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Fruit of Love is Service


Once Mother Theresa was asked
how she could continue day after day after day,
visiting the terminally ill:
feeding them, touching them, wiping their brows,
giving them comfort as they lay dying.

And she said, "It's not hard,
because in each one I see the face of Christ
in one of His more distressing disguises."

And that is Mother's teaching:
To urge us to see the face of Christ
in each of His numerous disguises
wherever we go.

Her plea was that we look for holiness
not just in those who are ill or hungry
or in obvious pain, but in the all the others, too.
I mean those who are suffering
from spiritual despair or emotional imprisonments
which block their aliveness; restrict their freedom
and wall them off from limitless joy
and self realization.

These beings too, need our Silent Love
for their pain is just as deep.

That is Mother Theresa's message
about spiritual healing.
And the truth is there are countless numbers
of brothers and sisters who urgently need our blessing.

You don't have to go far to find them.
They're right beside you at work;
they drive next to you
on the freeway.
They shop with you at the grocery store.

In fact, you can probably
find someone you need to bless
right in your own mirror.

Lovely Thoughts for Lovely People Just Like You

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