this woman loves to talk! There’s never a dull moment when she’s around as she is constantly hopping from one topic to another… giving her opinions and passing judgments.

Aquarius women are by far the most forward looking tribe. They have a modern mindset and believe in living life with a meaningful purpose. The Aquarian girl has the ability to dream big and realize those dreams as well. Its game, set and match for this lady all the way!

How can you identify an Aquarius woman in a crowd?
An Aquarian woman is quite easy to spot. She is extremely chirpy and full of life. You will usually find her talking at the speed of lightening. She is capable of fitting more words in one breath than any other woman. She is always buzzing with energy and you are likely to see her involved in animated conversations and debates… speaking her mind, proving her point. Feminist to the core, she is a true original!

What are her general personality traits?

I have found Aquarian women to be very unpredictable. They follow their own train of thoughts and seem preoccupied most of the time. These thoughts are responsible for their volatile nature as they mentally jump from one idea to the next in split seconds.

An Aquarian female has her own set of rules, which she holds sacred. Not that she won’t allow you to have your own too, but any infringement on her way of living will not be taken in a good spirit. Her feminism and need for independence makes her crave for space more than any other woman. Give her ample of space to be herself and expect the same from her.

She is highly opinionated and will hold her own no matter what. So if you are trying to impose your ideas upon her, think again. She is not the one to change her views under compulsion.

An Aquarian female is a woman full of purpose. You will see her championing social causes and lending support to the less privileged. But whatever she does is done with complete conviction and sincerity.

Most forward looking woman of all zodiac signs, an Aquarian expects the very best from future. She is optimistic and idealistic to a great extent and is very capable of dealing with social matters in the most graceful manner.

What to expect from her on the following points:
Appearance wise Aquarius women fall into two categories. The first category is of those who sport a tom boyish look, from clothes to hairdos. This amounts to about 30-40% of them. While the rest are very dressy, detailed and extremely fashion conscious… a true emblem of femininity. Their dressing style is non-conventional and non-conformist in every sense. Their daring attitude is evident in the way they dress up and carry themselves.

An Aquarian female is ambitious in two distinct ways: she is an achiever at heart and also craves for independence. So when she sets upon scaling the ambition ladder it is to reach the top position as well as to attain complete freedom.

What does she want from life?

She is definitely not the one to go for mediocre living. She has keen interest in clothes, perfumes and all things nice. These comforts are necessary to make her life complete and comes out of her feminine stance. Since most of Aquarian women are feminists, they are less dependent on family/spouse and are capable of attaining the life they desire all by themselves.

What are the finer traits of her personality?
The gift of gab that she possesses in abundance is actually her weak point. She uses her blabber power to cover up for lack of confidence or knowledge. She will spin instant yarns and talk nonsense with immense confidence to gloss over her ignorance.

Her need for independence also makes her self-centered. Her attitude takes an inward turn when it comes to proving her point or getting her way. I have often found Aquarian women making compromises or sacrifices to suit their ambitions and not bother about those around her.

Another highlight of my observations about Aquarian women is their intuitiveness. Here is a woman who is constantly delving about the future and what it holds for her. This persistent attention to what is likely to happen sharpens her intuition and you will find her coming up with many inspirational ideas.

How is an Aquarian woman in love?
An Aquarian woman can be extremely emotional and sensitive. She is almost childish in her behaviour and can be unforgiving on silly issues. But flowers, chocolates, gifts and lot of flattery can undo everything at a speed you never imagined.

Although she is emotional, she is a novice at expressing her emotions. If your love interest is an Aquarian woman, you may have to teach her to emote and show her love. Don’t take her lack of expression as stiff necked pride. It’s not that at all. She simply finds it difficult to put her heart out and express her love in words. She is the kind of person who will easily dismiss romantic ideas like holding hands and gazing into each other’s eyes as silly. But at the same time she will walk the extra mile just to be with you… for instance cut short her meeting to keep her date with you. This is the kind of faith she has in love.

An Aquarian female is straightforward and doesn’t believe in mincing words. So if she walks up to you and says it’s over… then it is ‘over’. When in love she means every word she says… and this remains true of her even when she falls out of love too.

