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I Am Nothing.....

In the days of the small kingdoms there was an occasion for celebration.

The king and the ministers andall the important people were supposed to get together. So all the people there had been shown their places accordingto the hierarchy.

There was a throne for the king. The chief minister was waiting for the king to arrive, and the ceremony to begin. Suddenly, in walks a Sufi mystic dressed in ragged clothes. He walks straight to the throne and sits down, to the horror of the chief minister.

The minister says, ’What do you think you are doing?’

The Sufi says, ‘I am just sitting here.’

So the minister says, ‘You aren’t even the chief minister” because I am the chief minister.’

So the Sufi said, ‘I am more than the chief minister.'

The minister asked, ‘Are you the king?’

The Sufi replied, ‘No, I’m not the king. I’m more than that.’

The minister asked, ‘Are you the emperor?’

The Sufi said, ‘I’mnot the emperor. I’m more than that. ’

So the minister said,‘Are you the prophet?”

"No, I’m not the prophet. I’m more than that.’

Finally, exasperated, the chief minister said,

‘Are you God?’

The Sufi replied, ‘No, I’m not God. I’m morethan that.’

The minister, horrified, said, ‘But more than God means there is nothing!’

The Sufi said, ’You are right. I am That nothing.’”

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