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All About Virgo Women

Virgo woman – August 24 – September 23

Are you attracted to that reserved, polite, politically-correct and emotionally disciplined Virgo woman? She appears reserved, but she can be quite a chatter box too. She is polite but if you hurt her ego, she can sting like a bee. And emotionally- disciplined? That’s a mere masquerade. She is as emotional as the next girl, but believes intensely in hiding her emotions. With a hint of lethargy and a tinge of Nosey Parker, the Virgo woman’s personality has almost all shades of the spectrum.

How to identify a Virgo woman in a crowd?

My estimate says 60% of Virgo women are aggressive and 40% are passive. It is not difficult to identify them in a crowd. Almost all of them like to talk a lot and speak at the speed of lightening, just like Aquarius women. When it comes to fitting maximum words in one breath Virgo women can give Aquarian females a run for their money. I have also noticed that Virgo women like to gossip and sometimes they seem to mind other people’s business more than their own.

Compared to their male counterpart they are quick at making friends and are usually very social. However, there are about 15% of Virgo women who are reserved and introverted.

While observing them, I realized that they are extremely sharp and very quick on the uptake. Depending on their mood they can be quite witty and funny too. They seem to have an uncanny way of matching the wavelength and thought process of a man, which makes them more compatible with men. Ergo Virgo women have a lot of male friends.

What to expect from her on the following points?

Appearance: The aggressive kind of Virgo woman is expressive and is capable of emoting and smiling with her eyes. Her eyes have a distinct quality of catching your attention with the multitude of emotions in there. The passive kind of Virgo woman is extremely warm and friendly and is also very caring about her friends and loved ones. However, both kinds have a subtle dressing sense… nothing loud works for them. You will usually find them dressed as occasion demands. They seem to be obssesed with shoes and handbags and now I know how so many stores survive.

Ambition: There is a wide chasm between the ambitious and the non-ambitious Virgo women. About 80% of them are ambitious while the rest 20% are sheer lazy.

Since we are discussing ambition here I would like to elaborate about the 80% category of ambitious Virgo women. Independent minded and determined, she is often seen having preferences for print or television media or the hospitality/airline industry. She is equally detailed and meticulous about her work and home chores.
What does she want from life?

I think the passive kind of Virgo woman can remain content with what life has offered her, but the aggressive kind in her own subtle way has an endless wish list.

An aggressive Virgo female is rarely satisfied with ordinary living and always aspire for a better lifestyle. This is purely my observation that she needs support in everything she does – at work, with emotions and in almost every walk of life. So in most cases she becomes dependent on others for her performance in whatever character she plays in life.

What is her approach to life?

A Virgo woman can undoubtedly be both realistic and practical but she is governed by her moods and the extent of her practicality largely depends on that. She is less emotional and sentimental but more sensitive. This could be another reason why she has more male friends. She is also dreamy and idealistic.

She finds it easier to follow than lead. Although she has a strong opinion about everything she is comfortable at following rather than leading. This could also be because of fear of failure, in which case she wouldn’t want to take the responsibility.

Is there something more to her persona?

Yes, there is! A Virgo woman is a stickler for punctuality. She cannot abide late comers and her patience runs low when she is waiting for someone. Although not short tempered, she can let her lid fly when her expectations are not met with… especially about things she cares. According to me, she would score an nine on ten for punctuality.

Her ambitious drive is well backed with a hard working spirit. Given her analytical mind, she knows that nothing can be achieved without sincere efforts. However, when it comes to work or relationship, she is quite conservative in her attitude and you may have a difficult time to get her to accept new ideas.

When dating a Virgo woman, you should…

…be her friend first! Getting a Virgo woman to date you isn’t an easy task. She seems hard to get as she lacks emotional expression. But if you are friends with her, it would be easy to break her self-imposed barricade.

A Virgo girl is conservative. She is a straightforward, traditional-minded girl and loves routine. Even if you take her to her favourite restaurant every day, she would be as pleased as punch.

She is a stickler for cleanliness. She likes people and things around her to be neat and tidy. Make sure you are well groomed while dating her. You may not be wearing the clothes that are in vogue, but as long as they are clean and well-ironed, she would be impressed. And here’s a tip—don’t wear a strong perfume. Virgo girls are sensitive to strong smells.

Be careful with your spending. The Virgo girl will appreciate that. She also loves Nature and nothing can win her heart like a serene Nature walk. But make sure you have a cozy armchair ready for her at the end of it all…she will welcome your gesture. Her satisfaction will be evident from the glow on her cheeks and the spark in her eyes.

How is she when in love?

