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Know everything about Cancer Or cancerian man

Cancer man - 22 June - 23 July 
Forgot who said what and when? Or what you may have worn on the first date? Ask your Cancerian partner and he will rattle off all ies in a breath. His memory can be compared to the great tusker and there’s very little that he doesn’t store in the deep recesses of his mind.

With moods that swing like a pendulum, the Cancer guy can dip low and rise high in a matter of minutes. Sensitive to the core, a harsh word or a careless gesture is enough to hurt him.

But he also comes armed with an easy going nature that appeals to all. He has a quirky sense of humour and being with a Cancer guy can be whole lot of fun.

While his love for travel can take him places, he would always want to come back to a warm abode… his ‘den’, an affectionate wife and obedient children. And if his mother is staying with him, he is likely to come home double quick!

How can you identify a Cancer man in a crowd?

This is one of those zodiac signs where it is impossible to make categories of aggressive and passive. There are distinct percentages of introvert and extrovert kinds under the sign of the crab, but the sociability of even the most extroverted Cancer men is within limits.

Most Cancer men I have met have a carefree attitude and an easy going nature. Although outgoing, they have selected friends. This may be because they tend to get picky with their preferences as they mature.

A Cancer man is adventurous and likes to hit the road. His easy going nature makes him adjust to various situations with grace… he can stay at a five star hotel or a two star motel with equal comfort. Don’t be surprised if you see him on a luxury cruise liner one day and on a bag packing spree the next.

What are his general personality traits?

Like I said before, a Cancer man’s outgoing nature is within boundaries. This maybe because the assertive side of his personality is tethered to shyness, insecurity and ego. These qualities often stop him from opening up in front of people, especially strangers. But there is a positive outcome of this too… most not all Cancer men know how to mind their own business.

One of the major highlights of a Cancer male’s personality is his mood swings… err constant mood swings. He is in a perpetual state of transition and can be seen in different avatars in the span of a day. He is much like a baby… sleeping one moment and awake the next, laughing one moment and crying the next. But these mood changes are not personality changes and as his frame of mind returns to normal, he gets back to being his usual self. His moods range from restless to hyper active, stubborn to easy going and ‘gnashing your teeth’ to ‘happy go lucky’. So much so for a Cancer man in a day!

He is also a perfectionist… but not in the general sense of the term. To him being a perfectionist means having everything around him in order. He likes to keep his accessories on display and in perfect array. Anything out of sort can rock his boat!

How does he handle difficult situations like a quarrel?

In a situation like a quarrel from what I have seen, known and heard there is a clear divide on how different kinds of Cancer men behave in different ways. While a certain percentage of them can stay composed and yet get things resolved, some of them can get really aggressive because of their extremely possessive and insecure nature. Due to this when in such a torrential mood, some are even capable of manhandling the woman they love.

Is there something more to his personality?
Yes… there are more characteristic features to a Cancer man’s personality but ones that are evident only to a discerning eye.

A Cancer male can be a good mix between being satisfied with what he has and aspiring to have more. Depending on the standard of living and his status he can grow from moderately ambitious to overly ambitious. Although he flaunts a casual attitude, he is usually not satisfied with mediocre living. He aspires for good things in life but is not dependent on them.

A Cancer man craves for security… be it emotional or financial. He is so fond of saving things for tomorrow, it is almost an obsession. There is an underlying fear of being destitute or helpless in every Cancer male, which leads him to think of future as ‘full of tragedy’. He imagines untold miseries upon himself and his loved ones and therefore takes every precaution to provide for the future… and that includes huge savings in the bank and hoarding his refrigerator!

How is he when in love?

Remember your school days, when you were caught napping in class and your teacher asked you to write ‘I won’t sleep in class’ fifty times on the blackboard? Well, being in love with a Cancer guy is akin to this punishment. The difference being here you might have to repeat ‘I love you’ hundred times a day.

I am not kidding you when I say this. The sense of insecurity is so strong amongst Cancer men, which is coupled with a suspicious and possessive nature that it becomes important for them to receive assurances of love. When in love they would expect their partner to be vocal and expressive about her love.

Words like commitment, trust and loyalty mean a lot to a Cancer man. He won’t stand infidelity or dishonesty of any kind. Given his sensitive nature, he is likely to be deeply hurt at the smallest sign of any of these traits in his partner.

