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How To Excercise Disidentification

Read the following and experiment with it. Introcept it, explore and test this outlook :
“I have a body, but I am more than my body. I am the one who is aware: the self, the center.
My body is changing all the time. It may be rested or tired, active or inactive, old or young, but I remain the observer at the center of all my experience.
I am aware of my body, but I am more than the body.”
“I have emotions, but I am more than my emotions. My emotions constantly change, angry, happy, sad, tender, empty, poetic, but I am not changing. I have emotions, and whilst they change, I am still here. I am more than emotions.”

“I have an intellect, but I am more than my intellect. My beliefs have changed over the years, but I remain the one who is aware. I have an intellect, but I am more than intellect.
“I affirm that I have a mind, but I am more than mind. I am not ruled by my ideas about life, I keep an open mind, open to new awarenesses even when they conflict with familiar long-held beliefs. My mind, my personality changes, but I am more than my personality.”
“I am pure awareness. I am the self.” It is best to practice this excersise in a peaceful place. It takes repetition for it to sink in.

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