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Peace Love And Happiness CAN WE ??

Amazing Inspirational Quotes
Can We Eat More Than our Hunger?
Can We Drink More Than What We Are Thirsty Of?
Can We Sleep More Than What Our Body Wants?
Can We breath More Air Than What We Require?
Can We Laugh more Than Our Heart Will Let Us?
Can We Hold Sand In Our Hand?
Can We Acquire and Never Loose It?


NO WE CAN NOT But..........
We Can Love More than What We Are Doing Now.
We Can help More People Than We Are helping Now.
We can Bring Smiles TO More People Around.
We can Share and Feed The Hungry.
We Can Love More and hate Less.
We Can Laugh More and Cry Less...

So Concentrate on What We CAN And Stop trying to DO What WE CANT.
Lovely Thoughts for Lovely People Just Like You

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