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All about Scorpio woman

Scorpio woman - 23 October – 22 November
Captivating… is the word which can be used to introduce a Scorpio woman. There is something of a hypnotist in her and she knows how to make men fall in love with her and do her bidding. Although this may sound vamp-like, the Scorpio woman indulges in these arts with such grace and polish that it is impossible to resist her charms. She is good looking, more often than not downright beautiful, and knows very well how to use her beauty to make way into other people’s heart.

But her ingenuity does not stop on her face. She has brains to match. The typical Scorpion female has loads of intelligence, a fantastic sense of humour and an innate sense of living a sophisticated lifestyle. Not one to settle for the common fare, she would always aspire for the skies. She is high on passion, style and a certain oomph factor that sets her a cut above the rest! But there is lot more to her personality… and what that ‘lot’ would be? Let’s find out!

How to identify a Scorpio woman in a crowd?

Scorpio is the only zodiac sign where I have observed that the majority of aggressive kind of women are born between 23rd and 31st October while the passive kind are born between 1st and 22nd November. When I say aggressive in case of a Scorpion it’s not the regular ‘in your face’ assertive type but the kind which is more prone to responding in an aggressive manner when provoked or given the slightest reason.

There are certain facial features and behaviour traits through which you can identify a Scorpio woman. On her face you can note a) the shape of her eyes, b) strong jaw line and, c) subtle flirting glances.

What does she expect from life?

Much like a Scorpio man, the Scorpio female wants to over-achieve. She wants to be in tens of places and do scores of stuff at the same time. She yearns for everything ‘big’ and anything mediocre is not her cup of tea.

How to effectively deal with a Scorpio woman?

This lady likes direct talk… so don’t twist your words and come straight to the point. Very rarely will you see her falling for flattery – so drop all thoughts of making way into her heart with smooth talk. This makes life simple for straight forward men who don’t like being pretentious, for example: Aries, Sagittarius, Aquarius men.

Most Scorpio women are smart from an early age and are well able to tell fake from real. The only place they find themselves fooled is with fake emotions shown by men.

A Scorpio woman enjoys chasing more than being chased. But at the same time she is not one to make the first move. She is likely to fall for men with husky voices (a trait I have noticed in Gemini and Capricorn women too)… so much so that cupid will strike them with his arrow even on phone and she won’t mind dating a man she has never met. Once in love she will be very vocal about her feelings and will expect her man to be the perfect gentleman.

What is her approach to life?

She is not very realistic and certainly not practical. Although she is a dreamer, she not the ‘head in clouds’ kind of person and is shrewd enough to understand which ones of her dreams are workable. However, her chief characteristic remains her emotional and sentimental nature.

A Scorpio woman is quite capable of being a follower as well as a leader. She has what it takes to be a leader. She is also ready to give respect where it’s due… and accept the leadership of a superior person.

Ambition: A Scorpio woman will compromise on anything only if her monetary situation is average. Once again purely based on my observations I have found that the October born are usually more ambitious and focused on their goals than the November born, who are more laid back and lazy. But both are equally creative, innovative and ever ready to take on challenges.

A friend of mine born on 24th October, a single mother, had to take up a job to support herself. Having never worked before, she started off with a marketing job in a dot com company for a remuneration of Rs 10,000 only. Her need to earn for herself and her family made her work for nearly 14 hours a day. In my entire lifetime I haven’t seen anyone more committed and sincere towards work. She successfully completed all the targets and goals set before her.

Almost after a year of such toil, she got an offer for marketing from another firm, which she accepted. The jump in her package was from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 60, 000 monthly. After nearly four months of working with the radio station she was drawing up to a hundred thousand rupees, that’s her salary plus incentives. Two years later she joined as a senior official in the marketing department of a TV channel. I was extremely proud and happy to see her covering the ground from Rs. 10, 000 to Rs. 200, 000 a month in a span of 3-4 years. With sincere effort and hard work, she bravely fought every adversity in sight to achieve a sustainable lifestyle.

With sheer grit and determination, the core of a Scorpio woman, she can achieve great heights. In my opinion there are only two kinds of women who can bounce back in life with vigour – Scorpio and Gemini. I’m not saying others can’t, I am only saying Scorpio and Gemini women can do it better.

Self respect/Ego: Regarding ego, a Scorpio woman takes after her male counterpart. She will never display her ego and until you see her at close quarters you will not know how ego-centric she really is. Her ego centric nature is well hidden behind her diplomatic attitude. But being the touchy person that she is… any sensitive subject is likely to brush her the wrong way. Along with ego she also possesses a good amount of self respect.

How is she when in love?

‘Blind, blind, blind’ wrote Charles Dickens in David Copperfield while describing his hero’s love. Ditto a Scorpio woman! In addition she loses all her other senses too. If any man is looking for the classic Juliet, his search will stop with a Scorpio woman. In spite of her assertiveness, she cannot be with a weak man as she loves being dominated and controlled. No, she’s not crazy, she’s simply smart. It is her way of knowing that her man is as madly in love with her as she is with him.

