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Give First To Recieve Something....

Life works on the principle of reciprocity.

Following Real Life Story Tells it All...........

A Friend experienced it recently when, putting aside reservations and expectations, he impulsively said ‘sorry’ to a neighbour with whom he was not on talking terms for a long time. Unable to bear the unfriendliness anymore, he decided to take the first step towards reconciliation. It was such a relief and pleasure to see neighbors face break into a smile. The animosity built over six months melted as if it had never existed.

Neighbor too, was eager to end the tension but didn’t know how. Fortunately for them, he decided to get off his high-horse.

The only way to receive something is to give it first, whether in relationships or money. Estranged couples fighting over alimony and child custody could use this attitude.

Money too, comes to one who doesn’t hoard it, for like water, money needs to flow. Even the legend on a India currency notes says ‘I promise to pay the bearer a sum of Rupees One Hundred’.

A wonderful message that reminds us that the money in our wallet does not belong to us!

“I don't pay good wages because I have a lot of money, I have a lot of money because I pay good wages,”

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