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Choose Comapssion as Budha Does.........

When Gautama, the Buddha,was a young boy, he saw a bird fallen to the ground. Seeing it was
still alive, Gautama ran forward, picked it up and nursed it. His cousin, Devadatta, who had shot
it down, insisted that it be given to him.

Gautama refused, saying he was nursing it of its wounds and requested that he be allowed to do so. Devadatta did not agree and the matter was taken to the Rajguru (priest) and the king.
“Who does the bird belong to, the one who tried to kill it or the one who saved it?” asked Gautama. The king and the guru agreed that it belonged to the person who saved it.
As the king was Gautama’s father, Gautama requested that all the people answer this question
so that the verdict would be unbiased.
Devadatta tried to argue that the hunter owned his prey, while Gautama convinced the people that compassion was a greater value than violence.

Don’t you agree?
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