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Guru Speaks Guru Tegh Bahdur

Tegh Bahadur, the ninth of the ten Sikh gurus, was beheaded by the Moghuls in 1675. The bodies of those so executed were usually quartered and exposed to public view, but Tegh Bahadur's followers managed to steal the body under cover of darkness, cremate the limbs in Delhi, and bring the severed head to Tegh Bahadur's son Gobind, who performed the last rites for his father.

This example of Sikh poster art shows Tegh Bahadur in the center, surrounded by scenes from his life: his validation as the true Sikh Guru (among many claimants) by reading the mind of a prominent devotee (upper left), his execution (lower right), the delivery of his head to his young son Gobind (upper right), and at the lower left a picture of Gurudwara Sisganj, the Sikh house of worship built at the site of his martyrdom in Delhi.

True realisation of the actual nature of this material world, its perishable, transitory and illusory aspects best dawns on a person in suffering.
He who trusts in God and makes an honest living to share with others and injures no one, nor harbours ill will against another need perform on other rituals.
O mother, I have been blessed with the wealth of God's name. My mind is free from wandering and is established in peace. Avarice and worldly love dare not touch me and pure divine knowledge fills me. Greed and desire cannot affect me. I am totally immersed in Lord's devotion. Fear of transmigration deserts when blessed with the jewel of Lord's name. My mind is free of all desire and I am totally absorbed in bliss. He to whom God - the Ocean of Grace - shows mercy sings the praise of the Lord of the world.
Today is the martyrdom of Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib

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