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All About Capricorn Man you wanted to know

Capricorn Man - December 22 - January 19

Remember the most popular guy in school? How he used to woo your best friend, who happened to be the most attractive girl in class? Let me tell you something… that girl got tired of him soon as he spoke only about himself.  But it was no loss for him as he was seeking out the next pretty face the very next day. A Capricorn guy through and through!

A typical Capricorn male will be charming and ebullient yet he would be intense to the core and often somber. And then there’s this incorrigible habit of covering up all his feelings. He will continuously make and break your impression of him. Now go figure out this man!

How to identify a Capricorn man in a crowd?
Loud, flamboyant, centre of attraction and oodles of charm… that’s the briefest description you can get of a Capricorn man. This is how you can identify him too. He travels in flashy cars, stands surrounded by people (usually women) and is the chief talker of the group. While his words will be directed at one, his eyes will be making out with another woman.

Although a womanizer, he is a light hearted one and a gentleman at that. He will captivate both men and women with his suaveness and charm rather than force. If you observe closely, you will find him talking mostly about himself… with topics ranging from his latest car to his last girlfriend.

What are his general personality traits?
The most noticeable thing about a Capricorn man according to me is his attention seeking nature. No matter where he is… with a small group of friends or at a party, he likes to be noticed. He makes sure when he arrives at a social event then ‘he has arrived’.

There is also much of a brag in a Capricorn male. He likes to talk explicitly about his achievements and successes. Don’t mistake this for low self esteem. This man has confidence by the ton but bragging is his way of playing the power game.

But whatever he talks and how much ever he may brag… a Capricorn man is a crowd puller. He has the quality to attract admirers and listeners by the horde. He is great at entertainment but all the fun comes at a cost. If you want to enjoy his company, you should be prepared to bear his mood swings. When friendly, he will be one of the ‘most charming’ beings and the funniest of men. But when in a black mood, he can kill with his sarcasm and slay with his anger.

What are the finer attributes of a Capricorn man’s personality?

A Capricorn man although captivating and fun to be with can turn into a turtle and pull up the hardest of shells to shun the world. It isn’t easy to get up and close with this guy. He likes being sociable, will behave in a gentlemanly way and will also show a degree of chivalry, but when it comes to looking into his eyes right up to his heart, he reserves this privilege for a select few.

He lives in a cocoon to which very few people have access. This makes him a man of the world, who’s true worth only a handful understand. And I find this to be his most peculiar trait. Lest I am blamed for being contradictory, let me explain. A Capricorn guy is funny, charming and good at conversation. He likes to talk and connect with people. At the same time he isn’t someone whom you can describe as a people’s person. There is a thin yet rather strong veil between him and those around him… a veil which he wants to keep for his true self to remain hidden.

What does he want from life?

Hmmm… it would be incorrect to say everything. This man has desires that go beyond everything. The word ‘enough’ does not exist in his lexicon. Be it success, material comforts, love or happiness… he wants more of it all. His ambition drives him from one milestone to the next. He ‘must’ have the best of everything life has to offer and he will stop at nothing to achieve it.

How is he when in love?

A Capricorn guy is a romantic. There, now I have gone and trapped myself by making such a statement. It’s true he is a romantic but his definition of ‘romantic’ is slightly different from the rest of us. And that’s why I said I have trapped myself… because now I will have to delve into what makes him a romantic, albeit a different one.

You will hardly ever notice a Capricorn man in love. Not because he can’t be in love, but because he won’t show it. He will not shout from rooftops or pour his story into eager ears. On the contrary he will be very subtle and even shy in displaying his love. By the time he is mature enough to know what true love is, he has mastered the art of controlling his emotions. This makes him conceal his feelings and act unperturbed. But actually inside he is steaming with untold fantasies and bursting with energy.

While dating him you should…

…never forget his definition of romance. It saves trouble in the long run. He will take you to the best restaurants, buy you gifts, whisper sweet nothings and be very funny and amiable. But it is likely that this behaviour won’t continue beyond the courting period. I am not implying here that this guy is a fake. He’s not! He means every word and every gesture but he is too practical to continue this kind of behaviour once in a steady relationship.

