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Money has no memory, experience has.

You will never know what was the total cost of your education , but for a lifetime you will recall and relive the memories of schools and colleges. Few years from now you will forget the amonut you paid to settle the medical bill, but will cherish having saved a loved one's life. Money has no memory, experience has.

Good times and bad times, times of prosperity and times of poverty, times when the future looked so secure and times when you didnt know from where the tomorrow will come ... life has been in one way or the other a roller coaster ride for everyone. Beyond all that abundance and beyond all that deprivation ,what remains is the memory of experiences. Sometimes the wallet was full .. sometimes even the pocket was empty. There was enough and you still had reasons to frown. There wasn't enough and you still had reasons to smile. today you can look back with gratitude for all the times you had laughed together and also look back with a smile at all the times you cried alone. All in all, life filled you with experiences to create a history of your own self and you alone can remember them all.

The first time you balanced yourself on your cycle without support...
The first time since she said yes and it has been two years since you proposed ...
The first cry.. the first steps... the first word... the first kiss.. all of your child.
The first gift you bought for your parents .. the first gift your daughter gave you..
The first award.. the first public appreciation .. the first stage performance ...

Experiences with timeless memory ...

No denying that anything that's material cost money, but the fact remains the cost of experience will be forgotten, but the experiences never.

So, what if it is economic recission?Let it be, but let there not be a recesiion to the quality of your life. You can still take your parents if not on a pilgrimage, at least to the local temple. You can still play with your children if not on an international holiday, but on the local park.

Nice time to train employees, create leadership availability and be ready for the wonderful times when they arrive. Time will pass.. economy will revive.. currency will come in current.. and in all this we shouldn't look back and then realise that we did nothing but stayed in gloom. Recession can make you loose out on money. Let it not make you lose out on experiences .. If you are not happy with whaqt you have, no matter how much more you have, you still will not be happy.

Make a statemnt with the way you live: How I feel has nothing to do with how much I have.

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