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Treasures becomes the glue of love, not the destroyer of love, that is how it is living in love and brotherhood.

Read The story of Brotherhood....

Two brothers worked together on a farming field passed on from their parents. The one, the older brother, had married and have quite a big family. The younger brother was still single, and planned not to get married. When the harvesting season come, they always divide the harvest between them equally and fair. Always it has been like that.

On one day, the younger brother who was still single thought about it, "It is not fair if we divide the harvest equally. I am still single and my necessity is not that much". So, for the sake of his older brother, every night he would take a sack of his grain and secretly put it to his brother's granary., thinking that a sack a day might be enough to reduce his older brother's burden and his family.
While on that time, the married brother was also worried and concerned with his brother. He thought, "It is not fair if we always divide the harvest equally. I have a wife and children who will be able to take care of me later when i grow old. While my brother, he doesnt have anybody, nobody would care for him if he grow old and poor. He deserve to get more than me." Therefore, everynight, he too, secretly move a sack of grain from his granary to his younger brother's granary, wishing that at least a sack a day would aid his brother, later in the coming future.
So it went on for years that they kept moving a sack of their grain to the other's while keeping it as secret between themselves, and the amount of grain sack in the granary seems to be unchanged. Until one night they meet each other when carrying out their daily secret plot.
At that time, they realized what has been going on, and cried hugging each other. They knew, in silence, that there is a very deep love that has been nourishing their brotherhood.

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