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Taking undue pride in knowledge could be disastrous.We begin to think we know all and that we are doer and creator;we also tend to cause hurt to others.We think were always right and expect everyone else to think so too.
Most times,arguments in homes and offices are based on pride of knowledge.Just think of the huge amount of time we waste in arguments life going down the drain,as it were.
Pride of knowledge also keeps us from realising God.We are born into a faith.We could have just as easily been born into another religion,isnt it Then why become so dogmatic There is one God.Few people take the time and effort to make a comparative study of religions.If they did,they would find that there are certain truths common to all religions.But instead,each believes his religion is the only way.
In every age,enlightened souls come to show humanity that there is one God,and that we are all His children.They point out that each religion is basically the same and that each shows the same path to God.
When we are overcome with pride in our knowledge,we are not prepared to listen to anyone.We forget the true purpose of faith and pay more attention to rites and rituals.
Even when we go to an enlightened person who can show us the way to find God,pride of knowledge may stand in the way of our progression.Often times,our pride prevents us from following instructions accurately.We judge everything by the touchstone of our intellect.We alter everything according to what we like and dislike.We take only the portion that fits our preconceived ideas.We may practise teachings only partially and so get only partial results.
Pride of power,too,deters us from our inner journey.Pride of power means we try to control others.We want to determine lives and fates of those around us.At home,we try to run the lives of our family members.At work its the same story.We try to force our views and ideas on others.Many a dictator has cruelly and ruthlessly persecuted thousands of people only because he had the power to do so.We may think we are all-powerful,but we must remember it is God who is really all-powerful.If we wish to receive His compassion and mercy,we must be compassionate and merciful to others.Finally,we have pride of wealth.We never think of wealth as a gift from God.When we lose it we blame God,but when we gain it do we ever thank God And when we have it do we ever think of sharing it with those less fortunate than us We should be grateful for money and its comforts but should not forget the needy.We need to treat everyone equally,whether or not they have riches.
Baba Sawan Singh said that when we meditate,if we block the door by standing in it,God cannot enter.But if we step aside and wait,He will come.He will fill us with his love,light and music.The more we empty ourselves of our ego,the more Gods grace can enter us.This is the secret of humility.

Excerpt from Inner and Outer Peace through Meditation.

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