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May this day bring us many opportunities for kindness... ;-)

Several years ago I was at a train station in Amsterdam waiting in line to buy a ticket.
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As I stood there I saw a young homeless man asking people for money so he could buy breakfast. It was early in the morning and most of the travelers simply ignored the young man or gave him a dirty look.
There was one exception though - an older, well-dressed businessman who looked as though he was from the middle-east.
When approached by the panhandler, the gentleman looked straight into his eyes and quietly asked "How much will you need?" I couldn't hear what the young man said but watched as the older man pulled several bills from his wallet and calmly placed them in the young mans' hands.
I don't know if the young man actually used this money for breakfast or for some other purpose.
What I do know is that I witnessed two completely different reactions to the same situation. I saw people who were either afraid or annoyed or distrustful. And then I saw this man who was not afraid and treated the homeless man as though he were a brother. I decided then and there that, even though we have to be careful in this world, I would rather be like him.



May this day bring us many opportunities for kindness... ;-)
Philosophical Quotes

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