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Great Expectations! ‘Blessed is the man who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed’

Great Expectations!

If there is one hurdle in the path of happiness and harmony, it is expectations. But, we are human, and expectation, second nature. The answer out of this conundrum lies in self-awareness. Every expectation arises from an unfulfilled inner need. If we are able to tap into that need, we would be able to understand the expectation. E.g. you may expect prompt action from others because it may make you feel that you matter, fulfilling your inner need for recognition.

If our reality was free of all expectations, it would simultaneously be free of disappointments and disillusionments. Frustration leads to anger, and anger finds vent in hot words and cold distances.

When we expect something from someone, we tend to objectify that person. Instead of being sensitive, we consider them as ‘want-satisfying commodities’. When we are in touch with our inner needs, our perception changes and our outlook is a kinder, more forgiving one. We are better able to appreciate the unfairness involved in burdening another with our lack.

Very often, what we cannot do ourselves, we expect others to do for us. The anger that is consequently expressed is, thus, directed at the person who has ‘failed’ us, and is directed towards self for feeling helpless and needy within.

The lessening of expectations indicates inner power that we have garnered. We can use ‘level of frustration’ as a valuable yardstick to measure our power against. When mind-body-spirit is in equilibrium, all are reflections of the Inner God.

Freeing another from our expectations is the single most merciful act that we can perform. It liberates another and empowers self. The reins of happiness are best held in our hands. In the hands of others they tend to either slacken or be held in a vice-like grip.
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