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Already perfect

Already perfect

We are all already beautiful and perfect, and we always have been that. However, we do not know this beauty, for it is hidden deep within, and we are not taught to go deep inside ourselves and see it, feel it, and express it. Inner beauty is made up of the innate qualities of spirit.

When we know and are aware of ourselves as sources of love and peace in the world, sources of
wisdom and truth in our relationships, then we know what we are.

But we don’t know this because we are taught not to regard ourselves as spiritual beings. And when we learn (falsely) that we are only physical bodies we then try to find beauty outside ourselves.

This is why the most physically beautiful people very often have the most fragile self-esteem. They depend on their capacity to attract others for how they feel about themselves.

We need to spend some time seeing our own inner qualities and appreciating them, and most
importantly, expressing them for the benefit of others.

We will know how strong and stable our self-esteem is when someone criticises us, or we hear
what someone has been saying about us behind our back.

It doesn’t matter what anyone says or thinks about us, as long as we think well of ourselves.

You know who you are, you know your own intrinsic qualities.

Don’t you?
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