It is for you to understand how things change as a relationship progresses and accept the transformation. He won’t actually give you any cause to complain as he will be a good companion to you, with his feet firmly rooted. Remember, his constant reality checks!

You will have to believe in him and his dreams if you wish to have a long term relationship with him.

How is he on thefollowing aspects?

Appearance: I have observed six out of every ten Capricorn men to have an oval face. They are usually very formally dressed in jackets and suits…replete with hats. They are the ones who can walk down a beach in a suit and still look extremely charming and never out of place.

Ambition: The Capricorn man is overambitious. He sets unachievable targets and goals for himself. Being extremely persuasive, he uses his charm to great advantage. The aggressive kind of Capricorn men are also very competitive so much so that they will stoop to any level to attain success. His personal ego makes him see a battle in every situation, one that he has to win at any cost.

Ego/Self-respect: The Capricorn male has tremendous ego, something that surpasses his already high level of self-respect, but you may or may not be able to spot it. If he is doing something, he will make it clear ‘he is doing it for you’, while actually he would be doing it for himself. He often uses his girlfriend or wife or family members as an excuse to get what he wants. As he has a rather big ego he cannot handle criticism well. When criticised he is likely to fight and argue to prove his point or simply give excuses to cover up for his mistakes.

Compatibility quotient
Compatibility is a much used term in behavioural study. A Capricorn male is undoubtedly popular for his flamboyant style and persona. But does that make him compatible in a long term relationship? Find out for yourself.
Capricorn man and…
Aries woman: 8/10. A workable combination but both will have to work a lot to make it a happy one. Expect lots of sparks. The Capricorn guy needs to be more expressive to meet up the vivacity of the Aries woman, or at least be able to put up with it. And she will have to make do with his usual reserved way of life.

Taurus woman: 8/10. An excellent match for both! The Taurus girl knows how to trust and love a man, while the Capricorn guy knows how to make a woman feel secure and comfortable. She also has the ability to make him relax in her company with her good humour.

Gemini woman: 5/10. Both will have to walk a long way to be on the same plane. It is impossible to rein-in the free spirit of a Gemini and the Capricorn guy will find this disconcerting.

Cancer woman: 7/10. Once the Capricorn guy is able to match the Cancer girl’s emotional quotient to some extent, this relationship can work out to be simply perfect. He needs to be more expressive of his feelings and more understanding of hers.

Leo woman: 8/10. A Leo woman has qualities that the Capricorn guy hates; for instance excessive socialising. While he is way too predictable to suit her fancy, I have given them an eight…he will love her for her determination and she will appreciate his dependability.

Virgo woman: 9/10. A great match for both! These two are quite compatible as they understand each other implicitly. Each can act as an anchor and a source of support for the other.

Libra woman: 5/10. Again a midway deal! While both love the nicer things in life, the level of extravagance in a Libra girl can be a little too much for the Capricorn guy to digest. Moreover, she is likely to get bored of his sombre nature sooner than later. But with compromises, this can be a workable relationship.

Scorpio woman: 9/10. The Scorpio girl is the Capricorn guy’s real dream girl. She has the right amount of vivacity to make him comfortable and she can win him over easily with her devotion and loyalty. He in turn will give her a strong shoulder to lean on.

Sagittarius woman: 4/10: Trouble is likely to brew between the two, after the courtship period. The essential differences in their personalities will make them take offence at the drop of a hat. Overall, a difficult relationship!

Capricorn woman: 7/10: This relationship can go a long way. Both are intense and dependable by nature, with the right amount of humour. But he will have to rein his hovering eye, while she will have to be a little less possessive. The only thing that can make this relationship work is effective communication.

Aquarius woman: 4/10: Both would require putting in extra efforts to make this alliance work. A Capricorn man may find the Aquarian free spirit and feminism a bit too much to take to.

Pisces woman: 9/10: Whoa! Now we’re talking! This is a woman the Capricorn guy will love since she will never try to dominate him. She can be completely feminine and dependant on him and he is capable of taking care of her fragile self (a role she enjoys playing even if that’s not her true self in some cases.) This relationship would be ideal.

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