How does an Aquarius woman score on the following aspects?

Usually Aquarian women get over their initial cynicism as they mature. With age they tend to grow more level headed and look at things from a clearer perspective. Although there still would be moments of fits and tantrums, they are usually about things she must have or do and is not able to have or do.

Extremely suspicious, an Aquarian woman is quite insecure at heart. She will question and cross question you till her curiosity and suspicion abates, but that is no indication that she has entirely let go of her doubts. Naturally the next step from suspicion is jealousy. Here again her insecurity clouds her perception.However, I have come across a beautiful exception here. In case of Aquarian women who are good looking and confident about themselves, they are not bothered about these petty emotions.

Dishonesty/Infidelity: Dishonesty will not take her completely by surprise. Sometimes she almost senses it round the corner. However with infidelity it’s a different ball game altogether. She takes this subject very seriously, given her strong feminist leanings. But very conveniently she reserves the right to be occasionally naughty for herself. However, I would like to clarify one thing…an Aquarian girl will never be purposefully indiscreet, nor will she indulge in acts of infidelity without strong reasons. And even if she lands up in a compromising situation like an extramarital affair, it won’t last long. Majority of Aquarian women are highly principled and will not try anything that might bring them social disgrace.

Compatibility quotient

Compatibility with an Aquarian girl is more than just matching her zing factor. To be her partner, you have to understand her need for independence and her deep rooted stand on feminism. However complicated she may appear, the mathematics of her life is quite simple…the man who wins her heart takes her home. Let’s find out what is the compatibility quotient she shares with males of different signs in the zodiac.

Aquarius woman and…

Aries man: 7/10. For once the Aries man will have to let go of his position as the ‘manager’ of things. The Aquarius girl will know exactly how to deal with the fiery Arian. She would know how to manage his anger and ego, while he would be delighted to infuse passion in this relationship. Her independent streak is likely to floor him completely.

Taurus man: 6/10. This relationship is likely to start off well but soon after a ‘war of wills’ will be unavoidable. Add to that the disharmony between the conservative Taurean’s view and the radical Aquarian’s beliefs, and there will be constant discontent.

Gemini man: 9/10. An instant hit! The adventurous Gemini is a true match for the sociable Aquarian. Both value each other as friends and their relationship will grow from strength to strength…thanks to their love for freedom and good conversation.

Cancer man: 4/10. Long term compatibility has slim chances of existing in this relationship. The Aquarian woman lacks the depth and heart-warming love that a Cancer man craves for.

Leo man: 5/10. A difficult yet not impossible match. Both will have to make sincere efforts to make this relationship work. In short, the Leo man will have to think a little less about himself and more about her, while the Aquarian woman will have to think a little less about the world and more about him.

Virgo man: 6/10. Once they know how to balance their outlook towards life, they can hit it off quite well. Since they have very little in common, they have to prepare a meeting ground for themselves. However, they do match up with each other on the ambition front.

Libra man: 9.5/10. A brilliant match! Their relationship will make a great start with good amounts of love and friendship. He is intellectual enough to appeal to her and she is spontaneous enough to suit him. This relationship is likely to be comfortable for both.

Scorpio man: 6/10. The Aquarian girl will find it difficult to take his bossy attitude and the Scorpio man will not find it easy to accept her outgoing ways. He is way too possessive for her comfort and this relationship is definitely not going to be an easy one for either of them.

Sagittarius man: 9/10. An excellent pair. The Sagittarian man and Aquarian woman share an unmatched understanding of each other. He is creative and she is intelligent and both are good at conversing.

Capricorn man: 4/10 This match will demand too many compromises on both ends. If he tries to dominate her too much, there may be a tug-of-war between them over authority and freedom.

Aquarius man: 8/10: Great chemistry! Since both share a lot in common, it is a match that can be an instant hit. But both will have to learn to curb their frivolous nature. Their independent outlook will help them forge a comfortable relationship.

Pisces man: 4/10: They have too many opposite traits to reach a common ground. He is too emotionally dependent, while she desires absolute freedom. He seeks a warm and understanding partner, while she is too involved with her social activities to be with him 24x7.

Famous Aquarian women:
Jennifer Aniston
Preity Zinta

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