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All About Capricorn Women

– December 22 to January 19

A cool breeze wrapping you up on a sunny day or a hot mug of coffee spreading warmth on a rain drenched evening… if you are familiar with these experiences, you would know what to expect from a Capricorn woman. She is warm, friendly, easy to be with and compassionate; the kind of person who instantly strikes you as ‘nice’.

A Capricorn woman is innately nice and warm which makes her friendliness genuine; there is nothing put on about her attitude. She makes it her business to keep everybody around her comfortable, albeit in a graceful way.

How to identify a Capricorn woman in a crowd?
A lively and bubbly woman gliding across gracefully, with a warm smile for everyone… this one’s got to be a Capricorn female. These women have the natural quality of standing out in a crowd with their liveliness and good humour without being over the top.

A Capricorn woman is always subtle, be it her words or behaviour. While deep in conversation, she will be totally absorbed and attentive towards the subject and will hardly notice the presence of a stranger in the crowd. But if she catches you staring at her, she is very likely to blush with self-consciousness… a blush that easily melts into a smile as she is artlessly friendly and approachable.

What are the finer traits of her personality?

A heart-winning quality that Capricorn women possess is simplicity. Beneath all kinds of outer facades lies a simple and non-materialistic heart. However, lack of materialism does not necessarily make her desire-less, on the contrary, she aspires to all things good and wants the best for herself and her loved ones. She is also a ‘quality’ over ‘quantity’ woman, so don’t be surprised if the Capricorn woman in your life prefers having a single pair of branded shoes rather than six non-tagged or average quality ones.

Capricorn women are high on emotions and can get high with emotions. But the strong practical front of their personality evens out the towering emotional quotient. Pragmatic in every approach towards life, a Capricorn woman is often engaged in thinking out the how’s and why’s of life’s many mysteries. Her practical nature helps her strike a balance and not go over-board with emotions.

What does she look for in a man?

It is strange yet true that the docile Capricorn woman gets turned on by aggressive and powerful men (in strength, attributes or attitude). I guess this is a case of opposite attracts!

She is often attracted towards tall muscular men (who exude power). This can be said to stem from her need to be protected. In a relationship, she desires protection and security. And brawn can easily represent all that. However, you don’t always get what you see and she is well aware of that.

How is a Capricorn woman when in love?

Given her intense devotion for her family, a Capricorn woman can turn drastically once she finds the love of her life. Once she falls in love, she does so blindly. For her love she will be ready to battle it out with her family – the very family that she adores.

Moreover, her love comes with no conditions attached. She will go to great lengths to attain her love. Falling in love is a calculated risk and she is ready to plunge into a commitment without bothering to confirm if it is all worth it. And if at all her instinct goes wrong, she has enough pride not to go back to her family or seek assistance from them.

How does she deal with her emotions?

Her face is a reflection of her emotions as she is not very good at hiding them. At times she comes across as emotionless and cold, but if one is able to penetrate this barrier, her emotions flow like music where there is no need for words. And a smile is enough to brighten her countenance.

A Capricorn woman has great inner strength; she is resilient and determined in her actions. At the same time she is not entirely emotionally independent. And this is one of her dark secrets. In spite of her pragmatism and belief in her independence, she needs the support of a man. She always gives her spouse or the man in her life ample of space. And although she likes to believe that she too requires this space, she actually wants her man to protect her always. She needs a strong shoulder to lean on and a protective cocoon to live in.

Is there something more to her persona?

She has a low battery life; her energy store is rather limited. She is too lazy to help herself but when it comes to others she will use the last ounce of her energy to help them especially family and loved ones. She does manage to recharge her batteries for things she likes to do though could be a late night movie or outing or to please her loved ones.

Capricorn women are known to grow younger with age. That is because the child in her is hiding just below the surface, playful and ever ready to spring into action. This child-like quality makes her as appealing to a three year old child as to a sixty year old. Being warm and friendly towards people of all age groups comes naturally to a Capricorn woman.

How is she on the following aspects?

Appearance: At first go you may find a dull and distant look in a Capricorn woman’s eyes. Her complexion too (50 per cent of them) is slightly pale and her demeanour cold. But that’s just the surface . . .a moment of familiarity and she will award you with the warmest smile, a glow in her eyes that sparkle and speak to you in the friendliest manner.  

A Capricorn woman is very impulsive in her dressing. She believes in creating her own fashion statement rather than blindly following trends and she usually succeeds in doing so. You will usually find her happy, no matter what the circumstance  She is also vivacious and animated in conversation. She belongs to that category of women who don’t require getting dolled up to get noticed.The warmth of her usual self is enough to attract people towards her.

