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Looking for a Perfect Spouse?

Once two friends met in a restaurant. One told the other that his marriage has been arranged, and he invited his friend to attend the wedding.

He also enquired as to whether his friend had considered marriage. "Yes", replied the friend, "I was quite eager to get married and set out to find the perfect wife.

I met a woman in Spain. She was beautiful, intelligent and spiritual, but she had no worldly knowledge, so I couldn't consider marrying her.

In Korea I met another woman. She was beautiful, intelligent and had both worldly and spiritual knowledge, but I couldn't communicate with her. So again, I continued my search. Finally,

I met her in Afghanistan - the woman of my dreams. She was perfect in all respects. I could even communicate with her." Interrupting, the first fellow enquired,

"Did you marry her?" "No," replied his friend.

"Why not?" asked the first fellow. "Because she, herself was looking for the perfect husband."

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