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Discontinue pressuring yourself to perpetually accumulate more

Discontinue pressuring yourself to perpetually accumulate more.

Let others be consumed with the chase if they choose to, while you learn to relax. Rather than focusing outward, turn inward. Cultivate awe and appreciation as inner touchstones, rather than an outer determination for more adoration and accumulation. When you see a beautiful sight, hear an enchanting sound or taste a mouthwatering delicacy, allow yourself to think of the miracle within these sensory pleasures. Be like the master who "prefers what is within to what is without." Allow things to come and go without any urgency to become attached to this ephemeral world of comings and goings.

Do The Tao Now

Plant a seed and cultivate it, observing its inner nature throughout its lifetime. Journal what's within the bud, and gaze in awe at what's in that seed that will one day create flower. Then extend the same awe to yourself and the seed that had you contained inside as well. Use this as reminder of your invisible inner self, which is the Tao at work.
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