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Grandma Needs to Volunteer

“Sweetheart , I heard you are thinking of volunteering at an old age home… is it true?” asked 88-year-old grandmother, peering at him from behind the spectacles that magnified her eyes so much. Her frail body was draped in a simple clothes as she limped to sit beside her grandson .

The Grandson was working on a story on his laptop and not really interested in having this conversation. Keeping his eyes on the screen he said, “Yes, Granny.”
She put her wrinkled hand on his knee. With controlled irritation, I asked her, “Tell me, Granny , what do you want?”

“Son, I want you to take me with you to the old age home,” said Grand Mom.
He suppressed a giggle as he continued to type while asking her, “Why, do you
also want to volunteer?”

“No, I want you to spend some time with me. Here you are busy but there,you will surely be with me for sometime. Whenever you go, please take me too,” said she in a soft voice."

I turned around to look at her and felt like someone had punched me

Make Sure you Take out Some time for Your Loved and Closed Ones ...Daily

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