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All about Aries Women

Aries woman: March 21 April 19

A shooting star leaving a trail of blaze on the inky blue sky… liken this scene with an Aries woman and you will know what a true fire sign is. Just like her male counterpart, an Aries woman shows sparks of vigour and strength of character. Although aggression figures in largely in her attitude, there are Aries women who are more placid too. But both the kinds are like a shining star, unrivaled in its glory and complete in its own radiance.

Extremely conscious of her self, the Aries female is fearless, strong and egocentric. To her the world revolves around her. What she does or thinks is of utmost importance… while others are neglected or sidelined in the bargain.

She takes the term ‘extreme’ to her heart. She loves in extremes, she hates in extremes and generally lives life on the extreme. If she loves you, you will be the core of her existence, but if she dislikes you… nah! There’s no word like dislike for her… its simple hatred. That’s what I call living life in black and white!

How to identify an Aries woman in a crowd?
With a body language that bespeaks boldness, the Aries girl will talk with authority and look at you in the eye with unabashed confidence. Not one to mince words, it is easy to spot her in a social setup as she will be the one most vocal with her opinions. She will give you her undivided attention… but only so long as your conversation interests her. the minute she finds it boring, she will start looking around with impatience.

Another give away of the Aries female is her ‘do-it-myself’ stance. She will rush to get her own drink, pull up her own chair and carry her own bags without much ado. But that’s not saying that she won’t expect men around her to behave in a gentlemanly fashion. It’s just that she is too independent to seek assistance, especially from men.

How is her appearance?

An Aries woman has sharp arresting features and a strong jaw line. You will usually see her making a statement with her attire. She is fond of dressing well and likes people to notice her style, but no flashy clothes will do for her, her sense of style is very subtle yet effective. With making a statement I don’t mean she will always be dressed to kill, but whatever she wears will have a certain swagger to it.
What are her most striking characteristics?

With the sensational election of Barack Obama as the President of USA, America’s first ever woman president doesn’t seem an impossible dream. And I am sure there are a lot many female Arians aspiring to step into the White House. With a persistent urge to lead and be numero uno in everything, an Aries woman comes with a natural knack of leadership.

She is full of energy and vitality, which also makes her restless. She is constantly on a lookout for new enterprises to utilize her energy. With never a moment to spare she is on a whirlwind mission to complete tasks within the standards she has set for herself. Her aspirations are always high and she usually lands up expecting as much out of others as she does from her own self.

Is there more to her personality?

Of course there is! I have come across Aries women that are highly focused on all fronts. At work they outshine others with their ambitious and competitive spirit. In the role of a home maker, you will find them competent at just about anything, from cleaning herself or overseeing/supervising the cleaning the house to cooking and from doing the dishes to taking care of the family and pets. She likes to be in CONTROL!

She also wants and yearns to be independent. Financial dependency leads to frustration in an Aries woman. She likes to do things her own way, including money matters. Apart from earning money, she is also enamored by the fame attached to a work well done. Like in everything else, she is an early bird at earning a living as well. Don’t be surprised if you see her doing odd jobs to earn those extra bucks.

What’s on her flip side?

Lots! The very traits that set her apart when taken to the extreme can turn darker. For instance, her aggression often borders on crudeness while her ambition can make her seem heartless. Her low grace quotient, which is a by-product of her ‘throw it in your face’ attitude, can make her an eyesore in company.

Once she flips her lid, it’s difficult for her to stop. Her verbal barrages can drive people away, leaving her with her foot in her mouth. She also finds it hard to take criticism. Criticizing her is a sure shot way of sending that lid up the roof!

How is she when in love?

Before we go further on this front, let me clarify that Aries women are extremely practical. Although they love the very concept of love, their approach is overruled with practicality. After she has covered the grounds for education and career, her next priority is to find a compatible companion. And this search is likely to begin very early in life.

Being experimental and flirtatious, she goes through learning curves as she matures to understand what she wants and what she doesn’t. Unlike the other two fire signs, an Aries woman can cleverly hide her desires and wants of material things. While she can stand by her companion through hardships and struggles, she would make sure she is not out wasting her time with a loser.

