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Detachment Enjoy It Fully

The person whose mind
is always free from
attachment, who has
subdued the mind and
senses, and who is free
from desires, attains the
supreme perfection of
freedom from karma
through renunciation.

Bhagavad Gita 18.49


Break free from posses-
sions and from desires
from whatever may
darken the mind.
Attachment to things
and to places is spiritual
bondage, and leads
to darkness.



Live in the world but
don't be of the world.
Live in the world but
don't let the world live
within you. Remember
that it is all a beautiful
dream, because every-
thing is changing and
If you become detached
you will be able to see
how people are attached
to trivia, and how much
they are suffering. And
you will laugh at yourself
because you were also in
the same boat before.


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