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Full Of Faith.....

A man of faith, absorbed in faith, his senses controlled,
attains knowledge, and, knowledge attained,
quickly finds supreme peace. But the ignorant man,
who is without faith, goes doubting to destruction.
For the doubting self there is neither this world, nor the next, nor joy.

Bhagavad Gita 4: 39-40


Through faith man finds the Door of Liberation:
Even his relatives are liberated through him.
Through faith are both Preceptor and disciple liberated.
Says Nanak, One with faith Need not wander about begging for divine grace.
The great, immaculate Name of God May only be realised by one
Whose mind is firmly fixed in faith.



By faith you shall be free and go beyond the world of death.
Sutta Nipata 11.46

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