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All about Sagittarius Woman

Sagittarian women can be defined with 3 F’s: Funny, focused, Fierce. They come with a terrific sense of humour, that’s impossible to resist. The typical Sagittarian will find smiles and laughter in every detail of life and will instantly spread the mirth with her powerful ‘word-of-mouth’. A chatter-box and impishly wicked, she can dare to do the unexpected and live on her own terms, no matter how unconventional. More likely she will startle you (sometimes out of your wits!) with her non-conformist statements or mimickery and outrageous logic and thereby making sure you don’t forget her for a long time to come.


Ever keen on expanding her wealth of knowledge, the Sagittarian girl will be full of questions and might often poke her inquisitive nose in places where it doesn’t belong. She is practical and far-sighted… to the extent of keeping a larder full of goodies (she loves food) and her study table full of interesting books (remember her quest of knowledge) for those long rainy afternoons. But books are not enough for this girl! She is ever ready to go on a backpacking trip for no one loves travel more than the Sagittarian. ‘The world is my book and mother nature my teacher…” that’s the quintessential Sagittarian girl.


How to identify a Sagittarius woman in the crowd?

See that woman striving to be the centre of attraction… chatting with the most handsome man in the company, hanging out with the prettiest girls and being loud with her laughter and words… that’s her, the chatty and naughty Sagittarius woman. Of course this description does not hold true of the 35 odd percent of ‘passive sagittarian women’. But of the rest it is a fairly accurate account.

How does she score on the following points?

Appearance: Sagittarius women sport a prominent jaw line. I have found seven out of ten Sagittarians to be extremely pretty looking with sharp features. They have a great sense of style and fashion. They are also very dressy just like Scorpio women.

Ambition: Generally by nature both kinds are extremely ambitious. A Sagittarius woman, whether aggressive or passive, likes new challenges and is usually happy and content when she has a meaty role or responsibility within her work profile. In a job scenario growth and titles are important to her.

If she is an entrepreneur, she will study the competition in the market and accordingly add more value to her products or services. In case she is unable to do so, she will use her charm and persuasiveness to achieve her targets. Moreover she has to excel at every task at hand.

What are the finer traits of her personality?

A Sagittarius woman loves to travel. She is an adventurer at heart and not averse to taking risks as well. You are likely to find her hooting for plans of treks and hikes. This spirit of adventure will be seen in other areas of life like work. Coupled with ambition, her explorer attitude makes her take up new ventures and set newer goals.

She also possesses the ability to learn. She is constantly in quest of knowledge and the things she wants to know are boundless. She will have questions and queries about everything… from science to spiritualism and from practical life to philosophy. The term ‘perpetual student’ suits her to a tee.

With so much knowledge comes teaching. There is something of a teacher in her too as she likes to distribute the abundant knowledge which she has gathered from places, people and events. But her teachings are not always to be taken at face value as she is quite given to preaching without following.

Many people regard Sagittarian women as flamboyant and carefree, especially with money. However this is not so! Here is one woman who is shrewd in every sense of the term and knows (both intuitively and with experience) which horse to bet on. She is an adventurer, yes, she likes to take risks, yes… but her risks are calculated and her adventures are not life threatening.

How is she when in love?

One thing that is unique about fire sign women is their need to have love in their life and their emotional state of being. Sagittarian women appear to be over-friendly and sometimes even flirts but the truth is that’s just a façade… the only thing that can move them to the core is love.

Although she may be deeply in love with you, yet she will shy away from committing herself. This is because she values her freedom above everything else and naturally is doubtful of its continuance after a commitment. Secondly, she likes to be very sure of her feelings before she commits. She also needs to confirm that her boyfriend is as much in love with her as she is and that she can dominate him to some extent. Once she is satisfied on these fronts, she will go all out to prove her love.

When dating a Sagittarius woman, you should…

… give her freedom. Try tying her down and she will scurry off like a scared deer. If there’s one woman who prizes her freedom above anything else, it’s her. The Sagittarian is a free spirit… she needs physical space, emotional liberty and most importantly freedom to do her will. This is one area where you will have to trust her. As she is prone to do as she pleases, it is always a good idea to have faith in her and believe that she won’t do anything wrong.

Moreover, being emotionally stable herself, she dislikes hyper sensitive, emotionally needy people. Since I have already mentioned her love for freedom, it would be redundant to say that she hates possessiveness too.

Dating a Sagittarian does not mean marrying her or even having an affair with her. That might take a long time to come. Dating is the first step either towards a love relationship or simple friendship. The Sagittarian will always regard you as her friend and from thereon will start the journey of your love life with her.

A Sagittarian woman is shrewd and very often street smart. Obviously she looks for smartness in her date. You have to be as dashing with your conversation as you are with your appearance while dating her. If you are able to floor her with some stimulating conversation it’s game, set and match for you!


