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There is a story of one person who was found searching for something at a spot which was lit by a lamp . On being asked, he replied to state that he was searching for his purse which he had lost. Further questioned as to whether he was sure if he had dropped it at the spot where he was searching, he answered that he had actually dropped it elsewhere but chose to search at that particular spot because only there, it was not dark!

The story, as above, is told by Swami Sukabodananda to illustrate the fact that most persons seek for answers to their quests from various external sources, when the solution lies within themselves. This is akin to a person running around for ghee when he has enough butter in his possession. Indeed, as in the case of butter, the human mind too, which is possessed of the required powers, needs just those processes and refinement to obtain the end result!

The future lies with you, you seek Your Own light within and do away the darkness of negativity and bluntness, Blend yourself to the ray of light and to almighty to seek your answers.

True enough, external support and guidance such as rituals, visits to places of worship and Gurus are necessary in one’s spiritual journey as means to the end just as crutches and external bandages or even surgery may be necessary for the patient who has had fractures and injuries. Just as the patient progresses to that stage of finally discarding these, the spiritual aspirant too has to transcend external supports to discover the jewel within, which is the abode of all power, peace and light.

Bhagawad Gita refers to this as a process of discarding passion, desire and anger such exercises for the body, mind and the spirit enable one to discover light and divinity within. This is the state, described by Gita as that state of “joy within, comfort within and light within” — antasukah, antararamah, antarjyoti


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