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'Don't find God, release him'

I firmly believe that doing positive things and seeing good qualities in others is what makes one experience God on earth.

The person concerned can be dressed in an expensive designer ensemble and still offer a helping hand anywhere... whether it’s a restaurant, bar or even on the road. Spirituality is not about finding God, it’s more about releasing the innate God (or the goodness) in you through your deeds and day-to-day actions.

I don’t think inner depth or religion has anything to do with an individual’s personal style preferences. Possessing expensive things does not make one less spiritual, nor do we need to sacrifice something in order to attain something else. It’s our own self-inflicted limitations that reinforce the mistaken belief that we can’t have it all. In reality, there’s no reason why we can’t strike a healthy balance between material things and spiritual enlightenment. Spirituality signifies achieving personal excellence in every area of one’s life; from family life to career as well as inner growth. Simply put, it’s putting one’s best forward.

I also feel wearing symbols of God is not as important as feeling the faith and applying those values on a daily basis in one’s life. But, if wearing these symbols reminds one to practice spiritual teachings, then it doesn't matter where the person wears them as long as they are sincerely applied.

I think there is a lesson in every experience one faces in life and it's important to learn from these myriad experiences. Whether it means becoming emotionally stronger when a family member is unwell or something as simple as learning patience from a child or while waiting endlessly in a traffic jam — there's much to learn through life's daily lessons. It's about learning from everyday life and consequently applying anything that can make one a better person.

My idea of happiness is that it emanates from inner peace — when that happens, it means that one has achieved harmony in life.

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