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Love Life in Any Form

As he was about to sip his tea, the discipled noticed a fly in his cup. The master saw the grimace in the disciple's face and leaned forward with concern. What's the matter?

"Oh nothing" the disciple said.. "Its, nothing jus' a fly in my tea" the disciple added with a little smile , afterall he didn't want his master to think that a little fly can disturb him..

"Oh oh fly in the tea" the master said in a low tone. "Its no problem " the disciple reassured with a smile.

But the master with concern written all over his face, continued to focus on the cup. He rose from his chair, leaned and dipped his finger into the tea taking the fly out with great care and left the room.

A while later the master returned smiling saying "He's going to be alright" and he explained how he placed the fly on the leaf of a bush so that its wings can dry. "He's still alive and will take flight soon" the master added confidently.

Then the master turned towards the disciple and added, its not a question of the tea, but the life of a fly. You can always get another cup of tea but the fly wouldn't have got another life.

"Use things and love life, don't love things and abuse life"

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