Hmm… before I answer that one let me tell you what love is for a Virgo woman. There is only one definition of love for her… true, pure and exclusive. She will not tolerate passing affairs or insincere feelings. Once her heart is set on something, she will move with a determined gait to achieve it. But let not all this talk of determination and ambition make you think she is masculine. No ways! This one is a complete woman and a strong one at that.

While courting her you will have to keep a lot of things in mind. Firstly, etiquettes… this lady is a classic nit-picker when it comes to mannerisms and social behaviour. She will watch you with a hawk’s eye and will be satisfied only if you match up to her rather high standards of decorum. Secondly, underplay… she dislikes loud and brash behaviour, especially if it is about love. Public display of love is a big no-no with her. So keep it simple and subtle and of course genuine. And throw in plenty of charm and before long you will be humming the Jackson classic “The girl is mine…”

How is she in various relationship roles?

A Virgo woman can be extremely dependable and responsible as a daughter, provided she has had a happy childhood. She will remain devoted to her parents if she has been properly raised and looked after.

As a wife, she will excel in her duties as she takes her responsibilities very seriously. With a Virgo woman fora wife you will have no complaints about love and devotion. Moreover, she is also an excellent home maker. Since she likes to be in control she regards her home as her castle and does everything in her power to protect it. Also, being in charge at home she gets to do what she pleases. I have also found many Virgo women enjoying housekeeping duties and other related chores like cleaning,cooking, gardening, etc.

Being dedicated in every sense of the word, Virgo women prove themselves to be genuine friends. They usually wouldn’t have a huge circle of friends, but the ones that they do befriend…they’d hold them very close to their heart.

Compatibility quotient

With the emotionally-latent Virgo woman, compatibility can mean much more than mere getting along... it could mean interpreting untold feelings and unseen sentiments. Being compatible with a Virgo woman goes beyond understanding personality traits—it involves understanding her nature and needs as well. Let’s find out more!

Virgo woman and…

Aries man: 4/10. While contrasts may work well on canvas, it is not the case with this combination. The Arian will find the ‘preaching’ Virgo woman a little hard to deal with, while the dominating trait of the Arian might make her further repress her feelings.

Taurus man: 8/10. The Virgo girl is as feminine as the Taurean wants his partner to be. Both are well suited on an emotional level too. She will feel secure in his company and he would take delight in looking after her womanly needs.

Gemini man: 7/10. If both learn to adjust, this relationship can work beautifully. The Gemini man must take care not to provoke the green demon in the Virgo girl, while she should limit her criticising streak as he won’t appreciate it at all.

Cancer man: 9/10. A perfect romantic combination! The Virgo girl has the tact to draw the Cancerian out of his emotional shell. In return, he would give her the security and affection that she needs in a relationship.

Leo man: 6/10. This relationship demands too many compromises on both sides. While the homely Virgo woman would keep her kitchen and home spanking clean, the Leo man would hardly notice it, let alone appreciate her effort. On the other hand, known for his love for compliments, he won’t take criticism from her sportingly.

Virgo man: 5/10. This relationship can go completely right or completely wrong. With both Virgos being overly practical, there are chances of monotony setting in. Moreover, both can get too demanding of each other’s attention.

Libra man: 4/10. Not a very promising combination! The Libra man’s indecisive nature might make her go crazy, while the Virgo woman’s constant fault finding and pessimism can frustrate him to the extreme.

Scorpio man: 8/10. The Scorpio man’s emotional quotient can be well balanced with the Virgo woman’s pragmatism. He will be enthralled with her femininity, while she will be impressed with his ability to take the lead.

Sagittarius man: 4/10: Both are worlds apart! The Sagittarian is outgoing, adventurous and quite untamed, while the Virgo girl is homely and serious. Each may not be able to answer the other’s need for companionship. He would get bored of her predictable way of living, while she would find his adventurous enterprise too much to digest.

Capricorn man: 8/10: With effective communication, this relationship can go places. The Virgo woman would have to rein her critical nature and possessiveness, while he would have to control his flirtatious endeavours. But overall, both are compatible to a great extent.

Aquarius man: 6/10: After the initial attraction, both might find it difficult to manage this relationship. The vivacious Aquarian will be bored of the sedate Virgo girl. To make this relationship work, both will have to learn to count their blessings instead of finding faults with each other.

Pisces man: 6/10: Both have disparate yet not necessarily conflicting traits. This relationship can work if they make efforts to understand each other. 

Virgo womencelebrities/personalities:
Cameron Diaz
Gloria Estefan
Salma Hayek
Claudia Schiffer
Asha Bhonsle
Kareena Kapoor

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