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Hermit And A Thief

A hermit lived in solitude in a cave in the high mountains. Over the years, he had divested himself of all possessions till he was left only with the robe he wore during the day and the bowl he ate and drank from. The water in the bowl reflected the splendour of the snow peaks.

One day, a thief found his way to the cave. The hermit gave him food and water to drink. In the morning the thief had gone, taking with him the robe and the bowl. The morning dew had formed a puddle on the rocks outside the cave. The water of the puddle reflected the splendour of the snow peaks.

"Poor thief," said the hermit. "He could not take this with him as well."

The true giver gives without claiming ownership of the gift. Whether that gift is a robe, a bowl, or $2 billion, it belongs to the giver no more than do the reflections of the mountains in the water.

Such giving, without taking pride or credit for what is given, is a true boon.

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