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Be a blessing to others

A blessing is a thing conducive to our happiness. We, certainly, all look for our daily blessings from God. Recognizing our blessings is an important factor in order to be a blessing to others. How can we be a blessing to others? Everyone wants the feeling of being happy and feeling loved. By reflecting on what makes us feel happy or brings a smile to our faces. We can then be a blessing to others, simply by doing for others what we would like done for us.

This morning, did you wake up fully aware of a brand new day? That's a blessing in itself. Why not make someone aware of their blessing by greeting them with a ,"Good morning".Those simple two words, may start off their day with a blessing, just by bidding them a "good morning".

Our families are one of our many blessings. Do you bid them a good morning each day or just take that blessing for granted? So let's, get started by being a blessing to others in our own homes. No one wants to ever imagine their life without their families, so showing them a little appreciation is a blessing to them.

Outside of our families, we can still be a blessing to others by just being kind and patient. Any random act of kindness towards a stranger is a blessing. Greeting them with a smile in the morning, Simple gestures may be overlooked by some people. But, there are others that will recognize that gesture and deem it a blessing from you. We are out there, waiting on a blessing from you!

A neighbor's son mowed our lawn, the other day. It was truly a blessing to us. He didn't expect anything in pay. He just did it to help a neighbor. His kind deed was a blessing to us and deeply appreciated. I peered out the bedroom window to see a fresh mowed lawn. By blessing others, you then become a conductor of happiness. He was the conductor of my happiness that morning.

The rich and affluent are often times a blessing to others through their philanthropic endeavors. However , we don't have to have any money to be a blessing to others. We can be a blessing to others in so many ways. Blessings others, offers endless possibilities. The strategy behind being a blessing to others, should never be seeking anything in return.

Of course, a thank you is always warranted. Even blessings, should never ever be taken for granted. Being a blessing to others is recognized as a sincere gesture and never tainted with ulterior motives.

The last time someone made you smile. They were a blessing to you. The time, when someone enriched your life. They were a blessing to you. The time someone made you feel loved. They too were a blessing to you. The point is there are many ways to be a blessing to others. Take a moment, reflect on what makes you happy. You are now capable of being a blessing to someone else, with that knowledge. Please take note, "don't block any blessings."

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