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Karmic Account....

Every one of us has a karmic account.
It is like a bank account where your good karma or deeds are your deposits and bad karma are liabilities.
Karma is what a person does in his day-to-day life.

If you help someone without a selfish motive,
your balance goes up with the good karma.
Bad karma reduces your bank balance because it is a liability.

Like your bank account, your karmic account earns
interest on deposits and incurs interest charges on liabilities.


There's a saying in some Buddhist circles that if you want to see a person's past actions,
you look at his present condition; if you want to see his future condition, you look at his present actions.

This principle, however, is based on a basic misperception: that we each have a single karmic account,
and what we see in the present is the current running balance in each person's account.

Actually, no one's karmic history is a single account.

It's composed of the many different seeds planted in many places through the many different actions we've done in the past, each seed maturing at its own rate.

Some of these seeds have already sprouted and disappeared;
some are sprouting now; some will sprout in the future.

This means that a person's present condition reflects only a
small portion of his past actions. As for the other seeds, you can't see them at all.

Thanissaro Bhikkhu

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