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Great tips on how to stay motivated when working on a long-term goal.

Here are a few other great tips  on how to stay motivated when working on a long-term goal.

• Love the journey, not just the destination. If we do not inhabit our lives until the magic moment
when we reach that goal – guess what.

 We may never get there.

• Take pride in the small steps. Okay, you may not have won an Oscar as yet, but is that any reason to ignore the acting award your housing society has given you? Rejoice and be exceeding glad!

• Find encouraging friends. If there are too many nay-sayers among your friends and family, time to get some new friends.

Friends who believe in you and are rooting for you and who can get you through your moments
of severe self-doubt.

• Use everything along the way to commit yourself more and more to your goal. So you broke your diet, were unfaithful to your spouse, and binged on the money you had kept aside for buying your dream house? All the more reason to re-commit yourself to the goal. Do not lose hope.
 You will make it if you keep the faith.

• On a related note, please forgive yourself for all the things you have goofed up on. Mistakes are
ok. Failure is ok. Success is a process. Keep going!

• Never, ever give up. That is all it takes. Honestly.

• Give yourself some rewards along the way. Dieters often give themselves an off every Sunday when they binge on whatever they studiously avoid the rest of the week. This frees them of the sense of deprivation. If you are grimly pursuing enlighten ment, give yourself a break from meditation and other spiritual practices.

 Hang loose. Read some nice fiction. See some movies. Take walks in wonderful nature. You will soon be raring to hit the med mat.

• Affirm away, This is a great way to bring your goal closer to you. Visualising is great too.

• Meditate, introspect and catch your mistakes early. Keep check ing to see if you are on course.
Learn from your mistakes.

• Celebrate your success. Because you are sure to get there! Lovely Thoughts for Lovely People Just Like You

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