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Know your Gemini Man

Gemini man – 22 May – 21 June


Two faced? Flirt? Reckless? Restless? Are these words making popping sounds in your head at the mention of a Gemini man? Well you couldn’t be more right… or wrong. A Gemini male is all this and none of this at the same time. His two faces are not any different from the masks each one of us dons in our day to day life… thankfully with a Gemini there are only two faces. The duality in his nature is genuine and he rarely tries to mask it.

And whether he is flirtatious, reckless and restless largely depends on his age and social status. Young Geminis tend to be more restless than more matured ones. And a true Gemini, no matter what his age, will be partial towards the company of the fairer gender. But this sociable being has amazing masculine grace and a head full of fantastic ideas. Life with a Gemini is a roller coaster ride. A lot of ups and a lot of downs… but when you are with him you will always get butterflies in your tummy!

How can you identify a Gemini man?

Unless you spend a lot of time studying people, it’s not easy to spot a Gemini man in a crowd. In a given situation like a party, if you keenly observe you will find him looking at or flirting with the prettiest face. That’s how he has earned the tag of being flirtatious. But he will flirt in the most subtle manner, as if he doesn’t care for the result. Little that I know of women, they find this usually endearing and are often found falling for this kind of bait.

This is the only sun sign that leaves me confused as I am not able to classify Gemini men into either aggressive or passive kinds. After having met many Gemini men, the only thing I have concluded is that they are highest on energy levels.

What to expect from him on the following points?

Appearance: Most Gemini men I have met have mischievous and playful eyes. They come across as extremely intense yet fun loving.

Ambition: For a Gemini man who loves materialistic things, usually sky’s the limit. And there are certain percentage of Gemini men who will put in a lot of hard work and sincere efforts in their work or in creating a business empire, while a majority of them want to work little but make pots and pots of money and have maximum fun.

What are the general traits of his personality?

Generally, the first reaction one gets upon meeting a Gemini man is that he is two faced. This can be attributed to the symbol assigned to this sun sign. I strongly feel that if not all a lot of us are two faced, but this trait is stronger in Gemini men. While you hear people generally categorizing all ‘Geminis’ as two faced, I have found a majority of men rather than women fitting the bill. You will find diverse qualities co-existing in Gemini men.

Being a convincing talker and a knowledgeable man, women often find a Gemini male appealing. But he is wary of commitments and hence may have many women in his life and settle down late in life. He likes challenges, be it in love, business or career.

A Gemini man is intelligent and also versatile and since he likes talking, he is usually found amongst people, if not in a crowd. A people’s person, he likes parties and social dos. You are likely to see the best side of him at a social event. He also likes traveling and entertainment. Known to enjoy life to the fullest, he is also extremely adventurous. Although like I said before 20 odd percent of them are introvertish and are known to have select friends only.

The Gemini male is inordinately interested in observing human nature. I guess it arises from his unquenchable thirst for knowledge. To him any individual is like a mystery, which he has to unravel. Once it is solved, he would move on to the next one. This may be one reason why he is fond of dating many women. In his quest for knowledge, the two things that help the Gemini get more out of life are experience and travel.

How is a Gemini man in love?
Discussing this most sought after question in the context of a Gemini man can be quite a task. But I am going to attempt it nevertheless. I have explained earlier how his restless and indecisive nature keeps him from settling down early in life. While women can take this as a warning while dating him, a Gemini man himself can take this as a cue and make wise decisions about relationships and marriage.

However, this is not be interpreted as a red signal to stay away from a Gemini man. On the contrary, he can be a very attentive lover. Being a good conversationalist, there will never be any dearth of communication and interesting exchange of information. Perhaps, this is why a Gemini man looks for a receptive and informative girlfriend to date.

Gemini man can be mischievous, notorious, crazy and even kinky. He can enjoy one or multiple relationships that match his desires. But for settling in the long term, he looks for simplicity in his partner. In spite of being all of the above, he is quite conservative while choosing his life partner.

