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Guide To Prosperity

Your true wealth is your stock of virtue, and your true power the uses to which you put it. Rectify your heart and you will rectify your life, but the man who is outwardly poor, yet rich in virtue, is truly rich, and, in the midst of all his poverty he is surely traveling towards prosperity; and abounding joy and bliss await his coming. If you would become truly and permanently prosperous, you must first become virtuous. It is therefore unwise to aim directly at prosperity, to make it the one object of life, to reach out greedily for it, to do this is to ultimately defeat yourself ”

We may then begin to realize that money does not constitute true wealth, nor position, nor power, and to rely upon it alone is to stand upon a slimy, slippery place. Nature is an infinite source of wealth and prosperity and it is depends on our own free will to find ways to cultivate the true path to prosperity and joy into our lives.Spend more time in nature to meditate and bring your attention on creating a prosperity list, while giving thanks to all the blessings that you already have right now, you can allow your-self to ask for more of what you still want to receive and need to manifest in your life. When we put a stop to self- sabotage, we can free our emotions, learn to say no to others, so we can value and honor our time and energy. We create joy when we cultivate our imagination to practice discernment with others for it is our doorway to experience life in present moment awareness.

Buddha said, “and it therefore follows that if a man is happy, it is because he dwells in happy thoughts; if miserable, because he dwells in despondent and debilitating thoughts, whether one be fearful or fearless, foolish or wise, troubled or serene, within that soul lies the cause of its own state or states, and never without”.

Learn to observe and read all your actions when you are thinking about lack and scarcity, instead build a strong foundation of a good habit of positive attitude and a new vision of a very successful future aligned with your real life’s spiritual purpose.

Much energy is available to those who have taken the journey on their spiritual path at this time. If you are aligned with your intention to experience an abundant life of success and joy, and if you hold the intention to assist with the healing and transformation of the planet, more abundance is available to you right now.

Discover Your Spiritual Purpose in Life

As you allow more joy into your life, as you entrain yourself to the frequency of joy, you begin to act through joy, you begin to choose and do things based on the joy they bring you. As you explore all the things that bring you joy, you come face-to-face with your spiritual purpose. If you’re not sure of your exact purpose, just begin doing what brings you joy and you will soon find it.

Each Day is a New Opportunity to Experience Joy

Begin each day by affirming it is another glorious opportunity to experience joy. Hone your gifts and talents and share these with others. This is another day to step into the unlimited abundance of spirit. Having a goal and purpose for everything you do, allows you to examine each proposed activity to see if it adds meaning and joy to your life or if it is just another empty, meaningless activity void of any self-fulfillment.

Each moment that you allow yourself, to move along the path of joy and prosperity is always an opportunity to experience greater love and abundance. As you allow yourself to experience joy and abundance, you will become magnetic to people and circumstances aligned with these frequencies. From this place of alignment, more blessings of love and abundance will naturally flow into you-Namaste

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