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Teachers Day Quotes

Heart of a Devoted Teacher


With the heart of a devoted teacher,

The classroom is an awesome place.


With the heart of a devoted teacher,

There is a smile on each student’s face.


With the heart of a devoted teacher,

Creative Ideas is everywhere.


With the heart of a devoted teacher,

Love to learn is awakened.


With the heart of a devoted teacher,

Ordinary becomes extra-ordinary.


Appreciation Poem for Teacher

Thank you, Teacher,

For being my dearest teacher,

my counsellor,

my friend.


Thank you, Teacher,

For taking time to explain to me,

When lessons are difficult to comprehend.

Taking time to give me advice,

When I am lost and needed a guide.

Taking time to encourage me,

When I am down and unhappy.


For all the things you have done for me,

I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Teachers Day Quotes

Teacher Appreciation Poem


T is for your TALENT to bring out the best in us

E is for making us EXCEL in everything we do

A is for the ABILITY to make us love to learn

C is for CORRECTING us when we have gone astray

H is for HELPING us in all possible way

E is for ENCOURAGING us when we are despair

R is for RARE, you are rare to find 

So we thank you from the bottom of our hearts; we think you are SUPERB!


Teachers Day Quotes

Thank You For Everything You've Done (A Song for Teachers' Day)


Some of the meaningful lyrics goes like this:

You teach me, 

You guide me,

You show me,



You spur me,

You helped me,

You stood by me, 



Thank you for everything you've done,

Thank you for the lives you've touched,

Thank you for guiding me so far,

Thank you, thank you.


When I was down, you reassured,

You told me, it's okay

When I fall, you pick me up

Hold me, tightly.

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