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Peace Is Within

Better indeed is knowledge than mechanical practice. Better than knowledge is meditation. But better still is surrender of attachment to results, because there follows immediate peace.
Bhagavad Gita 12:12

Blessed are the peacemakers for they will inherit the earth
New Testament

Peace be to earth and to airy spaces!
Peace be to heaven, peace be to the waters,
Peace to the plants and peace to the trees!
May all the Gods grant to me peace!
By this invocation of peace may be diffused!
Atharva Veda


Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace.
Gautama Buddha


Peace is an attribute in you, you cannot find it outside.
A Course in Miracles


We shall go from love to love and peace to peace, until at last all corners of the world are covered with that peace and love for which consciously or unconsciously the whole world is hungering.
M K Gandhi

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