Suspicion/Jealousy: I have noticed that the passive Sagittarian female is more relaxed and laid back but the aggressive kind is suspicious of most things under the sun—from a friend’s motives to her spouse’s moves. Don’t be surprised if you find your Sagittarian girlfriend snooping around your personal things like computer files, diaries,mobile phones, etc. That’s just her! She won’t stop till she has satisfied her doubts. And I guess this is so because she is quite capable of doing similar stuff that makes her a subject of suspicion.

This is where you might get into troubled waters with a Sagittarian female. She can get extremely jealous when provoked and provoking her is not a difficult job at all. She needs to have all the things that others have…and this covetous nature makes her go green quite often. She displays equal amount of jealousy when in love but here it comes with a blazing streak of revenge too. She can get vengeful when jealous and won’t rest till she has paid back in the same coin.

Dishonesty/Infidelity:The passive Sagittarian is a loyal being and will prefer sticking to one partner. While she may enjoy looking elsewhere (that too occasionally), she is not capable of committing adultery. While this is also largely true of the aggressive Sagittarian girl, it’s better not to try her too much on this front.Like Oscar Wilde said…I can resist anything but temptation…so is the case with some Sagittarian ladies.

Compatibility quotient

Compatibility between two people depends on the seen as well as unseen aspects of their personality. While it is obvious that a Sagittarian girl is an adventure-seeking, pleasure-loving individual, it doesn’t make her emotionally neutral. She has her own set of ‘fairies to please and demons to fight’. To be compatible with her means much more than just sharing a good laugh. Let’s find out more about the Sagittarian woman and her compatibility with men on the zodiac.

Sagittarian woman and…

Aries man: 7/10. The Arian has enough intelligence and passion to impress the Sagittarian. Moreover both share a common love for adventure and travel and have a good sense of humour too. Although their personality traits are attuned to each other, their blunt tongues might be a health hazard for their long-term relationship.

Taurus man: 5.5/10. These two may have a hard time adjusting with each other. The Sagittarian spirit will not accept the bossiness of the Taurean male unless he is the passive kind where she can boss him around. His possessiveness will also stop her from exercising free will. His stubborn and inflexible stand on most things can make her lose her patience and very likely her head too. If she meets the passive kind who lets her be for who she is, it might just work out well for both.

Gemini man: 8/10. Deference for each other can make a world of a difference to this relationship. Both are extroverts and social beings who love to party. While the Sagittarian also needs the security of a sound home, the Gemini needs the mature love of an understanding woman. If both are able to adjust with each other on these aspects, this relationship can go places.

Cancer man: 5/10. This relationship calls for a lot of compromises. The Sagittarian will be averse to the Cancerian hyper-sensitivity, while he will find her adventurous nature a bit too much to take. But if they are able to gauge each other’s innate traits and make adjustments accordingly, a successful alliance can be formed.

Leo man: 7/10. Just like with the Arian, the Sagittarian shares a lot with the Leo man. But the bone of contention here would be the word ‘attention’. While the Leo man wants absolute attention, the Sagittarian desires it in a covert way. If both are able to handle their love for attention, this relationship can work wonderfully.

Virgo man: 6/10. Although a love match between these two can work well, there are certain basic differences that might mar a long-term relationship. The conservative Virgo man would need to get used to the wild Sagittarian nature. And the outspoken Sagittarian girl would need to understand the Virgo’s reserved personality.

Libra man: 8/10. He will love her spontaneity and outgoing nature. This relationship can be full of passion and romance. There is also likely to be great chemistry between these two. With a little bit of understanding they can iron out their differences and it would be smooth sailing for them thereon.

Scorpio man: 4/10. This match is too unstable to eke out in the long run. Her outgoing and free spirited nature is too much for the possessive Scorpio to handle. The Sagittarian girl’s playfulness will not go down well with his passionate disposition. She in turn will find him too interfering and dominating.

Sagittarius man: 9/10: Both the archers have their arrows pointed in the right direction. The Sagittarian woman shares a lot in common with her male counterpart. Adventurous, fun loving and optimistic, they’d get along like a house on fire. However, one of them must have his/her foot firmly grounded to avoid waywardness and frivolity.

Capricorn man: 4/10: It won’t be easy once courtship is over. The Capricornian will be irked by the Sagittarian love for the outdoors and she will find his emotional needs difficult to fathom. For a successful relationship, both would need to accept the essentially different traits in each other and learn to live with it.

Aquarius man: 9.5/10: This relationship rocks! Passion and romance it definitely has but added to that is limited emotional dependence and possessiveness. Since each loves his/her own freedom, they would appreciate it in the other too.

Pisces man: 4/10: Again hyper-sensitivity can come in the way of their mutual understanding. The Piscean emotional needs will be thwarted by the Sagittarian and she will never understand his spiritual depth either. Over all…a difficult relationship!

Sagittarius womencelebrities/personalities:


Britney Spears

Christina Aguilera

Monica Seles

Tina Turner

Diya Mirza

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