How is he on thefollowing aspects?
Appearance: MostGemini men I have met have mischievous, playful eyes. They come across asextremely intense yet fun loving. They have a great sense of dressing andfashion. Always updated on latest trends and styles you will always find himadapting to change. There may very few exceptions of the ultra casual type.
Ambition: For aGemini man who is motivated by the acquisition of materialistic objects, enoughis never enough! And there is a certain percentage of Gemini men who will putin a lot of hard work and sincere efforts in their work or in creating abusiness empire, while a majority of them want to work little but make pots andpots of money and have maximum fun at the same time.
Ego/Self-respect:I would say 80 per cent are governed by their egos while 20 per cent have somesense of humility. This doesn’t make them necessarily bad, it is just anattitude. Being selfish they are usually found donning the mask of self-respector being diplomatic, but if you observe closely you will notice they areactually led by their egos.

Compatibility quotient

The hovering eye and restless nature of a Gemini man are much talked about issues. But these aspects are mere personality traits and not the deciding factors of his character. After all, the measure of a person’s ‘negativity’ depends on his situation in life, his upbringing and individual mindset. Gemini men are sociable, charming, adventurous and fun loving and they share a common bond with many women on the zodiac.

Gemini man and…

Aries woman: 9/10. This relationship is ‘happening’ on a number of levels. Both have energetic and vibrant personalities. He has a commanding presence without being too dominating, while she has the adventurous streak to match his fervour. However, both will have to learn to curb their possessive nature and let things take their own course.

Taurus woman: 4/10. Not likely to work well, this relationship has too many ‘opposites’ to deal with. The outgoing, reckless Gemini will find the intense and steady Taurean rather boring. Moreover, his flirtatious nature will drive her nuts.

Gemini woman: 7/10. A bonding between the two Geminis will result in excellent rapport and highly charged tête-à-têtes, not to mention some adventurous escapades and a lot of partying. But on the flip side, both might get tired of each other pretty soon. They would need to take each other’s specific needs into account and make adjustments accordingly.

Cancer woman: 8/10. Once the Gemini guy masters the art of dealing with a completely feminine woman, this relationship can go places. The Gemini has the exact dose of verve and passion to interest the Cancer woman, while she has charm and mysticism to intrigue him. But, the Cancer woman will have to learn to keep her emotions in check to be able to adjust with a Gemini.

Leo woman: 8/10. The Gemini is quite compatible with the lioness. Both would enjoy each other’s company and conversation. Since the Leo girl is also adventure loving and a party person, she will have a rocking time with the Gemini guy. Of course before the fun begins she will have to give him ample space, while he will have to refrain from his wandering ways.

Virgo woman: 7/10. Although this combination has chances of success, it would largely depend on the way these two adjust with each other. It would be advisable for the Gemini guy not to make the Virgo girl jealous. On the other hand, she should refrain from criticizing him too much, as he is not likely to take it sportingly.

Libra woman: 9/10. Great chemistry here! This relationship will be full of liveliness, adventure, passion and charm. She will be impressed with his intelligence; the Gemini man will be lured into a commitment by the compelling charm of the Libran and will stick with her in a long-term relationship.

Scorpio woman: 6/10. The one thing both have in common is passion. And there ends the similarity. However, similarity is not actually a necessity. These two can use their disparate natures to their advantage. The Gemini guy will have to give her commitment and security, while keeping a tight rein over his flirtatious nature.

Sagittarius woman: 8/10: If both can treat each other with caution, this relationship can stand the test of time. Both are outgoing people and party lovers, but the Sagittarian also needs a comfortable home to get back to. His ‘common sense’ and intellectual behaviour might over awe her. Both would need to mellow down their spirits in order to coexist in bliss.

Capricorn woman: 5/10: A difficult match! The Capricorn woman’s sensitivity is too fragile for the dashing Gemini spirit. She is warm and tender hearted and he would find it difficult to adjust with such a person. Moreover, he won’t be able to provide her with the security that she desires. But she will be able to give him as much space as he needs and he can teach her how to be flexible in life.

Aquarius woman: 9/10: Both are likely to hit it off from day one. The vivacious Aquarian meets her match in the energetic Gemini. These two can easily forge a deep friendship and thereon their relationship can be a joyride full of conversation, adventure and new experiences.

Pisces woman: 6/10: Emotions can be the bone of contention here. The Piscean girl is hypersensitive and extremely emotional, while the Gemini guy hates to be tied down with emotions. He might hurt her easily with his blunt tongue and her passive stance would not appeal to his egoistic nature.

Famous Gemini men Celebrities/Personalities:

Johnny Depp
Bob Dylan
Clint Eastwood
Salman Rushdie

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