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Bad Company Good Company

Live with people who are blissful, so that you can have a little whiff, a taste. You will have to live in satsang. You will have to look into the eyes of someone who has arrived, so that you can have a little taste - a little sweetness enters into your being, and you can see. A great longing arises in you, seeing that life is not all misery - that nirvana is possible.



Iron turns to rust if it seeks the company of soil. It glows, softens and takes on useful shapes, if it enjoys the company of fire. Dust can fly if it chooses the wind as its friend. It has to end as slime in a pit, if it prefers water. It has neither wing nor foot, yet it can fly or walk, rise or fall, according to the friend it selects.

Sathya Sai Baba


Better be alone than in bad company.

Thomas Fuller

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