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All About Libra Man

Libra man - 24th September-22nd October
A Libra man is a man of the world. He has infinite charm and a friendly demeanour. Once you meet him, you are not likely to forget the casual chat you had with him for a long time. And chat with him you will, he has an irresistible attraction factor and you will be instantly drawn into his circle of influence.
But no amount of charm can help the Libran in making decisions. The scales of his sun sign will keep tipping every time he is faced with a decision-making situation. It is the urge to get the best in life and do ‘a thousand things’ in one go that propels him ahead.
Romantic and carefree, a Libran can as easily shrug responsibility as a cat shakes water off its fur.  His ability to connect with people on a social level makes him befriend many but he shares true friendship with few. Whichever relationship role he plays, he is fun to be with and extremely entertaining.
How can you identify a Libra man in a crowd?
In a group, gathering or party, it is easy to identify a Libra man. He is usually the one with a warm and friendly expression on his face and is popular amongst everyone. From an early age he usually has a calm and composed expression on his face which belies  the restless dynamo beneath. During his conversations or in his behaviour you will never be able spot the hurry or restlessness that he has to meet and greet other people. He would show deep interest in a conversation but upon seeing other friends may include them in the same. He has a natural way of networking, which very few sun signs possess.
There is no particular face type to describe a Libra man but it is the calmness of face and sharpness of eyes, combined with sincerity in speech and attitude that makes him friendly. Melting smile, hovering eyes constantly darting from one place to another—that’s a Libra man for you!
What are the key features of his personality?
A Libra male is a romantic at heart and he discovers romance at an early age. His source of inspiration lies not in romance novels or movies but his own nature. Charming and friendly, he connects easily with people. He also has impressive looks and good humour to match his skills. He likes the idea of falling in love and being in love, hence his mind is in a perpetual state of romance. But he also has a strong practical aspect to his personality so his romantic ideas are not baseless or in the air.
Another peculiar trait in a Libran is his concept of fair play. Although he is capable of playing practical jokes and doing crazy things that boys do when young, as he matures he understands the difference between fair and unfair. He can become a strong believer in justice and fair play. But somehow when it comes to his own cause, he would try and swing things his way.
What is his approach towards life?
How is he on the following aspects?
Appearance: Being adaptive and adventurous by nature, a Libra man is capable of switching from classic to casual and even funky…just to please his moods. For him it is important to have a wardrobe for all occasions, be it golf, tennis, mountain climbing, river rafting…of course that’s besides his regular office and party wear.
He would enjoy following fashion and trends but prefer to develop his own style in dressing, which distinguishes him from others.
Ambition: Nothing but the best will do for our man. A Libran male is ambitious and will work resolutely till he accomplishes what he sets his heart on. And to fulfill his dreams he is capable of working fourteen to sixteen hours a day too. But all his efforts must yield results and rewards. He hates it when his efforts go in vain.
All this doesn’t mean he is not capable of having fun. If given a choice, he would put in six-seven hours of work everyday and spend the rest of his time goofing around. This is chiefly because he wants to do so much inso little time. My Libran friends often laugh with me when I tell them that one lifetime is just not enough for them.
How is he when in love?
If a Libra man is a micro chip, then the only language he understands is love.
Love brings the best out of a Libra man. But the first step towards love is friendship. His natural flair to connect with people enables him to forge genuine friendship bond with men and women alike. With women friendships can lead to love, but not necessarily marriage. Given his knack for weighing the plus and minus of everything, he will not commit to anyone immediately.
But once you have his love, it is for keeps. Not one to back out on his commitment, he will put in every bit of effort to make a relationship work. And it is up to you to keep the romance alive in your relationship…for this guy is a real sucker for it!
Is there more to his persona?
Libra is represented by the sign of the scales and you will notice the balancing act becomes an important factor of a Libra male’s personality. He spends a good deal of time (a great deal actually!) in thinking, working out details and deciding about every minutest aspect of life. He finds it difficult to make up his mind…but the only person he would consult in times of confusion is himself. You will rarely find him being impulsive about anything and even if he is…it’s a calculated impulse. Ironic, isn’t it?
The funny part is his mental act of weighing the pros and cons of people and situations, which is quite evident in his unvarying eye movements which offer him the opportunity to scan the entire perimeter constantly.
Compatibility quotient:
Being compatible with the charming Libran is a fine balancing act. Getting along with him on friendly terms is easy but eking out a long-term relationship with him is a totally different ball game. If you succeed in understanding the pros and cons of his personality, it would be fairly easy to gel with him. And there is always his irresistible charm to egg you on.
Libra man and…
Aries woman: 7/10. These two can hit off pretty well. Once the Arien learns to deal patiently with the Libran indecisiveness, this relationship will be full of passion and of course romance.
Taurus woman: 7/10. With the right amount of hard work and understanding, this combination can work in the long run. The Libran will have to be more conscious of the Taurean’s need for security, while she will have to be less emotionally needy.
Gemini woman: 9.5/10. Ah! Looks like we got a perfect balance for our Libran man!   The Libran wit and the Gemini liveliness make a wonderful match. They suit each other perfectly and their passionate nature and love for socialising only adds to their compatibility.
Cancer woman: 6/10. This relationship can work only if both stress on understanding each other. The Cancerian’s high emotional needs might go unfulfilled if the Libran takes off on his intellectual trips. Hence both need to meet each other on common ground.
Leo woman: 8/10. Since both are expressive and outspoken this relationship will work wonderfully in the long run. There will be enough romance and excitement to keep the passion alive for long.
Virgo woman: 4/10. Opposite forces are at work here. The Virgo woman’s pessimism might frustrate the Libran while his indecisiveness will her run out of patience.
Libra woman: 7/10. Love for finer things in life will form the grounds for initial attraction between them. Being romantics and intellectuals, there would be enough camaraderie and conversation between the two, but their understanding should go beyond their innate charm to make this relationship a successful one.
Scorpio woman: 6/10. Compatibility will come only with compromise. The Scorpio woman will have to curb her possessiveness and understand the Libran’s need for freedom. 
Sagittarius woman: 8/10: Her spontaneity and extrovert nature will surely attract a typical Libran. Whatever differences they have can be cleared with communication and understanding. This relationship will also have lot of chemistry, thanks to Libran romance and Sagittarian passion.
Capricorn woman: 6/10: This one can go either way. His flirtatious nature and the constant feminine attention that he gets won’t go down well with her. She will also find it hard to comprehend his disorganised nature. Both will have to make adjustments in order to build a successful relationship.
Aquarius woman: 9/10: A bonanza for both! He will appreciate her spontaneity while she will be impressed with his intellectual bent of mind. It is likely to be a comfortable and fulfilling relationship for both.
Pisces woman: 6/10: Both will need to look beyond themselves to succeed in this relationship. Once the initial attraction wears out, they would need to have something more to hold them together. The Libran has to come to terms with the Piscean sensitivity while the Piscean has to realise and accept the fact that he has a life beyond home.
Libra mencelebrities/personalities:
Amitabh Bachchan
Bruce Springsteen
Michael Douglas
Jean-Claude Van Damme
A Libra male is realistic and practical in his approach to life. But he is also highly emotional and sentimental, which sometimes clouds his ability to think practically. There is something of a dreamer in him and he is also idealistic about life. The Libran is one man who wants to extract everything from life. Like I said before he wants to do everything, be everywhere, learn everything…and more. I have nicknamed a few of my Libran and Sagittarian male friends as walking-talking encyclopedias because of this quality of theirs. Libra males are capable of being both followers and leaders.

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