Ego/Self-respect: She is high on self-respect. She believes in maintaining her self-esteem in any given situation. This may arise from her innate lack of confidence or her overly submissive nature. She clearly does not wish to indulge in any act that may further tone down her confidence level. But that is not to say she doesn’t have an ego. But usually she is rather careful of displaying it and often camouflages it by her show of self-respect.

But no matter how much she hides it…it manages to butt in. Usually in situations like quarrels and disagreements, she finds it difficult to patch up or apologize (especially as she has already put her foot in her mouth).

Compatibility quotient:

A Capricorn woman is friendly and easy to be with but that doesn’t make her compatible with all. When it comes to love and long-term relationship, one needs to understand the complete behavioural traits of two individuals. With a Capricorn woman on one side of the scales, let’s see who has the capacity to ‘weight’ it out on the other.

Capricorn woman and…

Aries man: 9/10. The Aries man is the kind of guy who can sweep women of their feet; add to that his chivalrous nature and fondness for grandeur which the Capricorn secretly likes, and she’ll gladly gives in. Her being naturally submissive and patient, can work in favour of this relationship. The Arien however will have to keep a check on his unruly temper and tongue. Other than that everything a Capricorn woman can dream of, from romance to passion, and what she wants her man to be or do is found in an Arien man. The Aries man would play the perfect Romeo to our Capricorn Juliet, with the fire burning bright throughout the course of this relationship.

Taurus man: 8/10. This relationship can be for keeps. Both are responsible and dependable and hence will be able to take care of each other. He is romantic and she is mature enough to effectively manage matters of the heart and home. Some Taurus men can be chauvinists and that could be a big no-no. But other than that love could blossom here.

Gemini man: 6/10. A difficult, yet not impossible match. He is too fond of his freedom to give her emotional need its due. He is also a lady charmer, which can leave her frustrated. She would need to accept his love for freedom and he would have to be patient with her to work this out. His diplomatic tricks are a turn-off for her as she looks for genuineness. Once he gives in and surrenders she can be cool about most things with him.

Cancer man: 6/10. Although it kick-starts as an intense affair, it is not likely to be fruitful in the long run. While each may find the other attractive, it is not necessarily a lasting impression. The major hitch here would be lack of communication. Also, a Cancerian man is a mix of conservative and liberal ideas which would leave her confused as she always seeks clarity and direction when making commitments.

Leo man: 6/10. Between a Capricorn girl and a Leo guy, understanding is the key. If they understand each other, their relationship will work. She may find his extravagance and attention hogging nature a little too much to take, while he may be impatient with her lack of expression.

Virgo man: 7/10.  A Virgo man might be the answer to a Capricorn girl’s need for security but that is if he knows how to share and also be graceful. While he will have to keep his flirting nature under strict check, her intense attitude will bring the best of his emotions to the forefront. However, he will have to make sure he gets his priorities in order and not take advantage of the cool Capricorn. She needs love and emotional security at all times!

Libra man: 7/10. This relationship can swing both ways. Both are too dissimilar for a long lasting relationship. He attracts too much female attention which she dislikes, and he is too disorganized which she can’t stand. But perhaps both can tweak their natures to suit each other and make a relationship possible. If he turns out to be a guy who is not just a dreamer but also an achiever/provider, she could find solace.

Scorpio man: 8/10. A Scorpio man can bring a Capricorn woman’s feelings out in the open, thanks to his vivacity, while she will make him feel secure with her devotion and loyalty. In a way, they complement each other wonderfully. On passion (not romance/love) front however the Capricorn woman will have to keep up with him for a lifetime which I am not very sure she is capable of.

Sagittarius man: 8/10: An amazing start and this relationship would be one helluva roller coaster ride. However, this duo can see a lot of problems once the initial courtship is over. A lot of compromises would be required to make this relationship a success. But his knowledge, philosophies and visionary nature do match her intellectual self.

Capricorn man: 7/10: Many of the stronger traits of both males and females under the Capricorn sign are common. That’s why this relationship can work wonders. However, both should learn to emote and express themselves. Only when they are communicative will they be able to reach out to each other. Otherwise, it would be one boring, romance-less relationship.

Aquarius man: 8/10: A relationship between these two will blossom like friendship. The easy and outgoing nature of an Aquarian can gel well with the steady and cautious Capricorn girl.

Pisces man: 8/10: The Piscean is intense, dreamy and spiritual and this concoction is just right to suit the tastes of a Capricorn girl. She is reliable, trusting and loyal, which makes her appealing to him. She has the capacity to believe in his dreams and with such support he is quite sure of fulfilling them. However he must not lose her along the path while pursuing his dreams as she could find herself lost and disheartened.

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