How is she when alone?

A Scorpio woman is much like her male counterpart when alone… that is she shouldn’t be left alone. The devil will start its work in her head the minute she is alone. Moreover, she is a people’s person and therefore likes constant company.

What does she look for in her partner?

A Scorpio woman wants a custom made man… one who is tailored to meet her demands. The essential qualities which her love interest must possess are simplicity, the right amount of authoritativeness and arrogance, spiritual awareness and philosophical turn of mind. But above all he should be expressive and able to communicate his emotions well… much like herself. A Scorpio woman also appreciates a man with high family values and this is a trait I have noticed in Capricorn women too.

How does she score on the following aspects?

Cynicism: A Scorpio woman is generally not cynical. But the achiever in her can turn the tide of her attitude. In order to attain her targets, be it at work, in business or simply to prove herself, her thinking can take a turn towards cynicism. Another thing that can make a Scorpio woman see red is when she is emotionally hurt.

Suspicion/Jealousy: She is as suspicious as her corresponding male.It is curious how both display a similar way of being suspicious as well. Although she may not doubt someone’s intentions she will get suspicious the moment anyone behaves out of character. There is no stopping her once she is suspicious. She will investigate to the extremes to satisfy or clear her doubts,with none being spared from the scrutiny, be it family or friend.

Dishonesty/Infidelity: If a Scorpio woman is completely in love and into a committed relationship, she is incapable of indulging even in casual flirting with anyone else, let alone thinking of an adulterous alliance. And if she ever indulges in a promiscuous escapade, she would have valid reasons to support her act…the duration of her current relationship, an inactive sex life or just plain boredom. She usually has a long list of needs and desires and craves for the fulfillment of all of them.

Compatibility quotient

Each zodiac sign brings along a different lesson on compatibility. While sensitivity might be the highlight of a relationship, it might be a bone of contention for another. Since the Scorpio woman is high on passion and adventure, it would be interesting to see who amongst all the males on the zodiac is able to match up to her verve.

Scorpio woman and…
Aries man: 9/10. If both can summon enough amount of respect for each other, this relationship can rock from the word go. He would appeal to her for his assertiveness, while she would floor him with her womanly charms. Passion, which they both possess, becomes the key to their long term relationship.

Taurus man: 5/10. Both share a lot of negative traits in common. Their innate stubbornness, domineering nature and possessiveness might come in the way of a successful relationship. Lots of hard work would be required to make this one work. Yet, I must say that I have also seen a few couples sail through comfortably with romance and harmony.

Gemini man: 6/10. Once the Gemini man learns to curb his flirtatious nature and give her the security she needs, this relationship can work wonders. Both are extremely passionate, which works in their favour. She will be taken in by his cool attitude but will need him to keep the romance alive to keep it going.

Cancer man: 9.5/10. This alliance would be full of romance and understanding. Both have the inbred quality to understand the other’s emotional needs. The Scorpio will be full of warmth for the Cancerian’s sensitivity, while he would give her the commitment and security she needs.

Leo man: 5/10. Not a very happening combination! The Scorpio woman’s need for privacy will be spurned by the Leo man’s constant yearning for the limelight. Although both are sensual, there is marked difference between their sensuality, which can stick out like a sore thumb in this relationship.

Virgo man: 8/10. Good combination! Both will be compatible with each other due to their intelligence, smartness and good looks. The Virgo man will make her happy by giving her the lead on the home front, while keeping her suitably impressed with his charm. But here too, the Virgo man would have to be expressive in order to keep the fire burning.

Libra man: 6/10. The Scorpio woman will have to show restraint and understanding to make this relationship work. She would need to learn to curb her possessiveness in order to give him space. On the other hand, the Libra guy will have to understand her passionate nature and fulfil her demands accordingly.

Scorpio man: 8/10. Here’s a jackpot! Both share a lot in common in terms of adventurous nature, passion and love for good things. But both will have to keep their egos under check for this relationship to work.

Sagittarius man: 4/10: His easy going nature might be too much to take in for the intense Scorpion. She will find it difficult to find security and undivided attention in a Sagittarian male. It is likely that he would find her passion too monotonous in the long run.

Capricorn man: 9/10: The Scorpio girl is the Capricorn guy’s dream come true. She has the right amount of liveliness to get the best out of him while he would be devoted and loyal towards her. He is capable of understanding her emotional needs and giving her the security she wants.

Aquarius man: 6/10: A relationship based on good conversation may not last long and that’s what this is all about. These two are basically disparate in nature and their personality traits can come to loggerheads every now and then. A lot of compromise is required to make this work.

Pisces man: 8/10: If both are mature individuals, this relationship can work wonderfully in the long run as both have a compatible dose of similarities and dissimilarities to add different colours to a fulfilling relationship.

Scorpio womencelebrities/personalities:
Indira Gandhi
Julia Roberts
Demi Moore
Meg Ryan
Aishwarya Rai
Sushmita Sen

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