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Ego Hassles

With ego, you lash out
when someone insults,
disagrees or criticises
you. Without ego, you're
able to accept your flaws
without compromising
your worth.



Spiritual practices help
us move from identifying
with the ego to identifying
with the soul. Old age does
that for you too. It spiritualises
people naturally.

Ram Dass


If you want to reach a
state of bliss, then go
beyond your ego and the
internal dialogue. Make a
decision to relinquish the
need to control, the need to
be approved, and the
need to judge. Those are
the three things the ego is
doing all the time. It's very
important to be aware of
them every time they come up.

Deepak Chopra


The problem is that we
have allowed our egos,
the part of us which
believes that we are
separate from God and
separate from each other,
to dominate our lives.

Wayne Dyer

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