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How to Make Sure You Don’t Exist

How to Make Sure You Don’t Exist


If you look up in the sky during the day, you see the Sun. That becomes the most dominant in your experience. In the night, if you look up, the stars become very dominant in your experience, but both the Sun and the stars — in fact, the Sun happens to be a star, too — look like puny little things when compared to the immense vastness of the sky.

Generally, though, the sky is never in your conscious perception. So, true existence can be likened to the vastness of the sky. The Sun, the stars, you and me, are all just small happenings, very brief happenings, really.

Today, science is telling you that even the Sun has a lifespan. Eventually, it will burn itself out. As you are burning your life out, similarly, the Sun is burning his life out, too. Your normal temperature is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit; the Sun’s normal temperature is some 98 million degrees, but he also has a lifespan and, one day, he will exist no longer.

So whatever you see as physical existence is just a small happening. The true existence is the vastness, the emptiness that is there, the space.

What you call a person is just like a bubble. This bubble doesn’t have any substance of its own. The air was there, all around. It just created a shell around itself, so suddenly it has a different quality of its own. There are thick bubbles, there are thin bubbles, there are strong bubbles, there are weak bubbles, big, small, just like people. Just like every other creature too, but when the bubble bursts, the substance that is inside the bubble, where is it? The air has reclaimed it; the atmosphere has reclaimed it.

Similarly, a bubble is formed in the form of an etheric body, in the form of a pranic body, a mental body and a physical body. The physical body we can shoot down any moment we want to. It is within our power to just cut the physical body in two if we want to, but the other bodies we are not able to cut. Only what you call as existence, only that can do it.

What you are calling the spiritual process is just that. It is a deeper way of ensuring you don’t exist anymore. This is not about killing the physical body. You are trying to destroy the very fundamentals of creating the body within you. You are trying to destroy the very fundamental structure over which a body can form. The physical body is possible only because of the necessary karmic substances that are there in the form of etheric, pranic and mental bodies.

So you are trying to destroy that through the spiritual process. With your awareness, practices, love, and with your devotion, all you are trying to do is destroy the possibility of taking on another body, destroy the very foundation over which the physical body can happen.

Or, in other words, we are trying to take away the possibility of you going through the recycling bin over and over again. A mother’s womb is only a recycling bag. Again and again... we’re going through the same process. So we want to take that away.

By developing spiritual awareness and discipline, everyone of us becomes capable of achieving a higher consciousness. For this, we need to look within and begin the process of inner engineering. By cultivating a loving detachment, we can facilitate the achieving of a state of non-existence.

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