Although this may make him sound as very self-centered, I would hasten to add that a Cancer guy in love can be very romantic, caring and attentive. Once he is able to come out of his shell of reserve, he will sport a warm and affectionate heart. He will shower you with gifts and take you to fantastic, yet undiscovered, places to woo your heart.
What is his characteristic weakness?
I believe what might be considered by some to be negatives of someone’s personality may be a matter of perception. But there are some traits that are undoubtedly jarring in another wise pleasing personality. And in Cancer men such traits are rather prominent.

Foremost is a Cancer man’s retentive memory. He will remember every minute incident or happening in his life, especially related to his childhood and anecdotes from his experiences will keep cropping up in every conversation. His memory is all the more sharp in keeping a tab on others’ mistakes. He is so engrossed in his ledgers of errors that he often misses out on the goodness of other people…and also the good things life has given him. A Cancer man can forgive (not so readily though!)but he will never forget. This habit can cause unpleasantness around him and discomfort to his loved ones.

Some Cancer males also suffer from some sort of inferiority complex. This makes them narrow minded about their approach towards others. Basically, not all Cancer men  are  not people-centric  and all these inhibitions trouble them a lot while dealing with others. His opinionated nature makes him stick to his guns, I mean his views, with unrelenting obstinacy. He then believes his opinions are gospel truths and should never be questioned.

Compatibility quotient

What do you need to be compatible with a sensitive creature like the Cancer guy? Love without understanding can mean very little for a Cancer man. Given his need to be in a secure relationship, finding the right soulmate can be a tough job for him. Let’s find out who amongst the twelve zodiac ladies can best cope with the candid Cancerian.

Cancer man and…

Aries woman: 7/10. With understanding and a little bit of adjustment, this relationship can go a long way. The Arien will have to understand his mood swings and sedentary nature, while the Cancerian will have to give space to her outgoing nature and independent thinking. Both will have to keep their stubbornness under strict check.

Taurus woman: 9/10. Great chemistry! While both would know how to keep the romance going, their mutual understanding adds to it; she will know how to manage his mood swings patiently, while he will find her femininity appealing.

Gemini woman: 5/10. This combination might result in clashes. The free spirited Gemini would find the Cancerian conservatism irksome. He is too serious and intense to suit her vivacious nature.

Cancer woman: 8/10. There will be no dearth of love and care in this relationship. But both suffer from mood swings and hence the relationship can suffer if the moods are not bright. However, if one of the two Cancerian is emotionally more secure, this relationship can work wonderfully in the long run.

Leo woman: 8/10. Once the Leo female learns to control her blunt tongue, this relationship can rock. She would have to adjust with the Cancerian’s hypersensitive nature. In return, she would get his loyalty, love and ample care.

Virgo woman: 9/10. These two can strike a very good bond. The Virgo girl would know how to draw out the Cancer man from his reserve with her love and affection. He would respect her femininity and protect and provide for her in the most affectionate manner.

Libra woman: 7/10. This relationship won’t work without understanding. His lack of emotional expression might leave her feeling high and dry, while she may find his ideas of scraping and saving too much to digest.

Scorpio woman: 9.5/10. Rocking chemistry here! A Scorpio is a perfect match for the Cancer guy. This would be an emotionally-charged relationship as they would understand each other’s emotional needs perfectly.

Sagittarius woman: 5/10: Lot of hard work will be required to make this relationship work. The Sagittarian would have to curb her ‘out of the house’ behaviour and concentrate more on home-making. He would have to get a bit adventurous and treat her to the thrills of life every now and then. But with the right kind of adjustments, this can work just fine.

Capricorn woman: 6/10: Once they learn to respect each other’s opinions and emotions, this combination can work. However, here the equation is reversed as the Cancer guy would need to teach the Capricorn woman to display her emotions. Although both are emotional, their emotional quotient is quite different and they would need to develop an understanding in this sphere.

Aquarius woman: 4/10: A difficult matter! The Aquarian might not be ready to give the Cancerian 100% of her time and love. She lacks the depth that he is looking for. Similarly, he won’t be able to meet up with her demands of highly intellectual conversations and would be at a loss to appease her questioning mind.

Pisces woman: 9/10: Perfect! The Piscean girl has just the right amount of womanly charm to floor the Cancerian, while he has a warm and affectionate heart to offer to her. Since both are understanding and sensitive, they will appreciate these qualities in each other.

Famous Cancerian Men celebrities/personalities:

Tom Hanks
George W. Bush
Tom Cruise
George Michael

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