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Do I love my mom?

Do I love my mom? Is my love to her unconditional? Is my love is enough to make me an obidient son? My mom carried me for 9 months, bring me to all places she wanted me to be without feeling tired, and always has a smile on her face to show how much she loves me. But once I born, I thanked her by crying days and nights

2 years old

She was so excited knowing that I can walk and say the word “Ibu“.. But I thanked her by peeing all over the house.

7 years old

Mom was so thrilled as today is my very first day going to school, stepping into the world of education.. She woke up so early so that she could prepare delicious breakfast for me.. I thanked her by saying “I don’t want the breakfast Mom, I want to eat together with my friends at canteen“

9 years old

She bought me a bicycle as my very first birthday present. She searched for the best bicycle at the time and I thanked her by breaking her flower vase.

12 years old

I managed to succeed in UPSR by scoring 5 A’s. She was so proud of me, she wanted to hug and kiss me and I thanked her by saying “Don’t you humiliate me by hugging or kissing me here mom“

17 years old

I scored my SPM successfully by receiving straight 12A’s. Mom was so eager to celebrate my achievement by cooking scrumptious dinner and I simply thanked her by not attending the dinner cause I wanted to celebrate it with friends. Even better, I never told her about it.

19 years old

She bought me a car so that I can easily get home to visit her. And I showed my appreciation by going back home once a year

21 years old

Mom was so proud of me knowing that her son is capable of entering medical school and paid me a visit and I thanked her by telling “Why you have to come mom? You know I’m busy“

25 years old

Mom fall sick, her condition worsened as her cancer she been fighting for 13 years was getting deteriorate. But she still smiled even the pain was unbearable. I showed gratitude by not visiting her at hospital.

29 years old

Mom was seriously ill, sister called me to get home cause mom was insisted to see me. And I answered “ Ask her to wait, I need to present my proposal for PhD“

30 years old

My proposal was accepted and I got home immediately to see mom.. But, she wasn’t there, she already passed away a week before. I remain speechless, and in bereavement. My sister gave me a humble piece of paper with worn out handwriting saying..

I will always love you son

I’m always proud of you

I pray for your success in life, and hope that happiness will lead along your way

I went to her grave and sadly whispered “Forgive me mom“

I create this story in the hope that no one of us will do the same to our mom. Appreciate every single moment we have with her, hold her hands, talk with her, smile for her, hug her and kiss her.. So that, someday when she leaves us, she will still remain inside of us for eternity


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