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Food for creative thought

All of us at many points in our lives have experienced a beautiful Aha moment, when we felt very good within while doing something new or something that was innovative. We smile to ourselves, perhaps even congratulate ourselves when we experience that wow factor and we say: "Wow! I could do this... how awesome is that!” We become as happy as a child filled with joy at learning to walk for the first time or ride a bicycle for the first time ever.

The more interesting thing is that these acts might not always be big ones; they could be as simple as doing a presentation in a new way, solving a complicated problem with a simple idea, making a few changes in the way one’s home is organised, bringing home new flowerpots to make one’s living space feel special, or even making your own favourite songs list or planning ways to pleasantly surprise friends and relatives.

One of our innate urges is to be creative, and do new things to make changes and bring freshness into our lives. If we like this creative process so much, why are we not able to do it at all time? To understand this, let's see the process that is a source of these aha moments. Observing babies and little children, we can easily see that they are naturally curious and creative.

As we grow older, we find that every moment that we spend in our life, we are involved in a beautiful process, a process that continuously makes us creative. Sure, we do have our dull moments, even destructive moments, depending on the choices we make. It is a process that we can't seem to escape from or stop and it is responsible for everything surrounding our lives. That’s because it is part of our thought process that plays a major role in the way we live our lives.

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