Romance is the core of her belief system. So much so that she is fully satisfied with the idea of a complete romance rather than the actual romance itself.

When dating her youshould…

… get used to her dominant nature. That’s a pre-requisite! She won’t leave anything to you or chance. She will supervise everything and a date with her will be a complete foolproof deal. A few meetings down the lane and she is likely to pop in before a date to check what clothes you are planning to wear to meet her.

The Aries woman likes to take the lead in everything, dating being no exception. Don’t be surprised if she asks you out first. Although she has a dominating persona, she isn’t masculine or tomboyish. You will find her feminine in many subtle ways.

She loves the thrill and adventure, not to mention the risk,of dangerous stuff. Dare her to a task and you will see the best in her. Since she likes challenges, it isn’t a bad idea to invite her to a friendly game of go-carting. Although with her strong competitive streak, no game is ever going to be friendly.

Compatibility quotient:

They say one must fight fire with fire. I don’t know how true that is technically but amongst zodiac signs too much of fire can result in explosions. The fiery nature of the Aries girl needs a match that’s cool and down to earth and yet one that has traits to equal her passionate nature. Compatibility with an Aries female is much more than a play of fire and ice.

Aries woman and…

Aries man: 3.5/10. There’s too much of fire in between these two for a long term relationship to work out. With ego, dominating nature, temper and impatience in both, it is an unlikely match.

Taurus man: 6.5/10. This combination can work only if both are ready for compromises. She will have to curb her extrovertish nature and unruly tongue, while he will have to learn to give her space. Money can be a bone of contention between these too as the Taurean is extremely cautious with it, while the Arian is extravagant.

Gemini man: 9/10. Here’s a good one. Both are highly charged individuals. The Gemini man is intelligent enough to accept the free spirit of the Arian. She will be instantly floored with his charm and romantic nature.

Cancer man: 7/10. This relationship can work out in a long run if both are able to check their obstinacy. The Aries girl will have to understand his moodiness and sedentary nature while the Cancer guy will have to respect her spirited and outgoing nature.

Leo man: 8/10. Great chemistry here! The Leo man has as much confidence and masculinity as required to impress the Arian girl. She is capable of taking care of his emotional needs and weak ego, while he is capable of giving her the luxuries of life.

Virgo man: 7/10. This match can go a long way in spite of the inherent differences. The Aries woman should learn to get used to his cautious and organized nature and also to keep her adventurous streak under check.

Libra man: 7/10. Again a good match in spite of the differences. The Arian will have to exercise the last ounce of her patience to deal with the indecisiveness of the Libran man. But he is quite capable of taking care of her and his idea of romance is also likely to suit him to a tee.

Scorpio man: 6/10. The differences here are rather strong. The Scorpio man will not like her dominating nature while the Arian girl will not take his possessiveness too well. Although they will admire each other for some traits, it would take too much hard work from both ends to make this relationship last in the long run.

Sagittarius man: 9/10: A match well made! Both are attuned to each other’s personality traits. Both are impulsive and adventure-loving. He has a good humour to keep her interested and she has spontaneity to keep him impressed. The Arian may have to guard her tongue now and then, but apart from that they make a compatible pair.

Capricorn man: 7/10: Capricorn man and Aries woman are poles apart but oppoites do attact. She is vivacious while he could be somber; she is expressive while he is not sometimes. But patience and tolerance can do wonders to this relationship.

Aquarius man: 8/10: The Aquarius man is unconventional enough to suit the Arian taste. Her sharp and astute mind will prove to be a turn on for him. With little bit of understanding about each other’s temperament and need for space, they can hit it off superbly.

Pisces man: 7/10: Although both are emotional, their emotional needs are quite different. Her aggressiveness might hurt the sensitive Piscean nature. She will like his mystic mind and with her intelligence can help him find his way in this materialistic world.

Aries womenCelebrities/Personalities:

Sarah Jessica Parker
Mariah Carey
Jaya Bachchan
Rani Mukerjee

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