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Many paths One Destination........

God can be realised
through all paths.
All religions are
true. The important
thing is to reach the
roof. You can reach it by
stone stairs or by wooden
stairs or by bamboo steps or
by a rope. You can also
climb up by a bamboo pole.

Do not be misled by
what you see around you,
or be influenced by what
you see. You live in a
world which is a playground
of illusion, full of false
paths, false values and
false ideals. But you are
not part of that world.

Sai Baba
There are many paths
to the top of the
mountain, but the
view is always the same.

Chinese proverb
Parents can only give
good advice to children
or put them on the right
paths, but the final
forming of a person's
character lies in her
own hands.

Anne Frank

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