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Communicate with a loved person who has died

It is so painful to lose a much loved person who was an important part of your life. Although it cannot bring them back, it is still very comforting to be able to communicate with them again.

One way to do this is to sit in a comfortable chair and imagine your loved one sitting in another chair opposite you. Mentally tell them what you want them to know. When you do this, you attract their attention. They can use the image you provide to help them focus and speak to you through it. If you have difficulty hearing them speak to you, first imagine what they might say. Keep listening. When they say something unexpected, something you didn’t imagine them saying, you will know you have really communicated with them. If it helps, before you begin remember other conversations with them, when they were alive. Notice how you follow these conversations in your mind. This will give you a guideline to help you hold a psychic conversation with them. Then try again.

We have met a mother and daughter who used to go to the cemetery to visit the grave of their husband and father, trying to feel close to him. What they didn’t realise was that he went with them to the cemetery, riding in the back seat of the car and trying to make contact with them. He would have been very pleased if they had instead, tried this way of communicating with him.

Having communicated with hundreds of people who have died, we can tell you with complete certainty that they continue to live, but without the physical body, and they have the same characteristics and interests which they had while they were alive. People do not turn into angels when they have died, in fact angels are a different species of being. Your loved one is the same person that s/he was when s/he was alive in the physical body, and is not only still interested in the same things, and still loving you and the other special people they have had to leave behind, but also meeting friends and family members who were already in the life between lives state, and also having new dimensions of life and activity to explore. There is no heaven, and there is no hell. Instead there are new opportunities for creativity, expansion, development, learning, and loving.

There are plenty of people who will be pleased at least that there is no hell! The nearest we have seen is that people who have done very bad things when they were alive in the physical body, carry the wounds of those bad deeds, and many of them experience ‘nightmares’ of horror, until they ‘run off’ their legacy of violations, and become ready to change their ways, and to receive healing for the bad things they had done.

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